GOP debate tonight from South Carolina on Fox News at 9pm ET

Fox News will be hosting the first traditional-style debate this week prior to the South Carolina primary coming up this Saturday. CNN will be airing a debate on Thursday evening also from South Carolina. Tonight’s debate is sponsored by Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and the South Carolina Republican Party. It will be held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center featuring five of the GOP hopefuls as they battle for South Carolina delegates and beyond.

Full Debate Video: Fox News/Wall Street Journal/SC GOP Debate Video

Air Time: Monday, January 16 at 9pm ET on Fox News

Participants: Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul

Report from

The preparations were right on schedule Friday at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center for the Fox News Republican Presidential Debate.

Crews have had plenty of time to get everything set up. They’ve been here since Monday.

“Right now, Fox News is finishing up the stage and the lighting, cameras and things like that,” said Paul Edwards, general manager of the convention center. “They’re probably really close to finishing their part. We should be able to put carpet down this afternoon, which another sub contractor’s in charge of that.”

Then, Edwards’ team could start doing the last bit of their job: setting up the 1500 chairs on the floor. Edwards said there’s nothing to be worried about right now.

This time around Rick Perry barely made the cut to join the stage with his GOP colleagues. Technically Perry meets the requirements set forth by Fox News, however, it is unlikely he’ll meet CNN’s requirements for Thursday evening’s debate but reports indicate CNN may let him participate anyway. See this report from The Hill for the details.


Official word that Jon Huntsman is dropping out of the 2012 race Monday morning and will be endorsing Mitt Romney. See this post for more details.

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  • DavidB

    “I am ashamed that i used to think like the mainline republicans and now I realize that it really was Americas foreign policies that incited 911.”

    Gary, you need to go and seriously educate yourself on Islam and it’s global ambitions, as does Ron Paul.

    Regardless how the USA behaves in the world, good or bad, ALL Muslims are commanded to conquer ALL lands.

    The ambition of Islam is a global caliphate with sharia as it’s law.

    • Christopher

      Last I saw we were over there conquering them; they were not over here attempting to conquer us. How out of touch are you?

    • ConcernedAmerican

      “Regardless how the USA behaves in the world, good or bad, ALL Muslims are commanded to conquer ALL lands.”

      “The ambition of Islam is a global caliphate with sharia as it’s law.”

      If this is so, then why in their 2,000 years of existence and us only here for 200 years do they decide to do it now? This is all war propaganda fed to you through lies. They only want to attack us for being on their holy land and trying to convert them to our society. How would Americans act if they came over with their military and told us “Your government is flawed, we don’t like the way you are running this, so we are going to change your whole way of living.”? Think about it, how would you react, and remember this is only been going on for the past 20 years or so, our forefathers haven’t been at war with the middle east. Hell even Reagan wasn’t at war with the middle east. Our country starts something, people hate us and fight back, then we call them terrorists. I would call that a flawed Foreign Policy! But people will keep believeing that our politicians couldn’t do that, and we as a country couldn’t do that, and the thought that maybe people just don’tlike us…. wow!! Remember we put Saddam in power, we helped Bin Laden gain power, then we just walk in and try to take over and they reject it so we go to war with them, but we fail the first time in taking out Saddam, wait a few years then we go in and do it right. Now what, Iran sure isn’t going to let us do to them what we did with Iraq so in self defense they threaten to close the Straight, do you expect anything different? I just don’t understand how people in this country can sit there and believe only what is fed to you by the media and not believe that “Hey, you know what we might be the most powerful nation in the world, but we can make mistakes sometimes. Let’s get out of this area, let things cool down and try to talk things through without a military presence there to incite them.” Imagine trying to solve an argument with somebody when your friend is standing there with a gun to his head, I don’t think talks are going to go so well!

    • Larry C

      David you really need to stop preaching GLENN BECK and look at this election this way. It’s 4 years that Ron Paul is asking for to set this country back on the right track…just 4 years..not 8 years like the other BIG government Republicans. We have the right to bear arms in this country and that will never be taken away from us…We as a people will have to have our guns taken away only through them prying our cold dead fingers from them could that happen. GET REAL..Islam can only do so much against a country armed like ours is. I’m positive that if ONE of our cities actually got bombed that Ron Paul would go to congress and we’d go BONZO on the country that took that action on us that way…be it IRAN or ANY country for that matter. The OTHER Republicans are just trying to keep us in the wars to keep us spending into oblivion…WAKE UP! We don’t have the money for more wars right now and we need to fix this country FIRST NOW!

  • M.D.T

    My Generation needs to WAKE UP! I mean really, are y’all truly serious? Or is the Ron Paul Campaign using the “COMMENTS” area to make others think he might actually have support. Just because he has supporters that NEVER leave their social networks, of course he is going to win polls like TWITTER’s. Let’s be honest, on the internet, there is a chance that every single Ron Paul supporter commenting on here is actually just one or two people posing as different users. This is the CONSERVATIVE PRIMARY! Yes he did get votes in New Hampshire but he would not survive a really conservative primary.

    In Response to Nathan:

    My husband farms and ranches and is hardly ever on a computer, his opinion is never polled, but he most definitely votes. Many, many conservatives are the same way. (Before you start with the comments on how we are illiterate because we choose not to let our lives revolve around computers, we both have a college degree and we are in our twenties). Ron Paul does not represent the majority of Texans and I can not understand how people can actually argue that he is the “only true conservative” running.

    Response to Sue:

    I loved the “Democrat” that felt the need to let us ALL know she was in favor of Ron Paul! I mean if that does not prove that Ron Paul is ” the most Conservative” I don’t know what would! (Just to let you know, I am being Sarcastic!). And you said , “Everyone I know likes Paul”. Is that because you are a democrat who’s so called conservative friends are really just NOT THAT CONSERVATIVE. I guess then I should probably mention that not one person I know can even fathom that anyone could actually support him. But probably like you, my friends tend to hold a lot of the same morals and principles I do.

    I LOVED when Perry said that Bret Baier would need a gong instead of a bell to interrupt Ron Paul! His voice is like nails on a chalkboard!

  • Freedom

    Dear ConcernedAmerican,

    Well Said.


    You are a moron and need to educate yourself. Your completely wrong by saying ALL. ALL u are doing DavidB is stereotyping. Gary are foriegn policy is to police the world. If anything ALL USA military is commanded to conquer ALL land by our corrupt government. David must live in a bubble.

  • Fox News put Ron Paul on the end podium even though he came in second in New Hampshire and third in Iowa beating Newt Gingrich in both.

  • RONPAUL2012!!!


    GO RON PAUL!!!

  • Jonathan

    Your assessment is what many Americans are feeling too with regards to dumping the Country on its head and much more, but with serious exception of your opinion being of Ron Paul not being the nominee or electable.

    The way our congress has secretly accepted the buy outs of congress seats from corporate monsters like (Lockheed-Boeing-Bain- Monsanto- Dow – making over 6 billion dollars for hiliary, kerry, mccain, obama, romney, newt, santorum, pelosi, ried, and about 38 more in congress) just in the last 6 years(Fact Check)

    and monster Monsanto who made a little under 3 billion for the same congress it is NO wonder that the country NEEDs to be dumped on its head. and in more cases than not, most need to be incarcerated.

    But what Americans have seen can not be unseen, and whats more exciting is that they do not trust anyone but Ron Paul to deliver and execute the task. Partly because he has never lied and is truly incorruptible..
    .(.30 sec fact check

    See, the cat is out of the bag, and it is a fire that will only be put out with truth and the GOP is sadly incapable of that long term. That is why my educated guess is Ron Paul by the people and not by the GOP or by Corporate corrupt buy outs.

    Think about that for a minute.

    See, if the Gop make’s Romnee the nominee, Paul knows he will still have 88% of the countrys vote if he did a third party (remember they are voting for truth and of course we respect our elders.) if that turns true then the Gop will lose. Then the corruption games will stop and the GOP cant live with that (Greed) so they want to seat their own puppet and ask Paul for his followers.

    That will never happen, we are Paul, and Paul is us. If Paul decided tomorrow to be a player of the typical games played in D.C. The GOP would nominate him at this hour. They would unseat the President and have their puppet. But we know Paul, he is not like that and that is why he has 88% of the Country behind him.

    Who else do you know who can and will continue to raise millions of dollars in $10′s, $20′s, $50′s and $100 dollar bills from ONLY people? Never Corporations. Mitt, Newt, Santour and perry tax returns will be very very shady. Paul’s will show that he did not take even a salary from tax payers much less millions in dirty money from corporations.

    You have not seen anything yet, Millions more in the next 2 months will be raised

  • DavidB


    “If this is so, then why in their 2,000 years of existence and us only here for 200 years do they decide to do it now?”

    You need to seriously review your history lessons. Do you not know anything about the crusades? You also need to educate yourself on the history of Islam and it’s driving ambitions of for world domination.

    Until you do this, you really are not in any position to comment further on this topic.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Really? Explain then please because I have studied my history pretty well, so please take the time to explain, to everyone reading, your knowledge in depth with us, references would be apprecited. :)

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Do Islam and Christianity have different origins?
      No. Together with Judaism, they go back to the prophet and patriarch Abraham, and their three prophets are directly descended from his sons Muhammad from the eldest, Ishmael, and Moses and Jesus from Isaac. Abraham established the settlement which today is the city of Makkah, and built the Ka’ba towards which all Muslims turn when they pray.

      What is the Ka’ba?
      The Ka’ba is the place of worship which God commanded Abraham and Ishmael to build over four thousand years ago. The building was constructed of stone on what many believe was the original site of a sanctuary established by Adam. God commanded Abraham to summon all mankind to visit this place, and when pilgrims go there today they say ‘At Thy service, O Lord’, in response to Abraham’s summons.

      Just incase you try to discredit me, here is the information I know. Now you can prove your point which was saying mine was wrong!

    • ConcernedAmerican

      You also mentioned the crusades, which were Christian led wars to force Christianity on the people.

      Crusade Dates of Crusade Crusades Timeline of Events
      First Crusade 1096 – 1099 The People’s Crusade – Freeing the Holy Lands. 1st Crusade led by Count Raymond IV of Toulouse and proclaimed by many wandering preachers, notably Peter the Hermit
      Second Crusade 1144 -1155 Crusaders prepared to attack Damascus. 2nd crusade led by Holy Roman Emperor Conrad III and by King Louis VII of France
      Third Crusade 1187 -1192 3rd Crusade led by Richard the Lionheart of England, Philip II of France, and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I. Richard I made a truce with Saladin
      Fourth Crusade 1202 -1204 4th Crusade led by Fulk of Neuil French/Flemish advanced on Constantinople
      The Children’s Crusade 1212 The Children’s Crusade led by a French peasant boy, Stephen of Cloyes
      Fifth Crusade 1217 – 1221 The 5th Crusade led by King Andrew II of Hungary, Duke Leopold VI of Austria, John of Brienne
      Sixth Crusade 1228 – 1229 The 6th Crusade led by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II
      Seventh Crusade 1248 – 1254 The 7th Crusade led by Louis IX of France
      Eighth Crusade 1270 The 8th Crusade led by Louis IX
      Ninth Crusade 1271 – 1272 The 9th Crusade led by Prince Edward (later Edward I of England)

      The Crusades were a series of Holy Wars launched by the Christian states of Europe against the Saracens. The term ‘Saracen’ was the word used to describe a Moslem during the time of the Crusades. The Crusades started in 1095 when Pope Claremont preached the First Crusade at the Council of Claremont. The Pope’s preaching led to thousands immediately affixing the cross to their garments – the name Crusade given to the Holy Wars came from old French word ‘crois’ meaning ‘cross’. The Crusades were great military expeditions undertaken by the Christian nations of Europe for the purpose of rescuing the holy places of Palestine from the hands of the Mohammedans. They were eight in number, the first four being sometimes called the Principal Crusades, and the remaining four the Minor Crusades. In addition there was a Children’s Crusade.

      I think you are the one who needs to do their history my friend!

  • All you did was copy and paste this website and pretend like you knew it.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      First I have a job, second yes I was asked for a resource and pasted it here, is that your arguement that I pasted a source? You are not defending anything instead of attacking me of producing evidence. Please if you can provide something that backs your arguements please provide it as well, instead of just trying to knock me, because I don’t care personally about your attacks, I said I knew from research and supplied it. My only mistake was not citing that as my source, you got me there, and I apoligize for not doing so, but it is true and you have not denied that either. So please I would ask you to provide proof for your arguement. Thank you.

  • Darryl

    We’ve been ABUSED as voters by these Politicians. The typical ABUSED “voter” would much rather live in a “FAILED” economy as long as they get a leader who “appears” strong and “says” what they “need-to-hear”.

    The ABUSED voter becomes the “scared little kids” who NEED a strong “father figure” in the house — even if he’s a drunk ABUSER. The ABUSED voter, then, cannot stand living in a healthy household with a “traditional, older, more stable” father figure (Ron Paul) because they have NO Idea what “healthy” means.

    The ABUSED voter has been so ABUSED by the Politicians, and they are now so acclimated to the ABUSE, that they “cannot understand or perceive” a society or an economy that is “healthy”. Thus, the ABUSED voter then “joins-in” with the ABUSER “mindset” and they begin to ABUSE Ron Paul publicly.

    Ron Paul is WAY TOO “Independent” for the ABUSED voter’s psyches to handle. The ABUSED voter would rather a Romney/Newt/Obama who exemplify the strong “father” leader who makes “everything (appear) okay” by “saying” what they “need-to-hear”, even though the ABUSER is NOT telling them the TRUTH.

    It’s all perception as usual.

    The INDEPENDENT intellects perceive Ron Paul to be a good leader.

    The DEPENDENT “scared” little children perceive Romney/Newt/Obama to be a good leader.

  • Gary

    I do not argue that they desire to take over the world. In fact, through our liberal policy of political correctness they are infiltrating our country, reproducing rapidly and legislating themselves into dominance. I maintain that I was ignorant when I supported pre-emptive wars and global military installations to protect us. I realize now that it is breaking our bank and pissing everyone else off there by inviting attack. Try to understand this, understand how you feel when a big entity such as a corporation or local government unfairly takes what is rightfully is yours.

    • Darryl


      It’s great that you “woke up”, but it wasn’t just the Liberal Policies of “political-correctness” which infiltrated our Country to bring about the “Sheeple” mindset. It’s was also the Neo-Conservative LIES, “spread and spun” by the “compliant, non-questioning” Media, that are about to bring about the Economic DECIMATION of the United States of America.

      The Tragic Event on the Cruise Ship, which happened this past weekend, will become an “Every Man For Himself” Scenario in America for this year 2012. Europe is collapsing, but the A$$HOLE$ in the Media, aren’t even covering it. And all the GOP Candidates aren’t talking about it, except for Ron Paul.

      The Liberals were successful in making everyone “Politically Correct”. The Neo-Cons were just as successful in filling everyone with “Fear”. The “Perfect Storm” is now upon us. The “Sheeple” can’t say that Ron Paul didn’t WARN them…

  • Larry Dean

    I believe that the Constitution is hanging by a thread, but Romney will save the country. Obama, on the other hand, is working to establish a caliphate and the river of the blood of white Christians will be flowing though the streets of America as soon as he gives the order.

    • Neville

      Larry Dean,

      You “believe that the Constitution is hanging by a thread, but Romney will save the country” ??

      The same Romney that proudly declares that he supports the NDAA, believes that the POTUS has the right to indefinitely detain American Citizens without trial, and believes that the POTUS has the right to issue assassination orders against American citizens?

      You believe THAT is the Romney that will save the country??

    • Lorenzo Horalek

      “Constitution hanging by a thread” is a coded message to Mormons about the “White Horse Phophecy.” Glenn Beck, a Mormon, references this often, as does fellow Mormon and LDS Bishop, Senator Orrin Hatch HERE

      But to those familiar with the White Horse Prophecy, it was an unmistakable signal.

      The phrase is often attributed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon Church. Smith is believed to have said in 1840 that when the Constitution hangs by a thread, elders of the Mormon Church will step in — on the proverbial white horse — to save the country.

      “When the Constitution of the United States hangs, as it were, upon a single thread, they will have to call for the ‘Mormon’ Elders to save it from utter destruction; and they will step forth and do it,” Brigham Young, Smith’s successor as head of the church, wrote in 1855.

      This should scare the H out of any Christian thinking of supporting Romney.

  • FWF


    I have had no problems whatsoever watching the debates live streamed by CNN, ABC, etc. I also had no problem watching the Fox/Google co-partnered debate. But I could not pick up the livestream of last night’s Fox debate at all. It was very disappointing. I wonder what the problem was.

    Thank you for putting up the You Tube video so I can watch it unlive, so to speak.

  • Helen Wallace

    I shivered with both anger and disgust last night as Dr. Paul said that a major foreigh policy problem is that we don’t follow the Golden Rule. Don’t do to other nations what we don’t want to have them do to us. We bomb other countries that have never attacked American and we wonder why they hate us.”

    Then he was booed by the crowd. I fear our party has become a bunch of bloodthirsty war mongers.

    The Neocons need to go.

  • Neville

    At what point do you think Romney will realize that he was on stage arguing for someone to put a “bullet in the head” of Barack Obama? This man needs to think before he speaks, or he needs to learn basic logic, or both.

    • Darryl

      Warren Buffet – a Despicable American!

      Warren Buffett is the “poster child” for Corporate Greed, Bank Bailouts and the implicit endorsement of Global WAR through his backing of 2012 Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. Buffett should be ashamed of himself and should be blacklisted by ALL the American people.

  • William C. Perry Sr.

    Should, illegal immigrants, receive social security, medicare, medicaid, or disability, if they haven’t paid into the America system, which depletes our funding. Some American’s who have worked their entire life, has a problem receiving benefits which, they paid into, fought, for a number of years and denied, services!