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Elizabeth Warren Launches 2020 Presidential Exploratory Committee

In case you were doubting whether Sen. Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts, was considering a 2020 Presidential run, doubt no longer. The Senator announced steps...

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal launching exploratory committee

Another one from the "likely" column, this time taking a small step of forming an exploratory committee before deciding fully on launching an official...

Former Gov. Lincoln Chafee launches exploratory committee

A surprise announcement from former Governor Lincoln Chafee (D-Rhode Island) in the past few days. Chafee has formed a 2016 presidential exploratory committee and...

Dr. Ben Carson Launches 2016 Exploratory Committee

Aside from Jeb Bush's decision to "actively explore" running for president, no other GOP candidate has yet officially formed an exploratory committee. Most of...

Jeb Bush to Officially Launch 2016 Exploratory Committee

In the surest sign yet that Jeb Bush is seriously considering a 2016 presidential run, the former Florida Governor, and brother of President George...