Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean has offered his full-fledged backing of Hillary Clinton in a piece out of Politico Magazine today. Dean starts off his support by arguing that the next President will likely shape the Supreme Court and he thinks Hillary has the constitutional prowess to appoint the right judges, in his opinion.

From Politico:

One of the most important reasons I am supporting her is because Secretary Clinton understands the institutional requirements of the Supreme Court. More than 73 percent of Americans think the Supreme Court is no longer a fair arbitrator and is influenced by political considerations. I am one of those 73 percent. This Court has repeatedly made decisions that have harmed our country for the sake of extending a political and ideological agenda that is far outside the mainstream of American traditions—on issues like campaign finance, voting rights, the rights of women, and religious freedom.

America needs a thoughtful President who will appoint judges and justices who will stand up for the Constitution and the law instead of catering to the dictates of those who fund the right-wing Federalist Society. I am confident that Hillary Clinton will provide that leadership.

This is somewhat noteworthy because Howard Dean (yes, that Howard Dean) has been a vocal progressive within the Democratic Party for years. A champion of causes associated with, Dean could have typically been more associated with the Obama/Warren wing of the Democratic Party, rather than the Clinton wing.