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Ralph Northam racist photo

Battle Against Racism and Sexism Marches Into Presidential Politics

There’s an old Chinese saying, “may you live in interesting times.” Only the “interesting” is used in the same way as if someone asks...

Ted Cruz Still in the News

Yes, Ted Cruz’ “non-endorsement endorsement” of Donald Trump is “last week’s news,” but Cruz has made headlines since then, which is what he always...

Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump

Suddenly “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz thinks Donald Trump is OK, after all. Cruz seemed to have ended his political career at the Republican Convention,...

Donald Trump’s Power of Positive Thinking

We’ve talked about the “great divide” between the political parties. This year is greater than ever, because the candidates even think differently. ...

What if Donald Trump Just Quits the Presidential Race?

Young people think there was never anything like Donald Trump. There was. In 1992, a wiry rascal billionaire named Ross Perot decided...

Daily Caller Says GOP Should Negotiate Surrender

As we have said elsewhere, it’s impossible to keep the presidency from being a political volley ball. So much depends on what the...

Evan McMullin for President! (Wait, who?)

A new “candidate” has arisen to challenge Donald Trump. Politico says, “Evan McMullin, the former chief policy director for Republicans in the U.S....

With Party Infighting over Trump, Hillary Courts Weary GOP

The past few days have terrible if you work for the Trump campaign or the Republican National Committee. With the ongoing media saga between...

August Begins: Campaign News Round-Up

From time to time, there are stories that probably don’t deserve our full attention. So let’s throw a bunch of them together in...

It’s the ‘Battle of the Reality Show Billionaires’

One of the sideshows of this year’s presidential campaign circus is “The Battle of the Reality Show Billionaires.” Donald Trump has leveraged his...

Trump is Everywhere. So Why Would He Need Campaign Funds?

Whether it’s good news or bad news, there’s no such thing as “no news” about Donald Trump. And that may be why he’s not...

Why the ‘NeverTrump’ Movement Pushes Back

Of course, Democrats don’t want you to vote for Donald Trump. But one of the most conservative magazines, The Federalist, has seven reasons...