2020 Democratic Candidates

Here’s Where the 2020 Democratic Field Stands Today

With Vice President Joe Biden officially joining the 2020 Presidential campaign in pursuit of the Democratic nomination to challenge President Trump, here is where...
Joe Biden 2020 Announcement

Biden Announcement Set For Thursday Followed By Campaign Tour

As we reported here on Monday, sources within the Biden campaign indicated that not only has the former Vice President made up his mind...
Beto O'Rourke and Pete Buttigieg

Has Buttigieg Surpassed Beto On The 2020 Campaign Trail?

After his narrow loss to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the conventional wisdom was that Beto O'Rourke would have a bigger and brighter future ahead...
Joe Biden 2020 Announcement

Report: Biden Will Announce Presidential Campaign This Week

Over the Easter holiday, reports began to surface late last week that former Vice President Joe Biden has finally made a decision on his...

What Tax Returns Reveal About the 2020 Democratic Field

We reported on Monday about Bernie Sanders' decision to release tax returns from the past 10 years. The returns showed that Sanders has amassed...
Bernie Sanders 2020 tax returns

Bernie Sanders Confirms Millionaire Status With Tax Returns

Bernie is taking flak for being a millionaire while simultaneously attacking millionaires with much of his rhetoric over the past decade or so. Well,...
Pete Buttigieg 2020 Announcement

Mayor Pete Officially Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign

The anticipated announcement from Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, came today as the newcomer on the national scene formally moved from the...
Biden 2020 Selfie

2020 Democratic Primary News Roundup (April 12, 2019)

As we head into mid-April, the new cycle slows a bit as most of the country is on vacation for Spring Break and observance...
Pete Buttigieg Donald Trump 2020

Personality Politics: Forget the Issues in 2020?

The issues will only get you so far. That’s because the country is more divided than it has ever been. The issues are clear...

Poll: Biden Holds Top Spot After Week of Accusations

We've chronicled some of the accusations and "open secrets" about how Former Vice President Joe Biden tends to be a little overly friendly when...
Buttigieg Pence 2020

2020 Democratic Primary News Roundup (April 8, 2019)

Some notable news items popped up over the weekend, and here's an attempt to round them up as we head into another busy week...

Upcoming 2020 Candidate Town Hall Events on CNN and Fox News

Cable news channels hosting "Town Hall" events with 2020 candidates has become all the rage lately. CNN did several of them over the last...