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Jimmy Carter Offers to Help Donald Trump

Bipartisanship is not dead. But it’s surprising to see these days. Former President Jimmy Carter has offered to go to North Korea to help...

Conservatives Nervous About Trump-Kim Summit

The media are filled with reports and praise of Donald Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un. However, the Weekly Standard questioned Trump’s curious admission: “I...

Does Donald Trump Deserve The Nobel Peace Prize?

Apparently if you ask that question to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, the answer would be in the affirmative. The reason for his answer...

President Trump Accepts Meeting With Kim Jong Un

It was announced on Thursday that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has extended an invitation to President Trump for a face-to-face...

A New and Unique Proposed Solution for Korea

If you’re familiar with our site, you know that we scan a wide range of media to find issues to bring you to discuss....

North Korea Festers While Trump Feuds With Senate

While the President and a Sitting United States Senator, in the President's own party, are embroiled in a twitter feud, the North Korea situation...

North Korea, Part One: Trump = Obama

We had a recent complaint that some of our stories are way too long. Therefore, this complicated discussion of the North Korea situation...

Searches for ‘World War 3’ Spike in Past 24 Hours

As we noted previously, you can learn a lot about national sentiment from exploring Google Trends. Just type in a search term and you...

Trump Swings at North Korea; Russia and China Urge Calm

The typical response from the United States to threats coming from the North Korean regime have been fairly muted over the past couple decades....

Trump Brags About “Armada” Heading to North Korea

Back in World War II, they had a saying, “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” What it meant was that innocent talk of what people...

Report: North Korean Missile Launch Fails, Standoff Continues

The threat from North Korea to launch another underground nuclear weapons test seems to have fizzled on the launch pad, according to reports from...

Fears of ‘World War 3’ as U.S. Takes on North Korea

We've entered a strange portion of President Trump's first 100 days. The U.S. missile strike in Syria and the current posturing toward North Korea's...