Trump 2020 Democrats impeachment

Does Impeachment Talk Help or Hurt 2020 Democrats?

There is a split in the 2020 Democratic field over whether or not to openly support or call for President Trump's impeachment. The basis...
AOC Green New Deal

2020 Democrats Respond to the “Green New Deal”

Newly elected Democratic Congresswoman from the 14th district of New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, released her plan on Thursday for what she calls the "Green...

Fixing The Presidential Primary Process—Is It Broken?

The clunky and somewhat outdated process of how major parties select their presidential nominees is often criticized for being out of touch with modern...
Joe Biden Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Battle Lines Drawn: Progressive Group Attacks Biden’s Candidacy

With the Democratic field now crystalizing as a battle between moderate and progressive wings, we're seeing something we haven't seen since the 2008 Democratic...

Hunter Biden Breaks Silence On Ukraine Hours Before Democratic Debate

With accusations continuing to be hurled by President Trump at Hunter Biden, son of former vice president Joe Biden, it became apparent that at...
NBC News 2020 Democratic Primary Debate

Candidates Have Until Midnight To Qualify For The First Democratic Debate

As reported previously, the deadline for candidates to qualify for the first Democratic debate is today, June 12. According to reports, campaigns have until...
Fox News 2020 Democratic Debate

DNC Denies Fox News From Holding Democratic Primary Debate

This news is a few days old, but it continues to develop as the decision by the Democratic National Committee to pull out of...

Primary Chaos: Complaints of Sexism and Late Entrants Threaten Dem Unity

If you jump back to the beginning of 2019, the Democratic primary field was being heralded as the "most diverse" and "most talented" in...
ABC Debate Sanders Biden Warren

6 Key Takeaways From The Third Democratic Debate

The rumble on Thursday night in Houston was fiery at times, with former vice president Joe Biden coming alive to defend his record and...
Pete Buttigieg Donald Trump 2020

Personality Politics: Forget the Issues in 2020?

The issues will only get you so far. That’s because the country is more divided than it has ever been. The issues are clear...

Identity Politics In 2020: “Membership Has Its Privileges”

Maybe more than in any previous presidential campaign, “identity politics” is playing a major role. One obvious reason is that there has never been...
Beto 2020 Announcement

Beto O’Rourke Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign

It seemed like this news has been hanging out there since January, just waiting for Beto O'Rourke to pull the trigger on a 2020...