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Will Trump Really Skip the 2020 Presidential Debates?

Donald Trump, as a candidate, and as a president has often been called "unpredictable" by many reporters and analysts. However, if you observe the...

Debate Commission Announces Presidential Debate Moderators

The moderators for the upcoming 2016 Presidential Debates have been named by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). The list includes some big names,...

ABC News Republican Debate Tonight in New Hampshire

The top 7 Republican candidates will appear on stage tonight in a single primetime debate for the first time since the debates began back...

2016 General Election Debate Schedule Announced

UPDATE: See the latest debate details and information at the 2016 Presidential Debate Schedule. The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has just wrapped up...

Rand Paul unveils the ‘The Fair and Flat Tax’ plan

Nearly every Republican candidate supports some form of tax overhaul when asked to consider the current system. Senator Rand Paul has now offered some...

Bipartisan group proposes 2016 Presidential Debate changes

A bipartisan group of activists has come up with a 48-page report on how to improve the Presidential Debates which will take place next...