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Could We Have a Real Trump-Biden-Amash-Ventura Race in 2020?

This is, indeed, an unusual year, even without considering Covid-19. It may go down as the year third parties broke the two-party...

Could We See Justin Amash Run Third-Party in 2020?

Justin Amash was the only Republican who has dared to stand up to Donald Trump. And, so, he had to leave the “Trump Party.”...

Could We See Romney-Bloomberg in 2020?

In our previous article, we discussed a possible Donald Trump-Tulsi Gabbard 2020 ticket and remembered the attempted 2008 John McCain-Joe Lieberman ticket. Now we...

Tulsi Gabbard Third Party Independent Run Becomes Possible

Even though she won't make it on the November debate stage unless something changes before the deadline, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is still making...
Justin Amash Donald Trump 2020

Justin Amash May Run for President as a Libertarian

Reader Starchild asked if we cover third-party candidates. Well, if they make news, we do. Mostly, what we do here is scan all forms...

Jill Stein “in a Nutshell” (Sorry, Couldn’t Resist)

We haven’t said much about Jill Stein in these pages because, well, nobody cares. But we’re trying to be fair, so we picked...

McMullin Gaining on State Ballot Access

A few weeks ago, we reported that former CIA agent, Evan McMullin, announced that he was going to make an independent run for president....

Jill Stein Reshaping Ralph Nader’s Green Party

For older people, Green Party is best known as being the “Ralph Nader Party,” and it’s only time in the sun (so to speak)...

The Constitution Party Makes a Play for the ‘Cruz Crew’

People are looking for options this year. The major parties have both nominated candidates with the highest unfavorable ratings in history. We’ve...

Stein is Running to Build the Green Party Future

Third Party/Green Party Candidate Jill Stein is making no apologies. She’s going after Bernie Sanders supporters. The effort is being somewhat hampered...

There Already is a Third Party for Cruz and Others

There’s a lot of talk about Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and how he’ll have to be talked into supporting Donald Trump. ...