Video: Watch the full Oct. 11th Bloomberg GOP debate from New Hampshire

Below you can find the entire video of the Republican debate held at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, on October 11th, 2011. The debate was sponsored by Bloomberg, The Washington Post, and WBIN-TV. The focus of this debate was primarily the economy and jobs which were the only topics discussed during the 2 hour broadcast.

Original Air Time: Tuesday, October 11th at 8pm ET on Bloomberg Television

Candidates: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Here is the entire 2 hour debate video courtesy of Bloomberg Television:

Report from Bloomberg:

Former pizza executive Herman Cain sought to capitalize on his rise in opinion polls by repeatedly promoting his 9-9-9 tax plan at a debate focused on the economy, as other Republican presidential candidates derided it as impractical and criticized each other’s credentials.

Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who is the party’s frontrunner, navigated through repeated attacks from his opponents, including Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is struggling to reignite his candidacy.
The debate tonight showcased disputes among the candidates on a range of economic issues, including Chinese currency, housing loans, job creation and the possibility of future bailouts should the nation face another economic crisis.

The session was viewed as especially important for Cain, 65, and Perry, 61. Cain’s polling gains have reshaped the primary race and created a new challenge for Perry as he tries to regain ground he has lost to Romney.

The debate moderated by Charlie Rose at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, and sponsored by Bloomberg News and the Washington Post put the candidates in direct conflict over their plans for turning around an economy with an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent.

The round table format of this debate was especially leveling and I felt brought the topics more in focus as well. There was more substantive discussion and less bickering over topics we’ve heard a dozen other times. Overall I’d give Bloomberg a “B+” for this format making it an informative yet entertaining 2 hours.

73 comments to Video: Watch the full Oct. 11th Bloomberg GOP debate from New Hampshire

  • Kathy

    In the video clip, David Cote, CEO Chairman of Honeywell, stated there are 20 billion competitors. Funny, the entire world population is only 6.97???

    Too bad the candidates can’t get a chance to finish their sentences without the moderators interrupting them and badgering them with new questions, completely off the original subject.

    The 9-9-9 plan would be a disaster for retired and unemployed people. I am retired and live in Oregon where there is no sales tax, and with my write-offs from charitable donations and tithes, I still end up owing the Federal government and am just barely able to make ends meet. If I had to pay a full 9% on my income, plus pay 9% on everything I buy, I would probably be forced to sell my house, because I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet. I hope Cain does not win. He would hurt the elderly and low-income families.

    Perry is not a good talker, but I like what he stands for. He is a good Christian man, he governs the great state of Texas where there is job growth, and he would get America back to using its own energy resources and becoming independent from Middle Eastern nations. He did make a mistake with the mandatory vaccines, which he admitted was wrong.

    Newt Gingrich has the most knowledge and experience as former speaker of the house. He would make Obama cry in a presidential debate, even with his teleprompter.

    Michelle Bachmann is very knowledgeable as well, but has made a mistake in relentless and petty attacks on Perry. It took the focus off of her positive attributes and caused people to become irritated with her.

    I pray that the best man or woman wins the presidency, because Obama is the worst president yet, with Carter placing 2nd worst. He has weakened America and appointed people to positions of power who want to take us to Socialism.

    • TC

      Agreed on the 9-9-9 disaster. To have a federal sales tax would immediately increase the price on the goods, and the people who would get hit the hardest are 1. the poor, and 2. anyone with savings in the bank who might need to spend that savings in the future. So I suppose Cain would have to increase government subsidies to people on food stamps. Not that I’m in favor of welfare programs, but it seems that that 9-9-9 would only increase poor peoples’ dependence on the government.

      Is it just me, or does 9-9-9 seem to be marketed as a kind of way to patch up the real problems in Washington, which is, the irrational spending on things that don’t pay back. Anyone read the headline today about Karzai stating he would side with Pakistan in a war against the US? Let’s guess who Iraq would side with.

  • Mary

    Response to illegals;Don’t let them work in (MY) yard????

  • Mark

    I will take experience coupled with true knowledge, please.
    Romney-reminds me of Clinton…slick and always mindful to say just
    the “right” things that he thinks people want to hear
    Perry-not well spoken….rattled too easily.
    Bachman-don’t care….too into herself….she’s a mother….so what
    Huntsman-not a prayer……go ahead and go home
    Santorum-whiny…..cry-baby… ruined your chances by being you
    Paul-unfortunately you are too late…..if you were running in the 1960′s I’d really take a look at you
    Cain-you should have run in 2008….sorry, America is too freaked out by our first African-American President….I know, sounds racist but it’s the truth.
    Gingrich-and I almost can’t believe I’m saying this but……he’s the one. He is the smartest, best spoken, calmest and most important…..HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS TRULY BEEN ON THE INSIDE OF THE REAL WASHINGTON. ALL OTHERS HAVE STOOD ON THE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT, HE’S ACTUALLY LIVED IN THE NEST.
    Now…….let’s all be honest here, please. The best looking of this bunch will win. It comes down to that unfortunately.
    God help us all……….we’re gonna need it.

    • SB

      I agree with you there. I like Ron Paul also, but Gingrich seems to be the most intelligent and mature of the bunch, and like you said he’s got the best experience and knows the real Washington. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to base your vote on debates and media coverage because the coverage is so skewed and only focuses on two or three candidates and does not give everyone a fair shot. I think Gingrich is the one but I’m going to read up on everyone’s stances on the issues.

  • SB

    I love watching debates, but part of this infuriates me- it seems like the only people who have a chance to talk are Cain, Romney, Cain, Romney, Cain, Romney, over and over and over. I would like to hear more from the other candidates. I’ve heard 9-9-9 explained a hundred times in the two debates I’ve had the opportunity to watch. It is ridiculous that they are spending so much time focusing on this one subject. There is so much more they can talk about, and I would like to see a FAIR debate where everyone gets an equal chance to talk, not just Romney and Cain.

  • carl

    is anyone having trouble watching the oct 11 debate; i am; there is no arrow in the picture to click on