Submit questions to September 22nd Fox News/Google GOP debate

September is a crowded debate month for the 2012 Republican candidates. On September 22nd, the candidates will meet in a match up sponsored by Fox News, Google and the Florida Republican Party. This debate will be a similar format to the “CNN/YouTube” debate we witnessed during the 2008 elections where candidates took questions from citizens via video.

Air Date: Thursday, September 22nd at 9pm EST on Fox News

Submit Questions: Fox News/Google Debate

Report from Lost Remote:

Fox News and Google will host a September 22nd debate with questions submitted by voters on YouTube. There are some other interesting Google elements, as well: voters will be encouraged to vote up or down their favorite questions using Google Moderator. “Many of the top-voted [questions] will be put straight to the candidates to answer,” explains Google’s Steve Grove on the company blog.

That has to be the first time I’ve seen any TV connection to Google Moderator, and Google also says it plans to wrap in its public data and search trends on air “to give greater context to the questions,” explains Grove. “The result—an informative dialogue about the future of our country centered on the issues you care most about.”

“For access to news and information, it’s hard to imagine two more powerful brands than Fox News and Google,” said Fox’s Michael Clemente. “The strength and reach of both should ensure a thorough and engaging debate that anyone can participate in.”

Fox News’ YouTube channel is accepting questions now. The debate will air — and stream live on YouTube and — on Sept. 22 from 9:00-11:00 p.m. ET.

This format has some advantages such as the entertainment value, however, there was a lot of silly questions via YouTube back in 2008, lets hope this time around yields some better results.

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  • William Titus

    We’ve heard Mr. Obama use the term “their fair share” repeatedly. This code word for the progressive, graduated income tax is a pillar of Communism. Our nation has adopted, in varying degrees, many of these “pillars” of Communism. Which of the candidates support a flat tax, a fair tax or more of this graduated income taxation?

  • Terry C.

    Why do we continually waste money by sending it to countries that do not even believe the same things we do about humanitarian issues, and democracy? we send money to pakistan and palestine and then I watch them threaten to do us harm and burn our flags. This is just plain stupid.


    To candidates Governors Romney and Perry,

    What do you think Ayn Rand would say of President Obama’s establishing a “class warfare” by taxing higher the most successful producers of this country and briefly explain Marxism?


  • John B.

    Ron Paul, under your administration what would be the key responsibilities of the federal government?

  • To Gov. Perry The majority of americans have lost confidence and trust with politicans. Will you being an Aggie, take and represent The Aggie Code of Honor to Washington if you make it to the White House? ( aggie code of honoe—an aggie does not lie,cheat or steal, or tolorate those who do )


    To all candidates,
    It’s obvious that the Democratic controlled Senate are setting up the Republicans for the 2012 election by deliberately shelving all bills originated by the Republican controlled House. I’m sure it’s a concern of any candidate about the accusations of the “do nothing congress”, where in actuality the Democratic controlled Senate is the “do nothing senate”. What have you done in your campaign to set straight the verbal attacks by the incumbent president and the left?


  • James

    To All Cabdidates – Name a major issue not discussed you feel deserves the public’s attention?

  • Jack

    The next president likely will not have a filibuster proof Senate and a majority in the House of Representatives in his favor. There are a number of steps that can be taken to help the economy, but in order of most to least important what are the three most important actions the next president can take to most dramatically improve the unemployment rate and how do you think each will contribute to that result?

  • Bob Tripp

    Mr Kain – Solution to our unemployment and energy independence – Give loans to GM, Ford and Chrysler in return for stock or options. They start by building fuel effient vehicles hybrids and electric Jeeps, buses, trucks, locomotives etc. the armed forces could be their first customers.

  • James Kay

    My question to all the candidates is “Manufacturing has been a vital part of the economic success of the United States yet continues to deteriorate to its current sad state of just 12% of GDP. Part of the reason is our balance of trade deficit. We import by a ratio of 5 to 1 more than we export. The biggest importer is China, a communist country, who is also our largest creditor. If you were president what would you do to increase manufacturing in the United States.”

  • Rich Julason

    Why isn’t consideration being considered in undoing the government unified budget which was adopted by the Johnson Administration in 1968. This change resulted in a single measure of the fiscal status of the government, based on the sum of all government activity. The surplus in Social Security trust funds offsets the total debt, making it appear much smaller than it otherwise would. What the Johnson Administration did was allow the Federal government to go deeper in debt without being challenged.
    I would like to hear each candidate opinion on the consideration which would include recreating the separate and fenced Social Security Program combined with increase in the maximum upper limit dollar amount to which payments for the fund would be taken. This would allow the fund to grow over time and become more solvent rather than be continuous support the overall Federal Budget. To provide for growth from the fund surplus a percentage of the funds would be placed in the hands of investments firm would receive payment for their service based upon fund performance. This approach would provide for an addition revenue source in addition to incoming taxes. Another consideration to enhance revenue for Social Secuirty would the implementation for a National Lottery with 50% of the funds being deposited into the Social Security Program
    The legislation which would change the Social Security Program must be written to preclude and prevent any further effort to recreate the unified budget. This would insure Social Security Funding for many years to come.

  • Do you believe in Term limit for all elected officials, the removal of the current foolish retirement and pension plans (according to most it is the retirement and pension plans that are bankrupting everything) and if convicted of a felony all benefits are lost for elected officials?

  • DB

    Frankly I wish someone would ask a ‘SPECIFIC’ question regarding what is considered to be a FAIR SHARE. There have been countless speeches by politicians, and comments by the talking heads on the media and yet noone has yet definied what a ‘FAIR SHARE’ actually is.

    I personally don’t consider a TAX SYSTEM fair, where 30% of the population pays 90% of the taxes. With that in mind….what kind of tax system would the candidates envision or favor that would be FAIR, and state publicly what the ACTUAL barriers are to making the change to that type of tax system. Bet they all have too many lobbyists already lined up that would refuse to embrace such a change.

  • DB

    Question for Rick Perry – You said during the last debate that you favored in state tuition for illegal immigrants and cited the basis as it wasn’t THEIR fault that they had been born here or brought here by a parent that came into this country illegally.
    1) What other social, medical and educational grants and benefits would you favor for those in this country that are non-citizens and
    2) Would you also support and favor these same benefit programs and in-state tuition for students who were residents and citizens from other States?

  • joshua miller

    Question for Newt Gingrich. You voted to establish the dept of education. You supported the WTO. You supported more excecutive powers during the Clinton years even wanting more troops in Bosnia. Why should I as a libertarian support you?

  • John Doe

    1. Is mass media the reason the market is on a weekly swing? Does mass media’s hourly reporting cause people and investors to panic?

    2. I live on the border where there’s always been high unemployment, but the jobs that are here are illegal(drugs and guns). It seems that drugs and guns are the only thing making money. My question is to Perry, ” Are drugs and guns the modern day gold rush?”

    3. In todays business there are so many obstacles and regulations that some businesses break even before they get started. The only people that can start a business are corporations. And when someone cant start a business because it will cost millions of dollars, that to me is not the American Dream. My question is, “Has Capitalism turned into a Ponzi scheme?(The rich keep getting richer)”

  • joshua miller

    To Rick Santurom. I recently googled you to learn more. The first result I got was a crude sexual definiton. Why?

  • Charles Groves

    I would like to know where the candidates stand on the Patriot Act, and their view of it’s constitutional implications. Bachman and Santorum have actually voted in the positive on related bills. Most of the field is unclear on this Constitutional issue.

  • Andrew Scott

    Fox states they have adopted the moro, “fair and balanced”. Please prove this to the American public by letting us know how many questions have been written for each candidate and at the end of the debate please ask the candidates if they believe the debate was in fact “fair and balanced”. Thank you.