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Jeb Bush to Officially Launch 2016 Exploratory Committee

In the surest sign yet that Jeb Bush is seriously considering a 2016 presidential run, the former Florida Governor, and brother of President George...

Rick Santorum launching 2016 presidential campaign

With an eye on tradition, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is hoping that 2016 could be his year. Having won the Iowa caucuses in...

Based on the numbers, who is the most likely GOP nominee?

Well, numbers and a little guessing. At this point, with the Republican field so wide open, any guess is as good as the next....

Conservatives move to derail a Jeb Bush run in 2016

It's no secret that Jeb Bush holds several views outside of the mainstream within the Republican Party base. The topics of immigration, education, and...

Ben Carson hires campaign manager, launches PAC

One of the few who hasn't denied any interested, he's simply stated that he needs time to consider the prospects of launching such an...

Michele Bachmann hints at possible 2016 run

Because you need something to talk about and Michele Bachmann needs her name in the press again for some reason. Worth noting, I didn't...

Rick Perry openly preparing for 2016 run

Though he has not yet officially committed, he has stated that he is clearing the path for a run if he does decide to...