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CBS/YouGov: Bernie Sanders Tops New Hampshire With 3-Way Tie in Iowa

The Iowa caucuses are less than thirty days away now in early February followed by the New Hampshire primary days behind it, and Bernie...

Bernie-Biden Primary Could Be Replay Of 2016 Bernie-Hillary

Could the 2020 Democratic primary come down to an establishment versus anti-establishment battle as it did in 2016? A few years ago it was...

Andrew Yang Could Be The Dark Horse For Democrats

Despite (or thanks to) his total lack of political experience before this year's Democratic primary, businessman and entrepreneur Andrew Yang continues to connect with...

Bernie Sanders Is Down, But He’s Not Out

While recent headlines have focused on the new "front runner" Elizabeth Warren, or the struggling Joe Biden, or the surging Pete Buttigieg, it seems...

Sanders Campaign Confirms Bernie Had a Heart Attack

On Wednesday we reported that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had been forced off the campaign trail earlier this week due to chest pains. The...

Should Bernie Drop Out To Boost Elizabeth Warren?

Bernie's heart condition aside, his momentum in the 2020 Democratic primary has slowed, even begun to backslide compared to his earlier support in the...

Poll Shows September Democratic Debate Battle Between 3 Candidates

An important dynamic as we head toward the ABC Democratic Debate on Thursday, the race is becoming more and more relegated to a battle...
Bernie Sanders Debate

Bernie Sanders: Democratic Debates Are A Reality TV Show Of Soundbites

Earlier this week, while speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders opened up with his thoughts on the current format and...
Biden Bernie 2020

Biden Distances Himself From “Medicare For All”

There have only been a handful of instances where candidates have truly staked out big differences in policy with their other Democratic contenders. Health...
Bernie Sanders 2020

Bernie Claims Victory For Mainstreaming Progressive Policies

Despite the fact that Bernie Sanders' poll numbers have continued waning for several months now, the democratic socialist Senator from Vermont is claiming a...
Biden Iowa Caucus Poll 2019

Latest Iowa Caucus Poll: Biden 24, Harris 16, Warren 13, Sanders 9

We've been mostly looking at national polls of Democratic primary voters following the first debate but what about state polls in the early caucus...
Biden Warren 2020

Is Elizabeth Warren The Compromise Candidate For Progressives?

The question is being asked by a piece in Politico whether Elizabeth Warren, despite early faults, has deftly and strategically worked her way into...