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Howard Dean: ‘I’m ready for Hillary’ in 2016

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean has offered his full-fledged backing of Hillary Clinton in a piece out of Politico Magazine today. Dean starts off...

Rick Santorum launching 2016 presidential campaign

With an eye on tradition, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is hoping that 2016 could be his year. Having won the Iowa caucuses in...

MoveOn.org to spend $1 million drafting Elizabeth Warren for 2016

As noted on several occasions, many progressives in the base of the Democratic Party are not entirely on board with Hillary Clinton in 2016....

Candidates beefing up foreign policy credentials before 2016

As the world continues burning, foreign policy will likely play an expanded role in the 2016 presidential election, when compared to 2012. A lot...

Rubio begins pushback after immigration mess

I use the term 'mess' since that is essentially what happened when Florida Senator Marco Rubio, champion of the Tea Party and a potential...