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Democrats Battle Over Superdelegates in 2020

If you recall the bitter primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2016, then you probably already have a strong feeling on the...

Hillary Rigged the 2016 Election (Yawn)

If you watched the Sunday talk shows last year, you couldn’t miss seeing Donna Brazile defending Hillary Clinton at every turn. So it’s...

Report: Clinton Campaign And DNC Funded Trump Russia Dossier

I don't often use the term "bombshell" but it seems appropriate here. The Washington Post originally reported the story, with others following up and...

Democrats Struggle for Midterm Message

After Hillary Clinton's loss in 2016, you'd think that there would be at least some sense of direction among Democratic Party leaders as to...

So, Who Wants to Lead the DNC Back From Defeat?

The focus for the past few weeks has been on the President-elect, of course, but the Democratic Party is currently in the midst of...

Veep ‘Battle’ May Seem More Like a Love-Fest

The big news over the weekend is discussion of the vice presidential picks. Neither pick was official just four days ago. There...

Sanders Campaign Suspended From DNC Database Access (Updated)

The Democratic National Committee has suspended the Bernie Sanders campaign from accessing the voter database amassed by the party which is typically shared with...

New York now off the 2016 Democratic Convention short list?

Given the recent events in New York City regarding police actions, the murder of two police officers, and the rhetoric of Mayor Bill de...