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How to Watch the Biden and Trump Town Halls Tonight

In case you didn't know, the debate originally scheduled for tonight has been canceled. As somewhat of a replacement, former Vice President Biden and...
NBC News 2020 Democratic Primary Debate

Preview of June Democratic Debate From NBC’s Chuck Todd

We're just about four months away from the first Democratic debate of the 2020 cycle set to take place in June. The event will...

NBC Scores First Democratic Primary Debate, CNN Will Host the Second

As we noted yesterday, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) released some further details on the upcoming Democratic primary debates which begin in just a...

Full Video: Watch the NBC/IAVA Presidential Forum

On Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump participated in the Commander-In-Chief forum, a joint event sponsored by NBC News and Iraq and Afghanistan...

Tonight: NBC/IAVA Commander-In-Chief Presidential Forum

NBC and MSNBC will be simulcasting a presidential forum tonight featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The event will give both candidates separate time...

Johnson Not Invited to NBC/IAVA Candidate Forum, Sept. 7

It’s not a debate. It’s a forum. But NBC News is bragging that it will have Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on...

Democrats Set for Sunday Night NBC News Debate

The three remaining Democratic presidential candidates will convene in South Carolina on Sunday for the fourth Democratic debate, this time hosted by NBC News...

RNC Boots NBC News From Feb. 26 GOP Debate in Houston

I just posted about this hours ago and here we are already with movement in the debate sponsorhsip department. As a result of the...

Poll: Most popular candidate isn’t actually a candidate

Move over, Donald Trump, the man of the hour is now Joe Biden according to the media. Several outlets are gleefully cheering the possibility...

RNC Chair to Trump: ‘Soften your tone’

Whether or not the Republican National Committee (RNC) is taking Donald Trump seriously as a candidate seems like a question which has now been...