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Media Battles Over Hunter Biden Laptop While Joe Biden Avoids Questions

Call it an October surprise, or just another ordinary day in the year 2020. In case you missed the news last week, there is...

The Trump-Twitter Tiff Makes No Sense

As if we did not have enough drama in our lives, suddenly we have the Trump-Twitter soap opera. And it doesn’t seem...

Trump Not to Run in 2020?

The conservative paper, The Washington Examiner, is reporting that a contributor for conservative Fox News is suggesting that Donald Trump will not run for...
Hillary Clinton Tulsi Gabbard

Does Tulsi Gabbard have a “Birther” Problem?

There has been a lot of discussion of the unusual support Tulsi Gabbard has received from Republicans and from Russia. Gabbard has been more...

Partisanship Hits All-Time High in 2017

Perhaps as a result of polarization which happened during the Bush and Obama years, capped off by Trump, America is more partisan on issues...

Suddenly Trump Loves the Media

For a guy who has spent the better part of two years running a campaign and a presidency against the news media, it didn't...

Fox Finally Fires “The Factor”–O’Really?

“Fox News has officially cut ties with Bill O’Reilly. Through the network’s parent company 21st Century Fox, the Murdochs issued a statement on Wednesday...

Megyn Kelly’s Move Means Big Changes

They say that a reporter should not become part of the story. But there are times when a reporter is the story. ...

Rand Paul asks for equal treatment on abortion questions

No sooner did Rand Paul announce his 2016 presidential campaign than he began fielding questions about divisive social issues from eager reporters. These are...