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First Trump-Biden Debate: Topics, Start Time, How to Watch

The first 2020 Presidential Debate is scheduled to take place next week on Tuesday, September 29. President Donald Trump will meet former Vice President...

Trump Skips Presidential Debate Prep. Does it Matter?

The insinuation from various media outlets writing about this topic implies that formalized debate prep, where a stand-in would play the role of former...

Will Trump Really Skip the 2020 Presidential Debates?

Donald Trump, as a candidate, and as a president has often been called "unpredictable" by many reporters and analysts. However, if you observe the...

Jill Stein to be at—and Maybe IN—First Debate

Jill Stein will be at the first presidential debate! Well, she’ll be outside, but she’ll be at the building. Her supporters may...

Clinton and Trump Agree to All Three Presidential Debates

There had been speculation in recent days whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would try to avoid the debates coming up in September and...

What if Gary Johnson Makes the Presidential Debates?

Former Governor Gary Johnson (R-New Mexico) became the Libertarian Party candidates for president last week, sparking a new discussion about the relevance of a...