Sparks flew Thursday night as CNN’s John King opened the last GOP debate before the South Carolina primary with a pointed question to Newt Gingrich on the recent allegations leveled by his ex-wife. Gingrich, in typical form, took the opportunity to scold King and CNN for choosing to open a Presidential debate with such a deeply personal subject. The audience hung on Gingrich’s every syllable clearly reacting positively to his campaign against media bias. This debate was held in Charleston, South Carolina and was also sponsored by the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

Here is the entire debate video via YouTube:

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Original Air Time: Thursday, January 19 at 8pm ET on CNN

Participants: Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul

Report from CNN:

The four remaining GOP candidates played to their individual strengths on Thursday and tried to leave a lasting impression in a final, boisterous debate two days before South Carolina’s pivotal primary.

In a campaign cycle where debates have had direct consequences on the ebb and flow of the race, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich turned his contempt for the media into one of his strongest performances yet. When CNN Chief National Correspondent John King opened the debate with a question about open marriage, following an interview by Gingrich’s ex-wife that he had sought one, the Republican chastised him.
“To take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary a significant question in a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything I can imagine,” Gingrich told King, the moderator of the debate.

Gingrich’s response elicited loud applause from the audience.

The debate came at the end of a ground-shaking day that saw former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum being declared winner of the Iowa caucuses more than two weeks after his apparent second-place finish to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry dropping out of the race and throwing his support to Gingrich.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul was the fourth candidate in the debate.

As near as I could tell, Gingrich did the best he could to seal the deal and try to overtake Romney in South Carolina. Ron Paul performed well though he did not get the same strong reaction Gingrich did and neither did Rick Santorum. Romney played a lot of defense again and seemed to miss on a few questions, especially regarding releasing his tax returns which should have been a simple answer but instead turned into a drawn out discussion. Romney did take the opportunity to lay out a defense of capitalism and free markets when asked about his tenure at Bain Capital. It appears he was much more prepared for these questions and that was his strongest reaction of the evening.


    • Another blatant attempt by the main media in last debate — CNN this time — to act as if Ron Paul does not exist. Took the booing of the audience to “alert” the “mediator” that Ron Paul was ignored in answering the abortion question.

      Afterwards, the main media devoted about 90% of their time covering the dog-and-pony show btw Romney and Newt, allotting another 9% on Santorum’s dares. Only 1% of airtime was given as: “Ron Paul did participate in the debate….”

      The transparency of this “black-out” by the main media (that can only be initiated by those controlling their respective news media networks, instructing their underling reporters NOT to mention Ron Paul’s name in any way) — has to have been noticed by now by the American people (since it has been in effect since day one)!

      Americans should be outraged by this inequity in media coverage — and ask these purveyors of partial coverage by sending tons of e-mails and millions of phone calls, asking them : “Give us the names of the people in charge that send you memos telling you NOT to mention Ron Paul in any way,…or look for another job!” So we know who actually controls the media in this country.

      One positive thing can be taken from this enforced main media “black-out”. Ron Paul’s Message of obeying the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the silky demagoguery offered by the rest — must be scaring the hell out of the puppet-masters — God forbid that the American People hear the Truth!

      Then, they may actually do something about it!

      • Report from CNN: Texas Rep. Ron Paul was the fourth candidate in the debate.

        Headlines from Viewer: Contempt for the Media Generates Boos from South Carolina Audience!
        CNN Credibility Plummets in Viewer Polls!

        • Mae: read all your posts so far — very impressed by your logical conclusions! Keep posting as much as you can. Because, the more logical people like yourself post, the more the message of inescapable truth will be spread!

          • Thanks for the compliment, but it’s frustrating sometimes that ‘logic’ is something some don’t seem to understand. You can say 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 and someone will be sure to say ‘No, it doesn’t’, or you get a message like I got on FB from a political poster telling me I’m full of hate. I wonder sometimes why I bother…

    • REALLY KAREN?? Were you so amazed by the TRUTH for a change??? Amazing…Do you really think that Rick Santorum is all about the truth? I wish I could believe as you do,.but I’m not going to be fooled again. Good luck Karen…It’s people like yourself that should win Obama another 4 years in the White House. God bless you, but your clueless about who’s telling the truth in these debates. RON PAUL 2012!…DO SOME RESEARCH before it’s too late, please… All of those candidates on stage are lawyers by practice, with the exception of Doctor Ron Paul. It’s not nice to see that you have faith in lawyers as you appear to.

    • The Myth that only Newt can successfully debate Obama — sounds good, if Americans are interested in which one can outdo the other in lies.

      Here is a reality check:

      Obama cannot make a logical conclusion even if hit on the head with a tome of Aristotle’s Organon.

      He is lost without the tele-prompter, and can hardly speak coherently without the use of worn out cliches. This small-minded, unaccomplished in any way, narcissist can only resort to parroting defunct socialist dogma when not fed questions he’s prepared for — thus, any logical high-schooler can make him look silly in a debate that is not pre-written!

      Ron Paul will destroy Obama in any unscripted one-on-one debate — a genuine person concerned about saving America (Ron Paul) vs a phoney narcissist (Obama) thinking only of staying in power!

      Contact Newt and Santorum — tell them to forgo their egotism — they need to withdraw now, so Ron Paul can bring down the Joker in the White House (once one-on-one vs money-man Mitt, Ron Paul will win)!

      Then Ron Paul’s message of Liberty and Prosperity will be heard — and little Hussein will be gone!

      • You’ve got that right. ‘When’ Ron Paul is ‘permitted’ to speak, not one candidate refutes a word he says. Now Newt is going after Ron Paul supporters by parroting RP. Guess he realizes he can’t win the nomination without them? Mitt tried to parrot him. He just can’t pull it off as sincere, but then he can’t sound sincere about anything other than his ‘success’. And Rick Santorum is killing himself with his presentation of himself as Mr. Nice Guy.

    • More importantly, he faltered badly on his tax returns position. Not only is his position bad, but his delivery made him look like he was hiding something.

      Though he was lucky that Gingrich didn’t press him harder.

      • IT made perfect sense to me. Why put yourself through the inevitable Democratc scrutiny unless you are for SURE the Republican candidate? He said he’ll release them so we’ll see.

        • It’s kind of hard to convince voters that you feel their pain when they see your tax returns and that you are paying a lower tax rate than they. ‘He’ says around 15% – the same rate as people with incomes from $8500 (below poverty level) to $69,000. The man’s ‘worth’ is estimated at $250 million. He earned around $362,000 for speaking 8 or 9 times in 2010. He has ‘investments’ in the Caymans, a tax haven second only to Switzerland. I don’t think I would want to show my tax returns before the primaries are over, either. Would you?

          How does ‘your’ tax rate compare?

          For a single taxpayer, the rates for 2011 are:
          10% on taxable income from $0 to $8,500, plus
          15% on taxable income over $8,500 to $34,500, plus
          25% on taxable income over $34,500 to $83,600, plus
          28% on taxable income over $83,600 to $174,400, plus
          33% on taxable income over $174,400 to $379,150, plus
          35% on taxable income over $379,150

          Married filing joint return:
          10% on taxable income from $0 to $17,000, plus
          15% on taxable income over $17,000 to $69,000, plus
          25% on taxable income over $69,000 to $139,350, plus
          28% on taxable income over $139,350 to $212,300, plus
          33% on taxable income o ver $212,300 to $379,150, plus
          35% on taxable income over $379,150

  1. Ron Paul 2012. He is the most consistent, and has the best plan of all the candidates. Romney and Newt are both typical politicians, and my option is we have had enough of typical politicians; we need someone who is going to turn this country around. I would like everyone to please research all candidates before you vote.

    • I definitely agree with you and think that everyone who is able to vote should research their candidate before voting. I am a 19 year old student at Temple University and it is appalling how little my peers care/know about these debates/politics in general. We go to school in the city where freedom was born!! WE ARE LUCKY enough to study what we want due to our founding fathers standing up for what they believe in. Freedom wasn’t free and the LEAST citizens of America can do is get involved.

      I am not sure which republican candidate I like yet, but I definitely will keep watching, listening, and reading (not that the media helps too much with its use of libel/slander to push their beliefs, #thank you Newt lol). People need to investigate on their own and form an independent opinion to advocate.

      • Brandon and Brianna, you give us hope that your generation will truly be a generation of change in our government. To you, I am ‘old’ – and sorry to say that your peers sound like ‘my’ peers – not really interested. And these are the same old folks with ‘support our troops’ bumper stickers, who always end their prayers with ‘God bring our military home’. I always wonder if they realize that ‘our’ kids, ‘our’ grandkids are the military fighting and dying for ‘our’ Constitution and ‘our’ way of life.

  2. Santorum. Very impressed by the guy whom before this debate I didn’t know much about. He’s Steady, Solid and I think I’ll pay way more attention to him..

    • Steady? Solid? You’re commenting on Santorum with these words? I believe you overlook the 12 time elected congressman who practiced 30 years as a physician and gave 5 years of his life to the U.S. Army as a flight surgeon. There is NO MAN in this debate more steady and solid than RON PAUL! I hope you pay way more attention to this man than any of these stooges.

    • James, if you give Santorum your attention then we might as well keep the current president there..BIG GOVERNMENT is evidently what you want. He’s just another politician and it’s all in how he’s says so much of nothing, just like the rest. I don’t know what your seeing that I’m not seeing in him, cause I see just more of the same crap. Might as well keep Obama there if you nominate him. Ron Paul will get Democrat, Independent and Republican voters. Santorum will be lucky at best to get Republican voters. That’s not gonna beat Obama. Good luck. RON PAUL 2012 or Obama wins again, which is it gonna be?

      • No. No. No. He ‘should’ give Santorum more attention – because when he does – he’s going to see Ron Paul is a better choice!

    • That’s the problem, people are only looking at the debates to choose a candidate. I only ask that you look at past interviews and unbiased news of each candidate. I’ve seen several interviews where Santorum is very questionable about running our country he gets very confused about issues. I’m not lying look it up, some is very embarrassing. If you look far enough you will see a lot of these candidates are changing their views and now saying things Ron Paul has been saying for the past 20 years. Gingrich has done some questionable things while in Congress that makes him untrustworthy. I just don’t want Gingrich to dig in our pockets anymore than he already has in the past. Gingrich is smart, but Gingrich has taken a lot more lobbying money than Obama. Obama will have the upper hand here. Romney will favor alot of the banks that has sponsored him. That’s good that Romney has made so much money, but is that who should be running our country. The idea candidate would be someone who would really work for their salary….But unfortunately it takes alot of money to run for president. Romney has flipped flopped several times and changed according to what the people want, look it up! Can we really trust someone that can’t make up his mind. I’m not trying to be bias, but I voted incorrectly last time. This time I promised myself to have an open mind and look for the facts, once I started doing that, Paul’s name kept arising. Paul knows his economics and his interviews for the most part are on the money, just look up some of his Congressional meetings with an open mind. At 1st I didn’t like his foreign policy until I looked into foreign news, military news on how the war is badly effecting the individuals involved. I also looked into the innocent civilian lives being eliminated by forces beyond their control. Just watched a touching documentary of PBS of how these corrupt wars are effecting our troops, foreign civiians, and their mentality.

  3. This debate started off on a sour note. The moderator, John King, firstly insinuated himself into the debate and then tried to rebut the response from Newt Gingrich. That is not his place in a debate and it was reprehensible to drag that personal dirty laundry into a Presidential debate. Especially considering the information was false and was an obvious attempt by Newt’s ex wife to damage his reputation and his run for, not only the GOP nod, but the Presidency.

    The media in the US, and Canada for that matter, are so dominated by left-biased people that you basically can’t get any truthful information from them unless it is somehow damaging to the political right. The media has been protecting Obama for his entire failed Presidency. That speaks volumes that the media has to run defense for the President.

    Obama is a narcissistic, Marxist piece of garbage that is constantly working against the best interests of the American people and against the best interests of the US allies like Canada. He would rather hug a lowlife like Chavez in a photo op then do business with Canada via the XL pipeline. Chavez is an enemy to the American people and to the people of the allies of America. he, along with President Tom from Iran and that sawed off little runt from North Korea are all enemies of the US and Canada yet Obama would rather cow-tow to them than play nice with canada who has been a long time ally.

    Aside from being a Marxist, Obama is also most definitely a Muslim and as each passing day goes by he tries to hide it less and less. Islam is a disease that is hell bent on wiping out the entire western world and Obama is constantly decrying that Islam is not an enemy of or a threat to our western way of life. Obama is a cancer right along with Islam.

    I sincerely hope that this fall the American people will see fit to remove Obama from office and elect a President that genuinely has the best interests of the American people at heart. The US can no longer afford to have an elitist, left wing President that holds the people of the US in complete contempt. The Presidency was a route to wealth for Obama and he has proved this time and time again.

    As a Canadian all I can do is wish the American people good luck and say “Anyone but Obama in 2012.” I haven’t yet decided who i think is the best GOP candidate but at the very least any one of them will be better for the US than Obama.

    I will leave you with this one thought. Obama and his administration are very quick to point out that a lot of their problems were inherited. Yes, most definitely. The trillions in extra debt and all of the extra lost jobs were most definitely inherited…Inherited from Obama’s first 3 years in office!

    • I am thankful that you are a Canadian, because I think comments like these only hurt republican interests. Obama is Marxist? Have you even read any Marx? I doubt a man that has Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke on staff could be called a Marxist. I also don’t think inflammatory comments against Islam help anyone’s case. If the republican party is going to defeat Obama it will be based on real issues that affect the American people in real ways. We’re tired of inflammatory comments rattled off by the uninformed. We’re tired of scare tactics. We want to hear how these candidates are going to bring jobs back home. We want to hear how these candidates are going to deal with rising debt. We want to know what they are going to do about health care. We want a republican that will represent conservative interests, because conservative interests need to be taken seriously. So please, you’re not helping us with this kind of commentary. You just make the rest of us look like idiots who don’t understand the difference between socialism and communism, or the difference between fundamentalist violence and religious freedom. Obama is not a Marxist. He is a democrat, and if we are going to beat him, we are going to need to fight his democratic policies. Personally, I think Ron Paul provides the most consistent program to do so; Santorum helped his case by keeping Romney and Gingrich in a defensive posture. Congressman Paul could just stand to the side and watch as the three of them dove down into the ditch for the dirty fight. We’ll see how they did tomorrow.

      • Well, you are definitely entitled to your opinion. I won’t attack you as you have attempted with me but I would suggest that you are among a minority with your opinion. You sound a lot more like a left wing sort of person what with saying that I am uniformed and disparaging my opinion. Those are tactics generally reserved for the left in their attacks on people who are right leaning. Care to dispute that? You can be witness to it every day in the media.

        At no point did I say that the debt and jobs weren’t issues, I even mentioned those 2 points in my closing sentence, but the space is limited and I kept my comments to a few key points and included a point that was of particular interest to me as a Canadian. We have people like you here in Canada and they generally are fans of our Liberal party and our third party, the socialist NDP.

        Your suggestion that the things I mentioned are not “real” issues seriously points out that you are the “uninformed” one my friend and I think that a great many Americans would agree with me on that.


        • Um, my point was exactly that you were reverting precisely to the kind of attacks that we see coming from the left. My point was we need to stay away from attacks on Obama that characterize him as a Marxist or a Muslim, because no one will take these arguments seriously. Meanwhile, you tried to use the same tactics to insinuate that I was a left wing sympathizer. Is this the only kind of argument you know how to put together? At any rate, enough of that, this race is far more interesting now that Gingrich took SC. We should be worried now though, since he may be good for the moment, but in the long run against Obama, does he really stand a chance? My feeling is that most of the undecided in the national election will be put off by his condescending tone. Mitt Romney will stand up better because he does provide the contrast that Santorum desperately wants people to think he provides (and maybe he does, but he needs to stop saying he is different and start showing he is different; and For God’s sake man, look at the candidates in the eye when you address them!). As much as I think Ron Paul is the one who sticks closest to the principles of a market driven society, and will make the kinds of fiscally conservative decisions that need to be made, I reluctantly have to admit he does not stand a chance against Obama. He doesn’t provide the cool reserve needed to beat Obama in a debate. I think Gingrich will go toe to toe with Obama in the debates, but his ego will be his downfall. He will go after Obama like a rabid dog, and Obama will just need to sit back and smile and shake his head, and that’s how he will beat Gingrich. Romney’s tactics are a better match against Obama. He will be civil, and smile, and then point to all of Obama’s mistakes over the last 3 years. Just please, Mitt, release your tax statements. This was a non-issue that you have just made into an issue, so do what Gingrich did. Release them right before the debate leading into the next vote (or was this the plan all along?).

          • Regardless of who becomes our next President, Ron Paul is a force to be reckoned with. He has already influenced the political posturing. We’re hearing more and more of his views from the other candidates – and none have dared to confront him. Romney is derential at the same time he is dismissive. but he hears the message. Newt ignores him as much as possible, and Santorum gazes at him like a little puppy afraid of being rebuked. So it’s a win-win for him and for us.

          • So you are implying that we should do like before and vote for the lesser evil? Just so you know Obama is not the God of debating, like so many people seem to think. He says a lot of cliche, catch words and people go wild, well people are more wise to that now. So all that matters is who beats Obama? An who cares about America and its people? News flash Mitt is no better and may be worse then Obama, who knows, but he defiantly is not any better. So is the race only about who beats Obama? Even if the one who beats him could be worse for this country??? Well that sounds sane… But no, no, hell no, we will not vote for the one who stands for the people and America… becasue, well, he might not “talk” so quite and reserved. Give me a break. For one I care for America, I care for her future, I am not voting becasue the person “might out debate Obama”, I am voting for the Constitution of this great country, for the freedoms of its people. And I for one think Ron Paul would do exceptional against Obama, truth is a strong weapon.

          • Sorry Nat. I didn’t see your post earlier. If you were responding to what I said, no, I did not mean to imply we should vote for anyone other than Ron Paul. I agree with you completely. We’re not just voting for a President. We’re voting for our Constitution and our beloved freedoms. But…regardless of who becomes our next President…they are all taking notice that our segment of voters are out here and that gives us a voice. It will be up to us to make sure every politician keeps hearing it. Ron Paul has made ‘us’ a force to be reckoned with that ‘we’ must make sure they ‘all’ continue to hear regardless of who becomes President.

  4. Gingrich… I don’t know why he is running let alone gaining support. He is such a corrupt, lying man, is this what people want?? People say past does not matter, are they for real?? Is there not a saying, I will judge you by your actions not your words. But apparently that saying does not hold true for American presidents, it is the words that mean so much more, hell Obama got a Nobel for his words, no wonder America is slowly sinking. Gingrich is just a big old slime, well most of them are really. But not Ron Paul, how come people do not see this, what is the problem?? I am glad the crowed booed when they would not let Ron Paul talk, he is up there like the rest and doing better then most of them in the polls, so why not give this man his due.

    • Seems like this country wants to hear from liars…I can’t believe how they all run to Romney, Santorum and Gingrich. It’s more of the same old crap and they lap it up like lap dogs. Does anyone ever listen to what these people say? OMG it’s a bunch of nothing…Listen to Romney just drone on and on about common sense NOTHING!!! He never gives any solutions..just tells us about the problems. The moderator asks him “point blank” how are you gonna solve this and it’s just a run around of the question for an answer. He NEVER answers anything!! OMG people..please, I beg of you, LISTEN. Cause I swear at some point I’m just gonna break out with laughter every time these jokers answer from now on. That’s the whole point they don’t answer anything. RON PAUL at least comes back with a solution. I hear that from NONE of the others. Just more questions and how they WANT to fix something…Well I WANT to fix the government myself. Now don’t you WANT to hear some solution as to HOW I’d like to do it??? THEY NEVER GIVE THIS! PAUL has the only ANSWERS!! OMG Please wake up…PLEASE!!!

      • Larry C, I don’t think it’s so much that this country “wants’ to hear from liars as it is media manipulation of the public. They primarily feed us lies. Just a bit of history: On Oct. 30, 1938, a popular radio program that featured plays, broadcast a play, an adaptation of the science fiction novel The War of the Worlds. The play was about a Martian invasion of the earth.

        As part of the play, fake news bulletins periodically interrupted to describe an invasion from Mars near Grovers Mill, New Jersey.

        Not realizing that the fake news bulletins were part of the play, many in the audience thought they were hearing an actual news account. They reacted by loading guns, hiding in basements, anything they could think of to protect themselves and their families from what they believed was an invasion from Mars. Read more about it at and

        I quote: “In a prescient column, in the New York Tribune, Dorothy Thompson foresaw that the broadcast revealed the way politicians could use the power of mass communications to create theatrical illusions, to manipulate the public. “All unwittingly, Mr. Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater of the Air have made one of the most fascinating and important demonstrations of all time,” she wrote.

        “They have proved that a few effective voices, accompanied by sound effects, can convince masses of people of a totally unreasonable, completely fantastic proposition as to create a nation-wide panic.”

        How true has this proven to be?

      • I must have broken a cardinal rule! My first reply is being held for moderation! So I’ll try again! Larry C, I don’t think it’s so much that this country “wants’ to hear from liars as it is media manipulation of the public. They primarily feed us lies and partial truths. Just a bit of history: On Oct. 30, 1938, a popular radio program that featured plays, broadcast a play, an adaptation of the science fiction novel The War of the Worlds. The play was about a Martian invasion of the earth.
        As part of the play, fake news bulletins periodically interrupted to describe an invasion from Mars near Grovers Mill, New Jersey.
        Not realizing that the fake news bulletins were part of the play, many in the audience thought they were hearing an actual news account. They reacted by loading guns, hiding in basements, anything they could think of to protect themselves and their families from what they believed was an invasion from Mars.
        I quote: “In a prescient column, in the New York Tribune, Dorothy Thompson foresaw that the broadcast revealed the way politicians could use the power of mass communications to create theatrical illusions, to manipulate the public. “All unwittingly, Mr. Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater of the Air have made one of the most fascinating and important demonstrations of all time,” she wrote.
        “They have proved that a few effective voices, accompanied by sound effects, can convince masses of people of a totally unreasonable, completely fantastic proposition as to create a nation-wide panic.”
        How true has this proven to be?

    • There are a lot of misinformed and miseducated individuals. Media/Political propaganda has them fearing Iran and several other middle eastern countries. I just don’t understand how Iran has complied to the U.N. on their nuclear facilities and Irael was charged with over 30 war crimes and they have not complied and signed the U.N.’s war treaty. Yet the US does not believe Iran’s nuclear facilities are peaceful. So we choose to take Israel in good faith. Russia and China says we are making matters worse in the Middle East with our meddling. Several military soldiers have come out against the war, militia has increased. I wonder if the is the reason behind the anti-liberty laws: Patriot Act and the NADD?

  5. I think Santorum mad some good points about Gingrich and Romney. I thought what Paul had to say about abortion was interesting, he is really intelligent but not a great speaker. If I had to pick one who gained the most would probably be Santorum.

    • Oh good points huh? On how Gingrich and Romney are both LIARS!! You mean like HE (Santorum) is a truth teller?? OMG…PLEASE..I beg and plead. LISTEN to Santorum some time…He says NOTHING for solutions. The best thing about him?? From what I’ve heard is that he’s done admirably as a family man. I think as a family man he’s a good guy. Possibly a good father. Outside of his being a typical politician that’s about all I will say good about him.

  6. I think it was awesome how the crowd didn’t allow the blatant ignoring of Ron Paul, that speaks plenty for itself

  7. Why is it that Gingrich, Romney and Perry get all the attention and Ron Paul is left out of the dissociation, this does not seem right.. he has the right to be heard as well.

  8. Ron Paul is the first respectable candidate for president that we’ve had in years! Mitt-en Romney referred to him in one debate as “our constutionalist”. Well, since our freedoms come directly from our Constitution, we need a President who knows and respects our Constitution. He’s got my vote. I will not be manipulated by the media, like so many ‘choose’ to be since it’s easier than thinking for yourself and standing up for your own rights as well as your children’s futures.

  9. Notice nobody pressured Ron Paul to release his tax returns. Why? Because everyone knows he’s the only honest one on that stage!

  10. Romeny and Gingrich are typical politicians, yeah, they may have some good in them, but we can’t afford a wishy washy president. Paul and Santorum should be our only focus if we actually want someone who has the track record and is going to actually do what they say! I am however unsure of both these two candidates as well. I personally believe that America should have the strongest military in the world and should be a protector of liberty, the guardian of the world. We are not to impose our views of capitalism or whatever on everyone, but we most importantly must not let another holocaust or world war happen. We are so close to world war 3. We need someone with a strong conviction to protect the world from a world war. Number 2, the economy is in a state of collapse because Wall St. is not regulated enough. Because the Irs and Wall St. just keep putting money into the candidates that they want to stay in so they can keep taxing the american people into inflation history. We must elect someone who deals with these two big aspects. Santorum doesn’t really give detailed answers to these questions so i don’t know if i want to vote for him, but Paul even though he wants to get rid of the irs and lower the tax as much as possible, he kind acts like we should just get out of the business of other nations completely. I don’t think he want to get out of NATO or anything. Maybe he just wants to get out of these wars, this i agree with. If at all possible, lets stay out of war. We are in an age of technology where we cannot afford to be going to war so easily. I vote Paul ultimately, he is a constitutionalist and he wants the states to have most of the power along with the people. Vote Paul, he is our best candidate. Lets continue to push him though to be tough and stern on the actions of other nations. We can’t just leave everything, it is our responsibility to not impose our views on the world, but we need to make sure that World War or something like the holocaust never happens. We don’t need a Pencil President. Paul needs to be strict with the world if he is to be the President of the most powerful nation on earth!

  11. Ron Paul is the best choice for president. He is legitimately educated, a scientist (which means he can THINK), and he is not afraid to call out the bs that is going on. Newt and Mitt are the slime of this country. Mitt goes to whatever side he needs to be in the spotlight and Newt is so dumb words cannot explain it. Santorum is good but I don’t think he can take it all the way. I am appalled that CNN is completely ignoring Paul and giving all time to Mitt. It is funny that Mitt has taken on the role of that complete moron, Bachman, as in every question it goes back to what Obama is doing wrong. Shut up, we all know Obama is a fail, we want to know what YOU want to do. The debates need to focus on what the candidates plans are not who did/said when. All but Paul are acting like 5 year olds. So, like Newt told Perry and Santorum, Newt and Mitt needs to drop out!

  12. Gingrich’s objection to the leading question would have had more impact with me if he had been able to say, “When an assault was made against Clinton for adultery, I said it wasn’t important enough for the national debate, that we had more pressing issues.” But he didn’t because he couldn’t — he LED the national debate on Clinton’s immoralities. That makes him the grandest of all hypocrites.

  13. I agree that the debate shouldn’t have been started that way, but it is a point of his character.

  14. Amen brother Clint. Well said. I hope the country will open its eyes and realize what mistake they made in 2008 fall and correct it this time around.

  15. Did anyone notice anything about the way this debate went it was rick newt and mitt squabbling. then the audiance would wonder what pual wanted to say and it was bam bam bam paul would throw a knock out punch to shutup all three canidates then 15 twenty minutes go by the bam bam bam pual beat em down again this happened atleast thre times one time did anyone rick Santorum was able to strick back and with what saying that Dr Ron Paul voted against 50% of the washinton “pro life” bills well we all know how washinton bills are they claim to be one thing and end up being another….do any of you realise that on new years eve obama signed Ndaa into existance han 18 ron pual moved to repeal section 1021 i believe it was which allows the president or the sec of state the power to deny an american citizen any due process iundefinatly well one there was no need for this law because there existed one that allowed citizens to apply to a federal court for habeous corpus these laws which rick santaorum and mitt rommney both say they support are unconstituional in so many ways along with the patriot act so let me just leave every one with this question…..when you lay down tonight and each and every night from here on out whos to say that you might have disagreed with the obama government or mitt or rick and i am willing to bet newt would say yes to bill as well but would you really feel safe knowing that they had the power to say get so and so on grounds of nation security? I Dont and I am a Vet. I dont because I have seen first hand what this warmongering state has done over seas in the name of freedom but let me just say one last thing and i am qouting Ben Franklin “those who give up liberty for security are doomed to loose both” America wake up we need to clean house in the government and we need constituion loving people to do it not the politics as usual in washington…..thank you for your time

      • Greg, I just want to pull out a couple of your statements! “Quoting Ben Franklin ‘those who give up liberty for security are doomed to lose both’. America wake up! We need to clean house in the government and we need constitution loving people to do it, not the politics as usual in Washington” – and I add – in our State governments.

  16. Mae, it’s quite easy to insult the intelligence of others who do not support your candidate instead of looking to see why he might not be getting the support you think he deserves. For one, how can you expect others to respect your candidate when you do not respect other candidates — didn’t Ron Paul specifically cite, on multiple occasions, do unto others as you would have them do to you? The fact that you misuse Mitt’s name is a sign you have no respect for him or his followers. Martin Luther King taught his followers over and over that they had to behave in a certain way if they were going to win the war against bigotry — Paul either isn’t teaching his followers the same principles he espouses, or they aren’t paying any attention to him. Knowing the Constitution isn’t sufficient for a leader — a college professor, a Congress person, but not the leader of the United States. Leadership is a specific quality. I don’t believe Paul has that leadership quality. One evidence is that he was not able to gather around him a caucus sufficient enough to actually get anything done in Congress. In my opinion, Paul would best serve as a Constitutional advisor to the President, present in meetings to give the nitty gritty on what doesn’t muster up to the Constitution and why, and how it needs to be changed to pass muster. But he’s not presidential material. I think it’s between Mitt and Rick S. — Gingrich is not presidential material because he doesn’t have the moral and ethical character necessary to be entrusted with that much power. That’s my opinion, any way.

  17. Marlene, Mitt Romney doesn’t have character. When you lie over and over again that is a sign of lack of character. When you change your views on central issues, when you alter your book and then say you didn’t; In other words. Honestly, I question the intelligence of anyone who votes for Mitt Romney. Do you know he said that his mom was instrumental in Roe v Wade and he and she have and always would defend abortion?

    Finally, when you stand there and make a Nazi argument that we can trust Obama (and of course Willard as well) with the authority to arrest American citizens on American soil without a trial and for an indefinite period, I question the intelligence of the person who supports him. So we have all heard “love the sinner, hate the sin.” I don’t question someone’s intelligence… unless they make the decision to support Willard Romney.

  18. Mitt is a political chameleon. Doesn’t bother me that much though – he might just be able to adjust to all circumstances and people and get work done, across party lines.

    Santorum has improved over the months, but is still a bit too extremist and unconvincing to be a president.

    Newt is a dangerous megalomaniac, who can never see any fault in himself. Newt as the president of USA is a frightening thought.

    Dr. Paul is the most learned and respectable figure of all of them. He is evidently genuine and cares deeply about issues. Having said that, he isn’t a mainstream politician. I don’t see him generating as much enthusiasm amongst his political brethen as he does amongst the young voters. The fact that he got only a single bill passed in all these years is an issue. Maybe he is too smart and good for them, but still someone who can unite the politicians is needed. I wish Dr. Paul was that person but am not sure.

    Even if he is not the ultimate nominee, I hope that he stays connected to the campaign in some capacity. Maybe an ideological guru and mentor of the Republican party.

    • Joy, I am in complete agreement with you.

      Sanctorum I think is very convicted about this vision of the republican ideals. But he comes off as a bit too strong and not a people’s person.

      Ron Paul, I love the man. But I think he may not be getting all the votes he deserves because of his age, and his quirky way of addressing questions.

      Mitt Romney is such a political chameleon, and he’s very good at it. and no one really knows what’s on the inside because he has the resources and tactics to convert to whatever the people will fall for.

    • I am not sure what you are saying… so Mitt is the best?? I am not sure why but I think that is what you are getting at. Or I think you are saying Ron Paul is the best, but he can’t get votes? I don’t really agree with this mentality, I mean so you will not vote for the best man to do the job becasue the media is telling you he does not have support (I am assuming the media becasue if you researched you would know he has lots of support in all age categories, and his support grows everyday). Anyway, I don’t get it, so the best man for the job should not have the job, becasue of some crap someone else is telling you? Well, I know I care for America, so I want someone who can do the job, so Ron Paul is the man. As for passing bills (again something someone else it putting in your head), I think it is well known amongst almost all Americans that the government is very corrupt, congress has around 6% approval ratting amongst its people. So Ron Paul fighting this corruption, he is going to have a hard time right? He is not going to get much passed right? That is what all that is about, he fights for the people and let me tell you, the rights of people is not a popular thing in congress. So you say he might not as President do much, well he would do a lot more then these clowns, and I would love it for even the 4 years that he is around, that no more of our freedoms get taken away, and I can be proud and say America is run by an honest man.

  19. To Marlene:

    It all depends on how you define a leader. If you define a leader as someone who looks like a movie star and gives great speeches, then sure, Romney is your go-to guy. If you define a leader as someone who will kill foreigners for unjustified reasons, then you have four choices, Obama, Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum. If, however, you define a leader as someone who stands for the foundational principles of the country and the freedoms of you, me, and every citizen of this country and of the world, then you only have one option – Ron Paul.

    You are right about the fact that just knowing the Constitution isn’t sufficient to be President, but to measure leadership, you have to look at the non-superficial qualities that go unnoticed by most. Fortunately, Ron Paul isn’t simply a Constitutional expert, he upholds the Constitution, he defends all of our individual rights and freedoms, and by doing so he defends our futures. He tells the truth and talks about issues that the other candidates would never even mention otherwise. He served in the military, and doesn’t support invading and destroying the lives of innocent people in foreign countries on the whim of Israeli and corporate lobbyists. Not only is he a doctor, but he gave free medical care to any patient who couldn’t afford it when he was practicing. All these qualities give Ron Paul more of a claim to leadership than anyone else by a long shot.

    Voting for people who possess the so-called “leadership” qualities doesn’t work, because they are not qualities which make a man a true leader. People vote based on those “fake” qualities which gain media focus every time, and look where it has gotten us. Eventually people will see through the propaganda, but it’s still a ways off apparently.

    Real change will come sooner or later, but the only choice this time around is Ron Paul.

    • All this talk about “Leader”

      I think the point behind all this ‘Ron Paul support’ is that Americans are getting sick of Leaders.
      Americans are finally realizing that there are No Good Leaders anywhere near Politics.

      The point is to find a candidate who will Lead the Least.

      Obama lead us into Pakistan
      Bush Jr lead us into Afghanistan
      Clinton lead us to believe the White House was an East-Coast Porn-Set.
      Bush Sr lead us into Iraq
      JFK lead us to believe a President could stand up to the Global Masters.

      All this Leading hasn’t helped a bit, we’re at the point now where the best thing a politician can do is “Repeal” (ie: Obamacare/DoddFrank) legislation that was Lead by the last Leader. It’s always 1 step forward, 4 steps back… with these Leaders.

      I think a lot of this ‘Ron Paul’ support is because he does lack leadership. His supporters know he won’t lead them into new wars, won’t lead the economy into artificial bubbles & inflation, won’t lead a tax increase, won’t lead Government Expansion, won’t lead America’s Sovereignty into the paws of non-American entities like the UN, won’t lead his “frail” old penis into his secretary’s mouth, won’t lead the outsourcing of jobs overseas….

      Hope this brings some understanding to the… clueless ones.

      Leaders are for dependents.
      Independents don’t require a Leader, a Ceaser, a King, a Furor, a Pharaoh.

      • Ron Paul leads to freedom. As I said, Ron Paul lacks the leadership qualities most people seem to look for, but he has all the qualities of a real “leader” (the qualities I would want in a President). Real leadership is the ability to only come in and do something when it’s necessary or when it would benefit everyone else.

        I actually agree with you that we don’t need a “leader”, I simply pointed out what I did because some people try to claim that his lack of “leadership” is a reason to prevent him from being President. The Presidency isn’t really about having a “leader” to take care of every little aspect of the country. As a matter of fact, the federal government has very limited powers defined by the Constitution, which is one reason I support Ron Paul, since he presses this idea quite a bit. Ron Paul doesn’t want to “lead” and force people into any particular way of living, so long as they do no harm to others.

        While it appears you would prefer anarchy (I actually prefer anarchy, but I realize that most people wouldn’t survive so I’m fine with what our founding fathers created), the original purpose of the U.S. government was to allow for people’s rights and freedoms to be exercised and protected, and for creative and innovative ideas to be emphasized. In anarchy, someone (or many someones) will rise to the top and become “the leader”, and they will impose limitations on others’ freedoms. Our system was meant to protect people from that, while at the same time giving people has much freedom as possible. The problem is that the people stopped paying attention, the government got out of control, and now the corporations receive the bulk of the freedom, while those of the common man are diminished.

        P.S. – I’m well aware of the spread of globalism and its advocates. You forgot to mention Libya, and I believe you meant Caesar and Fuhrer.

    • Notice how Ron Paul will say things he knows may arouse boos from the crowd, but he says them anyway, because I actually think he believes them. When he was asked about veterans benefits, you could see that he had a chance to score major points by saying how much he would use federal power to protect and support them, but he didn’t. He stepped back saying this was about the bigger picture and not just any one group. He did not play to his own advantages, he answered based on principles. Isn’t that the definition of a man for all seasons?

      • And still…he has more support from the military than all the other candidates combined. Seems the military know what they’re fighting for – our Constitution – even if voters don’t seem to know. Instead of ‘you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone’ we’ll be singing ‘we sure do miss you now you’re gone’ about our Constitution and our freedoms.

  20. It is astonishing to me that moderates and conservatives alike are not 100% behind Dr. Paul. In all of my 50 plus years on this earth I have never seen a candidate with the critical thinking skills and depth of understanding that Dr. Paul presents when describing his policy positions. We all hear, every day, from friends, family and colleagues, how fed up we all are with the status quo. Dr. Paul represents a clear and obvious change to that status quo; a true opportunity to restore congressional respect for our constitution. This is such an easy to recognize opportunity for all of us yet, again and again, I hear folks tell me that Dr. Paul is un-electable. That assertion holds truth only if people choose not to vote for him. Don’t fall for the “lesser of two evils” this time. Don’t go with the status quo. Vote your conscience. Vote your future. Vote for Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul to be the republican nominee for President of the United States in 2012.

    • Mark: “This is such an easy to recognize opportunity for all of us yet, again and again, I hear folks tell me that Dr. Paul is un-electable. That assertion holds truth only if people choose not to vote for him.”

      I’ve been puzzled by that viewpoint, too. What do they mean that he is ‘un-electable’? That the ‘media’ says he is un-electable’? That’s just media manipulation, something we all know they do, something we all need to reject. This man could shred Obama in a heart-beat simply because he is obviously more intelligent, better educated, and more devoted to our Constitution and our country.

  21. Greg, you stated that both Romney and Santorum agreed with and supported the NDAA. I must point out that you’re mistaken. Scroll down to the Myrtle Beach debate, when all of the candidates were asked whether or not they fully supported the NDAA. Romney said he fully supported it with no changes needing to be made to it, however Santorum said he would only support it if section 1021 was revised.

    I felt it was important to point out this error, because this bill is just so wrong, and on many levels. And those reading these comments need to know that Santorum was absolutely against section 1021 period!

  22. What a joke…as is usual, very, very little time given to the only candidate who truly makes sense. The rest are just politicians and we’ll continue on the path to spending into oblivion with them. Please folks..let’s do something about spending in this election. Vote for Ron Paul, the ONLY one who will address entitlements, the IRS and the constant spending of our tax money to other countries. These are just a few of the many changes that NEED made and none of the other candidates will address.

  23. Marlene, you are quite right that I have no respect for Mitt Romney. However, my disrespect for Mitt Romney does not extend to those who do support him. In my opinion, that’s why we have Presidential elections – it’s a given that we have differing opinions. That’s not an insult. It’s just a fact. I agree that knowing the Constitution isn’t sufficient for a leader. It is, however, something a President should know and honor. In one debate, Romney, disrespectfully in my opinion, referred to Ron Paul as “our constitutionalist” as if it was a joke. But is our Constitution a joke? Have we forgotten that our Constitution is the source of ‘all’ freedoms we love? Not just Obama, but with several presidents before him, our ‘freedoms’ have been eroded, taken from us little by little with no respect for our Constitution. It’s my deep feeling that a Constitutionalist is just what we need, what we must have, if we are to stop the downward spiral our country is experiencing. Ron Paul is the only Constitutionalist running for President, the only hope I see for real change. Between Romney and Santorum? Don’t know about that – Gingerich is popular in the South, but don’t forget that our next President will not be chosen by just a few states. Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are the only two Republican presidential candidates who are on all state primary ballots. Newt Gingrich is not on the ballot in Missouri and Virginia and did not qualify for all of the delegates in Tennessee. Rick Santorum is not on the ballot in Virginia, Ilinois and Washington, D.C., and did not qualify for all of the delegates in Ohio and Tennessee. This might make a big difference…so neither of us should give up hope for our favorite candidates!

  24. I notice that the comments are mainly in support of Ron Paul. I will be interested how votes turn up.

    I wouldn’t be discouraged about Ron Paul getting less time to speak yet.

    It seems as though Santorum is the only candidate that has friction with Paul. I don’t think these other 2 guys really know how to address Paul’s logic because it makes sense. Santorum’s Lawyer skills show, but I can’t see him acting on rational thought as much as Romney or Paul.

    Romney, seems like he cleverly avoids questions with a half related answer. I don’t like any president who boasts being the most powerful on the planet, Being the most powerful was never what made America great because America was great before it was the most powerful. I find it disgusting how people are so casual yet enthusiastic when it comes to the destruction of other people. How can any man be pro-life when he flaunts death on its enemies. Ron Paul is the only man there who is genuine in his pro-life beliefs. I don’t remember if it was this debate or last debate, but Romney said it.

    One thing I notice about Gingrich is he is always bringing up the names of other big shots as if he is protected by them. I can’t trust a guy who hides behind the names of others to prove his worth.

    I think Ron Paul is the only candidate deserving of presidency.

    • Curious about your comment “I wouldn’t be discouraged about Ron Paul getting less time to speak yet.” Help me out! I’m not so much discouraged as I feel really ticked at the media for not presenting all of our options in a fair and equal manner. How can we, as a nation, choose the best when the media hides from us ‘all’ the information we need for an informed choice? How many people are going to make a choice based on biased reporting? Is that really representative of the American people? BTW – Newt is already projected as ‘the winner’ in S.C. Gee, that means media darling Romney has only won in one primary, not three, not two, but only one. Imagine that! And NCIS is coming on – so – I’m outta here for a couple hours at least! Gotta have some priorities!

  25. I usually like Mitt’s performance in the debates but yesterday he was pathetic in his attempts to blame President Obama in every answer. Even when Gingrich attacked him about his tax records he was like “Look I know Democrats will attack me…” no Mitt it’s your own party that is currently finding your faults. Don’t be so shifty and evasive. Show some character and face the question.

    Santorum performed well and held his ground against attacks. He had a clear message as to why he should be elected. In my opinion he gets flustered too easily though and it shows in his face and gesticulations. A more relaxed and confident persona would help his case. In any case his views are too extremist to my liking, but as a person he appeared more likeable yesterday than both Mitt and Gingrich.

    Gingrich is a career politician. And a dangerous one at that. He has been in the establishment for long that is delusional of his own grandeur. Newt clearly believes that he is the cleverest man around and all of us, dumb folks, need his ideas to be saved. I wish Romney had pressed him more when he cited Regan’s book and that Newt was cited there only once. Newt keeps babbling as if he is the next Regan and it would have been interesting to discuss more about why Regan himself didn’t think much of Newt and his so called ideas.

    That brings us to the only person with integrity on the stage – Dr. Paul. While Newt boasts that he is a man of ideas, Dr. Paul demonstrates them in his speech and records of past actions. Never have I seen such a clear and obvious contrast in the personalities and character of one candidate from the rest in any election anywhere. And I find it ridiculous that the media tries to paint him as irrelevant. Are they so out of touch with reality? Even otherwise, they should be fair and report events as it is and not try to influence them. That’s why Jon Stewart is the only news anchor with any credibility left.

    • You know what? You’re right! And that means it’s up to all of US to protect our Constitution by voting OUT of office all those who have shown disregard for it and consequently, for us. Thanks for the perspective!

  26. Who were the fools giving Gingrich a standing ovation for condemning the media in regards to his affairs? I must admit he was brilliant in delivering his rehearsed reprisal, effectively shutting down a topic that should cripple him. It’s ironic how similar to teflon Bill, Newt is- despite the hypocrisy of Newt leading the charge against Bill in the mid 90’s at the exact same time engaging in the exact same behavior. Ironically he’s so similar in how he keeps anything from sticking to him.?

    Does Newt really expect us to believe he can’t keep it in his pants because “he loved America too much?” Is it hard to believe he’d ask his wife for an open marriage- he was already caught in an affair, why not try to keep the marriage but be able to keep his lover too? Only he and his 2nd wife could know if he asked? for an open marriage- what his daughters or friends or anyone else might say is irrelevant. Newt’s? right to be angry about the timing, but the issue itself is important.

    It’s not the media’s fault, it’s not? his love for America’s? fault. The fact he broke his two most important vows, to both his ill wives is his own crippled character’s fault. Forgiveness is important personally, but when choosing a national leader, hypocrisy and an inability to keep vows is important. Newt is an eloquent, formidable and knowledgeable speaker and debater, but when the doors are closed and he has to decide on national good vs personal gain I don’t trust him.

    Yes, CNN dropped the ball by leading with this question- a tactical error, but is Newt’s character issues any less important if it’s asked as the 5th question as opposed to the first? If you want a textbook way to get out of a lie, watch Newt here, he’s excellent at the double-down diversion (good ol Double Down Newt). Instead of answering a important question which is important to Newt’s fundamental character, he raises the ante by blaming and attacking. It’s all smoke and mirrors. He uses the media as a scape-goat, especially when he knows he’s in front of a FOX brainwashed crowd who believe any negative media coverage is evidence of a left-wing conspiracy. He completely disarmed everybody, including the other 3 candidates, from even broaching the subject, except by the numerous references to “integrity.” Brilliant strategy. Brilliant hypocrite.

    • Why in the world were so many out of place question marks inserted in my comment? I didn’t put them there.

  27. Every body is cheering for their candidate hoping he will be elected and that candidate will make something happen for our economy. That’s good for you, and I’m OK with it. However, people:

    1. we can not elect a candidate to be President, because whoever is going to be the next puppet in the White House he already knows it and so do the remaining candidates.

    2. Putting your trust in a man to do something for you is WHAT.. VAIN. WHY? Because he can’t do anything for himself. Being a President is just a J.O.B just like you going to the warehouse,McDonald to hear your boss telling you what to do. Do it the way he want you to do it you have a J.O.B when you don’t do it the way he wanted you’re FIRED. So you see since he can’t even save himself, he definitely can’t save you.

    3. Open your eyes so you can see that the World is taking its last breath.
    a)In the back of Our money it says “IN GOD WE TRUST” when the leaders were printing the money,which God were they talking about?
    Were talking about the God almighty, the Most High or the counterfeit god of the underworld(lucifer).
    b)If they meant the Most High why our Leaders supporting HOMOSEXUALITY and ABORTION. Every four years the same thing nothing changes you got candidate claiming to be christian but when they get to White House is the same corruption. No one ever say no to HOMOSEXUALITY(effeminate),WHORE-MONGERS, IMMORALITY,FORNICATORS, IDOLATERS(American Idol),(Marry this man or woman divorce later marry another one)ADULTERERS, ABUSERS OF THEMSELVES WITH MANKIND, WICKEDNESS. Have they forget that in the OT God talked about SODOM AND GOMORRAH AND in the NT
    JUDE:1:7 “Even as Sodom and Gomorrha , and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after “STRANGE FLESH”,are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. Verse 8
    Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh,despise dominion, and speak evil of DIGNITIES”. Not one ever say that Jesus Christ is the answer. Have they ever open their bible to see that message and to deliver it to the people?

    c)Are they real christian or are they using the word to win christian vote like it’s going to put them in the White House?

    d) Can’t these candidates(who call themselves christian, who call themselves leaders, who call themselves the HEAD of the COUNTRY) warn the people that Jesus Christ is not coming soon but rather is on the way according to the prophesies: Natural Disaster, Earthquake, War, Children disrespecting their parents, Children Killing their parents because they can’t stand them, or for money, and the parents do the same to their children.

    My people, Like i have said in the line above JESUS CHRIST IS on THE WAY BACK to reward the church with goodness and kindness and to reward the wicked with wickedness.

    “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” I Thessalonians:5::22

    1 Peter:1:16 “Be Holy for I am Holy.”

  28. 1. Republicans have to get Mitt in office:
    A. Why? He represents their interests. There is a political system that must protect its “own”, whoever is in office. A win for Mitt is a win for the system they’re protecting. A win for Obama is a win for the system they’re attempting to protect.
    B. Gingrich is the same as is Santorum. They’re smart guys, but they’re career politicians. Republicans are for big business, and mostly responsible for the wealth-gap widening. However, when the Democrats get in office, they exacerbate the situation by pumping more tax-payer money into welfare programs… thus furthering the gap even more. Both parties are able to retain the elite class by implementing two different strategies. Democrats by “paying” to keep you down. (I.E. create a lifestyle that you’ll tolerate and accept no matter how poverty stricken) and Republicans by keeping big corporations alive. (Create opportunity for the elites of society, the smartest, and the best; thus leaving everyone else to scratch in the dirt… however, more opportunity is still present for everyone.)

    2. Ron Paul in office:
    A. Threatens the system. Dr. Paul doesn’t represent any big-business. Republicans need Mitt, which is why they ignore Dr. Paul. Half of all Democrats would probably vote for Ron Paul if he was the candidate for the republican party. Ron Paul is the only person who stands a chance to beat Obama in the end. THE SYSTEM doesn’t want Ron Paul!! Democrats or Republicans. The People want Ron Paul!

    It’s time as The People of the United States to put a man in office who is (as the Constitution says) “By and For the People”! Enough of the system. Dr. Ron Paul is the only honest man running, and has run for this office in years. It’s not about party… it’s about giving this country back to the people! It’s Ron Paul or the only alternative… keep shelling money out of your pocket to line theirs. Ron Paul has never accepted government help for anything. Dr. Paul will fix this country.

    Watch as these other bozos start to take up Dr. Paul’s position to prop up their own campaigns. Even Obama is touting smaller government recently!

    Get these turn-coats out of Washington. Dr. Paul 2012.

  29. I am SO sick of Ron Paul being excluded from these debates. If I were him at the time that he was excluded from the abortion discussion, I would have said this: “Now wait a minute! Am I just here to dress the set or something? Why am I not being included in this? Are you biased? I have a voice, I can debate! The reason that I’m down in the polls is that you all have been keeping me out of these debates! If you just GIVE ME A CHANCE, I will debate, I will take the floor! The founders said that every man is entitled to equal rights, and one of those rights is to free speech, and as a presidential candidate I think that I most certainly deserve that right, seeing that I placed second in the New Hampshire Primaries! So PLEASE, GIVE ME A HONEST TO GOODNESS CHANCE TO SPEAK HERE!!!” If he had just said that, he would have gotten more than 13% in the South Carolina Primaries, I’ll tell you that!

  30. Alright now i know we are all searching for a candidate that can lead the GOP and the republican party to the White House! But Moreover someone that can be a type of President that would fearlessly do the will of the people and uphold the good laws we already have instead of ignoring them. And someone that will be a servant of the people. Someone that can stand up to all that the left and liberals will throw at them. That person in my belief is Rick Santorum. If you want to beat the left and do it strongly and able to withstand the attacks from the left and Obama, you must consider and i hope get behind Rick Santorum. He has proved to me he has the will and determination to do whats needed. And frankly the other canidates don’t have the ability and or drive to do all these things and won’t pass the mustard. To all those that are so behind Ron Paul Please understand he has no chance to get the nomination. i have taken a poll of my own and even though it is small and not a great test it is something that i think all of you have to ask yourself that are backers of Ron Paul! And That is this…? what do you think of Ron Paul’s (foreign policy’s and or ideas?) And the answer i get from everyone that like Ron Paul on some of the issues especially on the Fed Reserve ect. is this ” Yeah i like him but i just can’t get my head around his foreign policy’s! Frankly in this area he is just not realistic or even rational!” end quotes. And i wish that all you people that believe so strongly in Ron Paul would really open your eyes to all his flaws! And push passion to get behind Santorum. Mitt Romney is okay but, but he is a guy that won’t be able to connect with the common man! And although he may do alright in debating Obama. It may not be enough as he is not even well resieved for a LONG LONG time by his own party everyone was and is always looking for anyone better that Mitt. Anybody! But unfortunately ..They hoped Herman Cain,didn’t hold up! Then Newt had momentum..Why they just didn’t really like Mitt that much!,So really everyone is thinking… okay Newt has history i must still be “stuck with Mitt”. Until be shear determination Rick Santorum got his message out with VERY LITTLE SUPPORT. Romney with all the Money Newt with all his backers still couldn’t stop Rick Santorum. The people listened and he has and will i believe win the hearts of not only the Party but also the Nation. Lets just not say i guess i have to “settle for Mitt” I really hope South Carolina and Florida listens to Ricks message and Choose the Best Candidate RICK SANTORUM!

    • You just need to read his book “A Foriegn Policy of Freedom”, and then he makes perfect sense! Actually, good sense is hard to find these days and personally, with all of the drugs and violence of today, so I think that he is a diamond in the rough. However, he is just so deep in the rough that most people can’t seem to find and truly understand him like I have. Once you get down to him and really study him with an open and unbiased mind, you can really see that he is the best candidate for president. Now on the issue of electability: NO ONE IS UNELECTABLE! Rick Perry wasn’t unelectable, Jon Huntsman wasn’t unelectable, Michelle Bachman wasn’t unelectable! With the right support, ANYONE CAN BE ELECTED. I just wish that more people knew that and just stopped voting for the frontrunner! As for Paul’s flaws, I acknowledge that he has flaws, everyone has them (including Santorum), but it’s just all about how you look at it. If you look at unbiasedly and give each candidate a fighting chance, you have a very good chance of finding the best candidate, and that is what I did. Santorum may have the force and the determination, but does he have enough experience? Does he have the deep knowledge of what the founders originally intended? Does he have the virtue and morals that a good politician should? Does he have the political wisedom that is needed for a president? I don’t think so. Ron Paul has all of those things. And no, I am not working for him!

    • Answer me this, why is Israel allowed to not have to comply to U.N.’s war treaty and Iran has signed and complied to this treaty. So basically, does our word against Iran’s peaceful nuclear facilities give us the right to kill innocent civilians, soldiers and destroy their economy/infrastructure that we will eventually have to fork over money to help rebuild? Why is it that Israel has over 30 war crimes according to U.N. regulations. I have a hard time as to what the government is telling us and then the horror stories several ex military soldiers and other nations and unbiased news sources are telling us about these wars. There is a lot of misconception going on here. China and Russia has stated numerous times that the US are making matters worse with their meddling. Why are we stationed in 130 something countries are we really needed here and why doesn’t anybody else address the other countries besides Paul? Why isn’t any of the other candidates talking about the FEDERAL RESERVES? That is the biggest issue along with corruption within the Congress. Let’s pause for a second, the Fed and corrupt Congress is our biggest issues not the bogus wars, not the anti-liberty bills being passed but the FED and Congress! Think about it why isn’t anybody addressing those issues? Back to the war on terrorism it will never be won, it is like the war on drugs on going and never ending. All the money to eliminate one group will bring rise to another and the cycle will continue. Capturing Bin La-din is an expense that can be dealt with, but now we are way over our head fighting endless wars. It is still unclear the benefits of these so called wars versus the boosting of the economy, we should hear more on real solutions to boosting the economy. We are being misdirected as the wars being the most important issue which is false and misleading. Keep ignoring the Fed and corruption we will keep taking 1 step forward then 2 steps backward, we will never get ahead at this rate!

  31. Tonight… Ron Paul definitely needs to attack the other candidates thus giving him more time due to the rebuttal rules. He can’t just stand there and answer the questions without calling out the other candidates, or he won’t get any time. That’s the reality of it, unfortunately.


    I have a feeling many people on this thread believe their vote counts.

    It doesn’t.

    Attorney General of SC and previous states requested Federal Investigations into these current debate caucuses/primaries where dead people have been found on the list as usual. No ID required in IOWA. (Although Fake-ID’s are readily available anyway.)

    The victimized citizens whose candidate’s elections are being stolen have to do far more than donating to the campaign, spreading the message, and casting a vote. The victims have to do far more than demand their country back. Demands are not much without follow-through.

    Anyway – Google some of this recent GOP Voter Fraud.
    – The Robber Barons are at it again! 😉

    • Conspiracy or not, I am open minded and will not dispute anything unless I review it first. Thanks for the heads up, James Sr.

    • They discovered and prosecuted and convicted 70 people on voter fraud in the 2006 federal election cycle, yikes. Newt said 1,500 of the voter signatures were by one guy and that guy alone is to blame. Well, the question I have to ask is how many times has Newt been lying to us. And for him to turn around and get a standing ovation and to capitalize from the situation between him and his ex-wife is absolutely pathetic. Newt is such a hypocrite, hell he was a big part of the Bill Clinton impeachment remember, “I did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky”. The only two that should be debating is Santorum and Paul. Newt is a big lobbyist, thief and con man. Romney and his off shore Bain Capital funding secrets (tax loopholes), we make up the difference for all these loopholes. Romney, what a cheat and scam artist and you wonder why this rich sneak pays only 15% in taxes! Mitt Romney invested in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, so he was part of the housing bubble as was Newt. Romney badly criticized Fannie and Freddie as did Newt. Newt got paid in advisory fees, he is lying he got millions to turn the other cheek and influence other political figures to look the other way. Romney invested and made 100’s of thousands in Fannie and Freddie mutual funds, the same housing companies he badly criticized. Those two are a class act and Obama will eat them alive. Like I said Santorum and Paul should be the only two debating to go against Obama and from the two the most knowledgeable is Paul. I know we don’t agree on all his policies, but he’s the only one consistently talking about the devastating Fed and corrupt Congress. I wonder why no other candidate is dare talking about these two most important of all issues. As long as the Fed remains we will owe debt, which is wasting our money. Don’t get me wrong other issues our important, but as long as the oversize corrupt government and the money sucking cheat Fed exists forget about anything else. 1 step forward, 2 steps back!

  33. To address the issue that the other candidate is adopting some of Ron Paul’s ideas being a good thing??? I don’t think so… The reason this is not good is that they just say it because they can see RP has a lot of the overall vote more so than the media releases and RP is the only candidate that actually as American’s best interest at heart. Please please do not fall for this Political sham.. As I have said before do your research go back and research each one of these guys and you will see the only consistent one is RP. All the others are in my opinion a joke, and support big government. Let’s wake America up and give the “Crazy man” the chance to turn this country around. GO RP 2012

    • Obama — the next new host of Family Feud (can anyone give a total count of the women he kissed after his Misstate of the Union)?

      Afterwards — Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels neutered in a very diplomatic way all the demagoguery Little Hussein parroted!

      Not strong enough for me — but still kudos to Mitch!

      • Surfisher,

        I’ve kept my mouth shut up to this moment. I haven’t posted a single political comment to this point; but I’ve just about seen all the moronic Obama bashing I can take. Why can’t you people see what these candidates really stand for? They are a party for the rich and nothing more. They have been spewing lies since they started campaigning for this election and every other election for as long as I can remember. And it boggles my mind how many people in America fall for it.

        Do you not take any pride at all in your own intelligence? Do you just take someones word for everything they tell you? If you would take the time to look around, to verify just a handful of the things you’re being told you’d realize that they just assume that you are too stupid to know when you’re being fed a mouthful of lies. And apparently where republican voters are concerned they’re right.

        Everything the republican candidates have said in every debate, campaign add or interview is a flat out bold faced lie and you are buying into it. Just a few examples:

        Mitt Romney claims that Obama is killing jobs with his regulations. The truth is Obama has eliminated over 500 regulations in the past three years; most of which were set in place by a republican president. He’s also had 22 consecutive months in PRIVATE sector job growth. The unemployment rate is not where it is because of Obama, you can thank the Bush administration for that. The fact is that Obama’s policies are either directly created or saved over 10 million jobs; 3 million jobs have been created in the past 22 months. The auto industry bail out alone saved or created 300,000 jobs; your republicans wanted to let the auto makers go out of business. That would have cost the country millions of jobs. Now GM is the number one auto maker in the world.

        Romney also likes to say that Obama is trying to divide America. That is absolutely the most moronic notion I’ve heard yet. This country is divided; it has been for decades. It’s divided by money, into the top 1 percent and the bottom 99 percent. What Obama is trying to do is bring this country back together after the republicans drove a wedge between corporations and their workers.

        Do you realize that we have lost our AAA credit rating because of the debt ceiling debate? Do you understand why that debate happened? The republicans refused to raise the debt ceiling just so they could blame it on Obama. And to justify it they played on the ignorance of people like you. So let me educate you: raising the debt ceiling has absolutely nothing to do with spending more money; I know it sounds that way but no. Raising the debt ceiling simply means the country has the money to pay it’s past and current bills. That debate was about America paying back money that was spent by Bush, not money that Obama wanted to spend in the future. And the republicans lied to you about what the debate was about and you bought it. You should be offended and insulted by the way the republicans simply assume you’re stupid enough to believe anything they want to tell you.

        Republicans don’t care about you; they care about the rich, the largest corporations, that’s it. Consider this; the republicans want to cut social security, medicare, medicaid, and raise taxes on the middle class. Meanwhile they are fighting to extend the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest 1 percent. They want CEOs to get a tax break while a senior citizen chooses between groceries and prescriptions medication. Think about that:

        There are CEOs in this country that earn millions of dollars in a year. So let’s do some simple math shall we. Last year the average income for CEOs of large corporations was about 11 million dollars. So let’s just look at how that breaks down. Now I’ll explain the calculation as I go so it doesn’t just leave you behind okay; stick with me here.

        11 Million dollars in one year. How much is that for a week? Stick with me here:

        11,000,000 dollars divided by 52 weeks = 211,538 dollars each week.

        Now, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt okay; let’s say they worked 60 hours in a week. Not just 40, 60.

        So, 211,538 divided by 40 hours = 5288 per hour.

        YES, YOU READ IT RIGHT!!! Five thousand two hundred eighty eight dollars per hour. Now, how much do you think their workers make in an hour? They’re lucky to make 25 dollars per hour, 25!

        Let me just say this; I don’t care who you are, what you do, how educated you are, NO ONE, I mean NO ONE on this planet has earned the right to make 5,200 dollars per hour while their workers have to choose between buying food for their kids and paying the light bill. It’s shameful. And the republicans want to raise my taxes while giving them a tax break? Why can’t you people see what they have in stored for us; more poverty, more war, more lies; that’s all they have to offer.

        For the first time in decades this country is finally on the right track. Please tell me you’re not still stupid enough to vote for a republican and throw it all away.

        • Sherron let’s be open about everything. Whether it’s Democrat or Republican, it’s a game they play and they are very good actors. Fighting hard in front of the camera, but behind closed doors it’s another story. They are all rich and you can’t tell me for one minute Obama cares more about us more than any one of the previous presidents. Ron Paul is entirely different than the others, you just stated his opposite. Research Social Security and Medicare, there isn’t any funds because Republicans and Democrats alike borrowed against it and robbed it blind. So technically there is no Social Security or Medicare, it’s coming straight from our pockets to those currently using it.
          An economical view: if the American people were given debit cards as a stimulus loaded with thousands of dollars, we would have been forced to buy buy buy. Great down payment on homes, purchasing cars and other items. As far as parties go a Clinton, I mean a Democrat is not necessarily no better than a Republican. Keep in mind our last president that could have had extraordinary potential, JFK.
          Obama is don’t forget about NADD with a little SOPA trying to pull through. Keep an eye out for 40,000 laws this year, I wonder how many in our favor. When it’s all said and done Obama’s a rich son of a gun too. $120,000 from Fannie and Freddie, look at the housing bubble. His golf outings(can we say Bush junior), his books, when does he have time to be president? Bottom line is these candidates and presidents are all rich and which one of these rich so and so would look out for our best interest? In my opinion the one that would truly go after the Fed and the corrupt Congress and shrink it. Keep in mind as long as the Fed remains and nobody audits it, the bigger and longer individuals reside in Congress the more corrupt it will become. Why don’t more of us consider the Fed and Corrupt overloading Congress the real issue. Who constantly talks about these issues and has been constantly battling Congress in our defense.
          I got an idea let’s stop taxing the hell out these companies and build incentives and bring them back home. Stop penalizing and taxing capital gains from people investing and savings. Investing gives companies money to grow. More people would be willing to invest and save if there wouldn’t be such a tax burden.
          Now help me out did they ever recover the billions of our money we loaned the banks?
          Not trying to debate just open your eyes this is way too deep, we need change and Now!! I’m starting to get a headache.

          • George,

            You’re just as bad as Surfish. Do you really buy into the notion that all politicians are the same? I guess you believe in all these conspiracy the too then huh. President of the United States is the most stressful position on the planet. The entire world is watching every move you make; and you’re responsible for the safety and welfare of not just Americans but most the rest of the world as well. Even the simplest decision can have global impacts when you’re the President of the United States. Now, why would anyone want that job if they’re already rich just for the money? Do you really think they do it just so they can make themselves more rich? Obama is rich and wants to pay more in taxes; so that notion is logically flawed.

            The notion that politicians are all the same and they just want the power that comes with the office is the most ignorant immature teenage-minded notion I’ve ever heard. These people are elected to represent us; do you really not care who is representing you in Washington? That’s just sad.

            As for taxing the hell out of companies; they get more tax breaks and loop holes than someone making $40,000 a year. This entire election debate is about the tax breaks for the richest Americans and largest corporations. Where the hell have you been? I’ll admit that there have been companies going over seas in recent decades; but that’s not because we tax the hell out of them here. For one; they get a tax break for going over there. So how about we stop giving them tax breaks and rewarding them for going to China and reward them for coming home.

            But before we can do that we have to make sure they can survive in America; and with our current economy that’s not likely to happen. You see, we have a demand problem in this country. Let me explain how we got into this mess.

            The republicans and their “trickle-down” economic policies were the beginning of this crisis back in Reagan’s disaster. The wealthiest Americans got tax breaks while the middle and lower class picked up the slack; he raised the taxes on the middle class 12 times. So as a result the rich got richer and the poor got poorer; the CEOs are now making ridiculous amounts like $5,000 / hour while their workers make less than $20 / hour; which is just sickening if you have a heart at all. That led to a middle class that can’t afford to buy even the bare essentials. So now even if companies do come back they can’t sell their products in America. That’s the demand problem.

            The republicans for some reason can’t see that they were the ones that caused all of this. They want to return to the same policies that put us here in the first place. They will continue the tax breaks for the richest 2 percent and raise taxes on everyone else. The problem is that 2 percent of the country can’t sustain the economy no matter how much money they have.

            And the notion that they are the job creators? That just insults my intelligence; I’m not that stupid. It doesn’t matter how much money you give them; if they can’t sell their products they’re not going to hire people to make them. We, the middle class, are the job creators. We buy the products that these corporations provide. If we can’t afford to do that then they WILL lay off more workers. The only option is to put money back into the hands of the middle class. Even that may not be enough though with the income inequality we see now. Personally I feel like the salaries of the CEO should be capped by the federal government. Now, before you get all crazy let me explain. The salary shouldn’t be capped at a dollar amount, I don’t care if he makes $20 Billion a year, it should be based on the average workers’ salary. The more money the workers make the more money the CEO makes. That will give companies the incentive they really need; incentive to raise workers’ wages and help sustain the economy. Then you wouldn’t see CEO’s making 5 figures an hour while workers make 5 figures a year. That’s how you get this country back on top. I mean really, do you honestly believe that they can’t afford to pay their workers a decent wage with decent benefits? They can pay their CEO enough to buy an island for god’s sake; it’s greed and nothing more.

            Until that happens the CEOs will continue to pay workers the lowest possible rates; which usually means they go over seas because labor cost is lower. Meanwhile they’ll be paying themselves obscene salaries and killing our economy in the process.

            You can call that socialism or class warfare or whatever the hell else you want to call it. But I don’t believe anyone, no matter who you are or what you’ve done or how educated you are, no one should be making that much money while 98 percent of the country is struggling. I know, you all can’t stand the idea of government telling someone how much money they can make. But the government has an obligation to keep the country healthy, secure and financially stable. So yes, the government does have the right to tell a CEO that he’s not going to pay himself more money that his grandchildren can spend while his workers have to choose between rent and food for their children. That’s not an America that I can be proud of and if you can then you’re just as sick, twisted, greedy, and flat out stupid as the rest of the republican party.

        • Gee, it sounds like we need to redistribute the wealth. You know, like socialists. But then, of course, we would need a new Constitution…

  34. I regret to see the malice and one sided questioning of this debate and all of the other ones! I can see Ron Paul never gets asked serous questions! he is never given the time the other incombents get, and is simply ignored. I see Ron Paul as the only viable persion running for office, whome might have a chance of beating Oboma, The tellapromter lier, you do lie Oboma!!! Ron paul for president. The only one worth voting fore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What happens if Gingerich or Romney gets the nomination – and those of us who want Ron Paul vote for him even if we have to do it as a write-in candidate? I don’t like the idea of voting for second or third best instead of voting for THE best – Ron Paul! It seems to me that he has the courage to stand up for his convictions, and we should stand up for ours by voting for him regardless…because until the American people get the gumption to vote for what we each believe to be the best choice…all we’re going to have is the lesser of two evils. What do you think?

      • Mae,

        The solution to that is simple; Obama will be on the ballot. If you want to vote for the best then you’re all set.

        • Oh puke! Get real! If Obama is the best we’ve got, we’re in deep crap, in my opinion!He’s had three years to get something done – and what do we have? More Americans in poverty; two years running of unemployment around 9-10%, people losing their homes in foreclosure, and lots more distressing little statistics. Oh, but of course, that’s not Obama’s fault. Oh, of course not. It’s all the fault of those nasty Republicans. Well, baby, I’m not Republican or Democrat.In my opinion, Obama and Newt and Mitt all need to be tossed in the crapper, along with a lot of those in Congress. And that’s how I’ll be voting – with my first vote going for Ron Paul, the only respectable candidate we have…

      • Voting is not a right it’s a privilege. I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils, I see now that can be just as bad. If I can’t vote for Paul, I will just write him in. With all the missing ballots already can’t wait to see Florida’s outcome, sometimes can’t help to think the president is Obama I mean predetermined. In my fantasy world I wonder what kind of message it would send if all of us middle class America didn’t vote one year. Man that would be the year we’d be United these states, that would be a powerful message.

        • Oh my god George; you really are as stupid as I thought. I’m sorry I even wasted my time posting a reply to your response above. Voting is not a right? Really? Are you that uneducated? Are you really that stupid? Voting is not a privilege, it is a constitutional right in this country; furthermore is your patriotic duty to take part in our government. We are after all a government “Of the people, for the people and BY THE PEOPLE”. That’s why you have the RIGHT TO VOTE in this country you moron. I’m finished with you; you’re completely hopeless. No wonder you vote republican; you really are clueless. Thanks for proving how idiotic, incomprehensibly moronic, just straight up, out right, undeniably stupid republican voters really are.

          • Sharron
            Let me tell you something, we have a right to free speech. Just like you stooping down and way down to an adolescent level of juvenile name calling, you have a right to do that. Wow! Was a comment like that really necessary? You could have clearly stated your point with out the adolescent behavior. Free speech is a right and yet we are getting brutally attacked and arrested on Wall street and other areas as well and I am talking about innocent protesters. We have a right to vote, maybe back in the day that meant something. But look at the cheating, look at the expensive campaigning, the missing ballots and the list goes on. Look at what’s going on it is a damn comedy show going on here. We were stripped of our right to vote a long time ago. I use to be a truly dedicated voter, but now I just consider it a choice and if I choose not to vote so be it. If voting was such a right then how come a recount was not issues with all those missing ballots in Florida? And you call that a right, those individuals got stripped of their Constitutional right. A right should be truly protected under the constitution, correct? Then explain to me since you apparently have all the answers, why in hell is Congress, the Fed allowed to break several laws within the Constitution included not declaring war? What about all these Patriot Acts and NADD and SOPA and the list goes on. How bout the Fast and Furious, and why do the ones stepping up to the plate always get fired. Now we talk about the Fed and this chaotic Congress causing housing bubbles giving Banks our money and throwing nickles and dimes our way. What happened to all the missing loan money the billions the banks were to repay. Now the banks will not give out loans. All this chaos and you have the audacity to jump down my throw because I feel our supposedly Constitutional rights are being stripped and all we can do is sit back and vote for another crooked Republican or Democrat. Geesh, why don’t you wake up a read a book or something. Think about how you acted against me, how I responded. Now think about how the government is treating the majority of the people in this country. You know what Sherron, we really should be on the same team. I’m not against you, I am against a corrupt system that is stripping our liberty and our Constitutional rights. government! Understand our Constitutional rights are slowly being stripped away from us and that is very scary and their ain’t a thing that can be done.

          • Sharron, are you kidding me? Obama, one or two years ago was talking about pentalizing some of the companies that moved over seas. He was talking about increasing the tax on the imports, but China stepped in and said….. Anyway How bout the oil/drilling company in Texas 10 years ago that moved to one of those southern islands, they were getting taxed almost a quarter of their profits! Seagate also moved over seas to avoid getting taxed so much. I know it’s wrong, why do you think Romney has his treasurers hidden away in the Cayman islands. Not just the corporations but we as American citizens are also getting taxed too much, why do you think food prices increase so much? These companies are also getting taxed but they pass that on to us by raising the product. To invest in a company like stock is suppose to be our loan for a company to expand, it really angers me that you think it’s all right for the government to tax profits(awards) from us taking chances and having confidence in Corporations. Answer me one thing, why do you think we weren’t given some kind of debit card as a stimulus to boost the economy, instead the Banks got billions of our money. Can you honestly say that is fair? The government has a RIGHT to do as they please. Now the Banks just sit on the money, hello? What’s wrong with this picture? How come nobody persued the loan money that the banks were suppose to pay back, billions is missing? Oh, well! This is not a conspiracy, stop looking at biased news and educated yourself. You’re getting your facts mixed up on the Corporation tax. Even though they can still afford to pay the tax, they don’t want to that is the reason behind the moving overseas and down south and the reason for them seeking tax loop holes. You keep saying republicans!!!! I am not a republican, I am for Ron Paul and his constent ideas for 20 years and he is not about any of this trickle down mumble jumble talk you speak. Paul is about every individual’s freedom and liberty. Listen to reason, and reasearch the companies that left to avoid the high American tax. Whether right or wrong, something has to be done to bring these companies back into America. So now let’s get down to it since you continue to insult my intellegence. To be the president you have to be rich to win campaigning. Everytime I turn around Obama like Bush is on vaction or golfing. Obama holds some of Bush’s same war policies. End the war in Iran, strictly political, if it wasn’t he’d be removing all the other bases around the world and building our defense. People are critizing Paul on his foreign policy, but Obama in turn plans on cutting defense? Paul is all about a strong defense. Think about that what would you choose between the two to save money: a strong defense/weak offense or a strong Offense/weak defense? I don’t know about you but I’ll choose a strong defense, that there alone Paul shines above Obama. Look how many problems the Fed is causing and Paul is the only one trying to audit them. A petition was signed by Americans to audit the Fed and this current administration shot it down. Obama signed former Executive director and chief lobbyist of Monsanto to run the FDA. Monsanto makes it bad for farmers by making seeds that will never produce germinating seeds. So the farmers are indebt to Monsanto. So much about this crooked company it’s pathetic. Understand Sherron I’m not about conspiracies here these are true solid facts that I have read and researched. I have read a lot about Economics. The idea is to let the Economy run itself, this current Administration is spend happy. They want to be involved in every little thing. Democrats are millionaires just like the republicans. Obama, dag how can he be so arrogant and have all ready written two books about himself. So can you really tell me in good faith that Obama is the ticket to a glorified world where the Constitution will have meaning again? You appear to be all about the Constitution, of course you are, you have ripped me a new you know what for playing voting down. So tell me this, why would you vote for anybody accept for the Constitutionalist, Ron Paul? NOONE not even the president himself is following the LAW!! Our God given rights, our rights in the Constitution are being destroyed by Congress, the Fed and the Current Administration. The president is a stressful job, but this is our lives we are talking about, and for anybody to break laws in the Constitution should be impeached or prosecuted. We need a president that will follow the laws.

          • First of all George, it’s shErron not sharron. Second; what the hell post did you read? I never said it was right to give companies tax breaks to go over seas; I said that’s what they’re getting and personally it makes me sick. But guess what; that was your beloved republicans that did it. And what the hell are you talking about a war in Iran; there is no war in Iran. Now, Obama cutting defense is just another lie you’ve been fed from Fox News. Sean Hannity and Bill O’Riley are two of the most despicable piece of trash human beings that have ever graced the air. They don’t just twist words and take things out of context; they’ve actually been known to edit out pieces of video to make it appear that Obama said something he never said. Especially Hannity; he shouldn’t even be on the air after some of the stunts he’s pulled. Freedom of speech only goes so far man; when you’re responsible for reporting the news you’re responsible for reporting it accurately.

            As for the protesters; occupy or otherwise they have a right to say whatever they want. I’m with you there; it makes me sick to hear of one of them being arrested for a peaceful protest. But do the research and you’ll notice it’s always a republican mayor that has them arrested. The republicans are taking our country and tearing it apart. They don’t care about the constitution; they care about money and power. That’s it.

            As for loosing your rights; the democrats are not the ones trying to take away your rights. That again would be the republicans. They’re the ones trying to ban gay marriage; they’re the ones trying to impose Christianity of the rest of the country. Before you start whining about rights you need to understand the difference between taking your rights away and making sure your beliefs are not forced on others. Christians, especially republican Christians seem to think we have the freedom of religion unless our religion is not Christianity. It’s hypocrisy at its best. Our founding fathers did not found this country on Christian values. They founded it on the belief that all men are created equal and that everyone should have the freedom to live by whatever beliefs they choose.

            I know it feels like Christianity is loosing its hold on the country; that’s because it is. More and more people are starting to realize that it’s all a myth. That there is no god, no heaven and no hell. Religion is just a by product of ignorance. A feeble attempt to explain that which they couldn’t understand. Which at the time was all they could come up with. But now that we have the technology to explain those things people still cling to those ridiculous fables and fairy tales. And why? Fear, that’s why.

            Republicans make me sick; the majority of them don’t even live by the Bible; they just tell you all what you want to hear to get a vote. It’s pathetic that you fall for it. It’s even more pathetic that you still believe in some omnipotent force that has your entire life planned out for you; every little detail from how many children you’ll have to the exact date that you will die. An invisible being that created the universe in just 7 days. Listen to how insane that sounds. It’s no wonder you can’t see what republicans are doing to this country; you can’t even see the reality of how nature works. Do you really believe that every natural disaster was planned by one supreme being; and that he decides when you live or die, or which child gets cancer and which child is born with a silver spoon in its mouth.

            Wake up people; the only person that can control your life is you. There is no savior watching over you that’s going to make sure you get every thing you need just because you play to his ego. Jeesh! Until Christianity and every other religion is dead our country will never meet its full potential.

          • What!! No name calling today? Well this will make for a happy debate:)
            Okay SHERRON, I did spell it correct later in the conversation I think. You are so one sided it is pathetic — straight out of Obama’s mouth and not edited.
            Why do you think I’m Republican, I voted democrat all my life up until now. And HECK No did I and would I ever vote for a Bush or any of the other GOP except Paul. All the past presidents we’ve had Republican/Democrat have added to our country’s deficit (war and spending) up until this present day. You know what, the last decent president was JFK and unfortunately I wasn’t even around to witness. So stop saying I’m Republican, I chose the president who makes the most since for the current time. I know we need some drastic changes. Do you think all these presidents we’ve had obeyed the Constitution? Hell No, so my point is the get a president who will up hold the law. Obama is planning on cutting military and defense. And People badly criticize Paul’s foreign policy? Cutting defense is a big mistake, let me tell you. Military I can understand, but defense? Come on Sherron, Really? I really think you’re stuck on Democrat. Not stripping our rights, research carefully about our military and then the NADD. Will you wake up and get off the bipartisanship mumble jumble and look at individual’s track record and history. Look at Clinton he was a Democrat and signing that bogus NAFTA into law and then he had his share of wars. Heck, what about the war in Iraq (weapons of mass destruction)and all the bombing he did? Clinton started that probably to distract us from his pimpin up in the White House!
            Stop being one sided, Democrats and Republicans alike are full of you know what all the way back to one of a kind JFK. I do not associate myself with any parties, so don’t talk to me like I’m a kid. I do think for myself. I know Republicans have done some very bad things to hurt this country, just like the Democrats. Nobody’s putting thoughts in my brain, Obama keeps stating cuts himself. I don’t know to what extent he will cut but there still will be major cuts. The only candidate is actually a liberal or one of the true Republicans. I mean Paul is what Republicans use to be like. I’m curious what you have to say about your Obama now!!!! If you defend him now and still call me adolescent names, then I will know that you are not an open minded individual. Unlike you I give all candidates and current president a fair shake. I had faith in Obama, but he did not stand before Congress and veto responsively, gave us pennies while the Banks got billions and now billions to be returned is missing and now the Banks sit on the money. And then his continuing the bogus wars for all these years. Pulling the troops now is strictly political. Keep in mind the big battle with Congress about whether to keep our tax cuts will probably gone next year after he is reelected. So it’s not the fact that I can’t do for myself, it’s the fact that American’s hard earned money bailed out Corporate crooks!!!! and we got pennies and still are hurting. Your Obama clearly has no economics background and refuses to let the markets work on supply and demand. What a joke! I know a big if, but if Paul were to ever debate Obama(and you wouldn’t want that) one on one where he would get camera time, you would be surprised because the truth would hurt. So you keep thinking Democrats are superior, the reality is they are no better than Republicans.

  35. Who picked John King from CNN for moderator?! I’ve rarely seen a more unfair division of time or more disrespect shown for the senior on deck. Geeze did you see when the moderator John King tried to skip Ron Paul completely on the abortion issue?! I’m not a Ron Paul supporter yet but the level of disrespect shown this guy by the media seems to have no end. John King would never ever host another debate if it were up to me. King’s sins were many, intentional, disrespectful and just plain bad manners. CNN owes it to Rick S. and Ron P. to lead off the remaining debates with them and let Mitt R. and Newt G. raise their hands and fight to get a word in edgewise. CNN’s lack of fairness is extremely distracting and should be apologized for and remedied immediately. I never thought that I would be blogging against the media.

  36. Obama will be on the ballot, are you serious. The only hope we as Americans have is Ron Paul. No one likes to talk about Ron Paul because you can’t find any dirt on the man. So I agree with the Obama supporter do your research on all the candidates including Obama, and then tell us who you are in favor of then. If we do not really “CHANGE” America we are going to be in real trouble. End the Fed, repeal Obama/Romney Care, get away from the fat cats (Newt), and let’s vote for a president that will hold America to the constitution. People we are in bad shape here, and these overpaid politicians are killing us and we don’t even realize it. Ron Paul is the only one that has stated that he will only take a salary of I think 40,000 a year to be president, let’s see any of these if any of these others would do that. My pick if I only had to pick between the 4 RP for pres., and Santorum for VP. Thank you and let’s stay positive we can get this country back. I do like the idea that if RP does not get the nom that we middle class Americans skip voting, and go straight to DC and voice out against the corruptness you know we still have that right for now.

    • I ‘don’t’ like the idea of not voting. It’s your one chance to speak up instead of staying silently on the sideline while others make your choice for you. That’s partly how we got in this mess. People not voting. The other side of ‘not’ voting is voting. Your vote is your voice. Please use it. And when enough of us use our votes, our voices, to boot out the jerks in office now, then we will be heard, but not before…Please vote!

      • Sorry. Don’t just vote. Please vote by writing Ron Paul in if he’s not nominated. I know some states don’t permit write-ins – but they do see how many of the ballots had write-ins – like Herman Cain was written in on NH ballots even though he had dropped out.

  37. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Ron Paul is cut out of a lot of wide angle shots here. Whenever the camera panned out to catch more than just the person speaking, they seemed to keep three of the four candidates in the picture only. CNN may believe that Ron Paul isn’t a real candidate, and he very well may not be, but he’s still on that stage and as much care as possible should be given to not highlighting any particular candidate at the expense of others. If that’s what CNN wants to do, they should only bring the candidates they like to the stage.

    Case in point, at 1:35 John almost skipped giving Ron Paul his say until the crowd demanded it.

  38. ‘Until the crowd demanded it’. That’s the secret. The ‘crowd’ needs to demand better than Mitt and Newt by voting for Ron Paul regardless of what the media wants.

  39. My goal was not to offend anybody by saying that voting is not a right, by definition of course it is. But the research I did about the missing ballots in Florida and nothing was done about that, was a very frustration time for me. Several other areas had voter fraud as well. We just had some missing ballots in Iowa. Gingrich’s people forged several signatures for the Virgina ballot. When deceased people votes start to count, poll workers or somebody’s not doing their job and we have a flaud voting system! It’s not that I don’t care who runs our country, because I do. It’s just that I get pretty fed up with all the nonsense. And when a true law abiding Constitutionalist comes around, and hypocrites(No names mentioned, Sherron) can use laws in the Constitution against ME and yet defend the current president, his Administration, Congress, the Fed and let them continue to break major laws with in this very same Constitution (that Sherron has ripped me a new you know what), then that my friends is a sad day in hell.

    • The only people offended by the truth are those who don’t want to know the truth. Or those who seem to think our Constitution doesn’t apply to all of us; that it’s fine for the President, the Congress, and yes, the Fed, to violate it. Don’t worry about getting ‘ripped’. It’s just the Obama worshippers’ way of trying to bully others who don’t agree with them. Treat it as you would when training a dog not to bark: when it barks, just turn your back to it.

      • No Mae,

        It’s the intelligent getting sick and tired of the uneducated, unintelligent, moronic, religious fanatics voting in these crooked power hungry liars that want nothing more than tax breaks for the rich and to take more and more from the middle class. If you guys could just get a clue how the economy works you’d understand why you should never vote republican; any republican, unless you’re already filthy rich and just want to get richer.

        I’m so sick and tired of you guys listening to the lies the republicans are spewing and then voting on that. Do some research for yourselves, get a clue, then go vote. I promise you if you knew the truth about politics you’d never vote republican again. It’s just straight up stupid to vote against your own economic interests. Why would you do that? Why do you do that?

          Can we just stop all the name calling, I wonder if you will be calling your precious Obama any names? Have you even looked into Ron Paul’s history or his issues and policies? If you did you would understand he is an old school Republican. Look up what Republicans use to be. You are miseducated and no unlike you I did not say uneducated!! I believe we are all educated individuals on this blog! Anyway Old school Republicans were about good for the people and they stated just like Paul this is the people’s country and not the other way around. The president should represent the people and follow the constitution. So you think Obama is not breaking any Constitutional laws or you don’t care, because you are so affixiated on Democrat and Democrat and not the individual. I do know about all the feud between Republican and Democrat, but unlike you I am open minded and I search for facts not opinions from any party. I just ask you to look at individuals and weigh their unbiased good vs their unbiased bad.

        • Sherron, you are the biggest condescending, religious bigot I’ve ever seen! Please take your name calling and hateful remarks OFF this site. All your posts are extremely biased. You had your mind made up about republicans long before the debates. You clearly no nothing about how businesses run and how they effect the economy. You also have not seen a town bankrupted solely by Obama’s hand. And, to blame our current situation on any ONE party (or CEO’s) shows just how ignorant YOU are. Just b/c you are shouting “uneducated!” in everyone’s face doesn’t mean you are educated. I think you need to do a little more research on economics before you embarass yourself here any futher. A little respect for other’s beliefs wouldn’t hurt either…it just makes you look like a close-minded bigot when you insult someone’s core beliefs. Quit lumping everyone together (Christians, republicans, CEO’s). There’s a way to respectfully disagree Sherron. Have some class.

    • George,
      Why do you think nothing was done about the missing ballots in Florida. If Florida could run an election like it should be run then Al Gore would’ve been president instead of George Bush. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Once again republican corruption at its best.

  40. Wow, when I listen to these comments it really comes home.
    How did we ever get to be the strongest and wealthiest country in the world? If we are really honest, it was free enterprise and the american dream to succeed and
    work hard. Why is the Truth so hard to admit. And why is the Truth something that nobody wants to hear. Everybody has an opinion but Social welfare wasn’t there when I went to school. Noboby ever paid for my lunch in school. Nobody ever paid for my education or healthcare. And now
    I am expected to pay more taxes to pay for something I never received. We used to have Values and STANDARDS that we lived by. No more. So many double standards today. Where is the American Culture today? Do we even have one. It’s being slowly and deliberately trampled on daily. If we all have to depend on the Government to survive we have a very shakey future. If the government goes off the cliff we will too. Sorry let’s take our country back or there will be a Revolution just to survive.

  41. Oh my I followed the group that investigated the Florida missing ballots. All the trashed receipts did not match up correctly and nothing was done period. For the last time I’m not down with bipartisanship, unlike some people I do not need a party to tell me how to vote. I look at character and an individual’s history. I voted against Bush both times. Once again I voted against Bush both times. One more time?

  42. Valid observation — someone said the more you listen to Newt, the less you like him.

    And since he’s been talking endlessly, he should lose big in FL today. Without Newt in the running, Ron Paul’s message will have to be accorded greater exposure (instead of the Newt-Mitt dog-and-pony show that preempts air-time).

    Floridians — it’s up to you to make a difference today!



    • Rob, you need to check on how your States senators and representatives have voted in the past; maybe look for some You Tube videos of them. Google their performance ratings. I like this site. It seems trustworthy:…/congressional_performance; talk with neighbors and co-workers to see if they know anything about them. If it’s someone running for office for the first time, listen to their campaign ads, read their literature, find out all you can about them. If you’re a Christian, ask God for guidance and go vote.


  46. Interesting comments here — and some fearful attitudes.

    Do those of you on the attack — and/or being fiercely defensive — understand that, notwithstanding hungry predators, NO creature ever attacks another unless it perceives a threat?

    So — where do YOU perceive the threat? What do you FEAR?

    I’m not terribly political — it’s all just a game to me. But it’s fascinating to watch as everyone gets so BENT about this issue or that one, while deep down they know nothing fundamental in world affairs will ever change, until HUMANS fundamentally change.

    Do you understand you’re so unconditionally loved that you’re allowed to believe whatever you wish to believe — and to EXPRESS those beliefs — without Cosmic Sanction? You’re even allowed to believe you’re NOT so unconditionally loved, if you wish — BECAUSE so unconditionally loved you indeed ARE.

    And so is everyone else. Every THING else. No exceptions.

    So give a little — ALLOW

  47. Sorry, somehow I cut myself off above.

    I was saying . . .

    ALLOW yourself to believe what you wish, and ALLOW others to believe what THEY wish to believe, and stop fighting about it. Because that’s one battle you can never win.

    If everyone understood that, no matter how you try, you can never COERCE anyone else to believe what you believe — not through propaganda, not through intimidation, not through terror, not through viciousness nor maliciousness nor barbarism — and that everyone has the inherent RIGHT to believe what he or she CHOOSES to believe . . .

    . . . then, and ONLY then, will Humankind live in peace 🙂

    — Pat

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