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Amendments Give Us a “Living Constitution”

Recently, we had a discussion of the Constitution. The commenter said it was obsolete, and we should start over. I said that was dangerous,...

The Bipartisan Fight to Re-establish Congressional Power

Seven Congresspersons have written an opinion piece in the Washington Post, reminding the country that war is Constitutionally the job of Congress, not any...
Trump tax return California 2020

California Tries Again to Force Release of Trump’s Tax Returns in 2020

Donald Trump chose to buck the precedent during the 2016 presidential campaign by opting not to release his personal tax returns. After making various...
Justice John Paul Stevens

Former Supreme Calls for 2nd Amendment Repeal

Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens (appointed by Gerald Ford in 1975, resigned 2010) has written an opinion piece in the New...