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President Will Sign Tax Reform Bill Before Heading South

The President will sign his tax reform package sometime this morning to cap off what has been a bizarre and entertaining year in politics....

GOP Tax Plan Details

The GOP tax plan is being unveiled today after weeks of snarling and fighting within the party of what to include and what to...

Republican Senator: No, I Would Not Vote For Trump Again

The feud between Senator Bob Corker and President Trump reached epic proportions this morning as the Senator from Tennessee continued to wratchet up his...

Video: Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders Debate Tax Reform

Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Bernie Sanders appeared in a CNN debate on Wednesday night over the topic of tax reform and taxation in...

Blue State Republicans Hate Trump’s Tax Plan

The tax reform train is slowly moving forward for Republicans, but the snags once again are coming from within the party. This time, it's...

Perpetual Gridlock is Now Status Quo

Republicans control the House, Senate, and White House, yet they can't get much accomplished. Democrats are running opposition now, and have assumed the role...
Trump Tax Plan

Trump Tax Plan Set for Slowed Timetable

The Trump tax plan, which was being pushed as something that could be passed by this August, now appears to be in jeopardy. Tax...