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What Democrats Risk By Pushing Impeachment (Part 1)

Many Democrats have been angered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because she has refused to lead a fight for the impeachment of Donald Trump....
Elizabeth Warren Trump Impeachment

Where Does The Impeachment Train End For Democrats?

In all likelihood, the impeachment train will continue limping along as an undercurrent during the entirety of the Democratic primary. However, does it really...
Elizabeth Warren 2020

Elizabeth Warren Gains Ground In Three New Polls

It's no secret that Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been struggling to gain traction in the 2020 Democratic primary. Once a favored darling of many...
Trump 2020 Democrats impeachment

Does Impeachment Talk Help or Hurt 2020 Democrats?

There is a split in the 2020 Democratic field over whether or not to openly support or call for President Trump's impeachment. The basis...
2020 Democratic Candidates

Here’s Where the 2020 Democratic Field Stands Today

With Vice President Joe Biden officially joining the 2020 Presidential campaign in pursuit of the Democratic nomination to challenge President Trump, here is where...
Beto O'Rourke 2020

Warren Falls While O’Rourke Becomes 2020 Flavor of the Month

Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and progressive activist, has been slowly fading in terms of her 2020 star power. A seriesĀ of missteps recently,...

2020 Democratic Primary Poll: Sanders 28, Biden 17, Warren 12

A Democratic primary poll released today by Zogby gives Bernie Sanders the early lead when it comes to which candidate should battle President Trump...