Full video of day four of the trial on Friday, Jan. 24, 2020.

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump began on Tuesday, Jan. 21, after a weekslong impasse over how the Senate trial would proceed, and debate over the rules stretched nearly 13 hours.

Reporting on Day 4 of the trial from The Hill:

House Democrats get their final shot on Friday to make their case to the Senate and the American public that President Trump’s actions warrant conviction and removal from office.

Democrats are expected to use the fourth day of the trial—which marks their third day for opening arguments—to explore the second article of impeachment adopted by the House last month: obstruction of Congress.

During the course of last year’s Democratic investigation into Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, the White House had directed all administration officials not to cooperate in the process. While Democrats secured testimony from 17 diplomats and national security officials, most under subpoena, at least 12 others declined to appear.

Additionally, Trump refused to turn over any of the thousands of related documents subpoenaed by the impeachment investigators.

Democrats contend that blanket stonewalling violates Congress’s powers, provided by the Constitution, to be a check on the executive branch. It’s that case that the Democratic impeachment managers, led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), will bring before the Senate on Friday.

“The Managers will continue to lay out the damning case to the two juries – the American people, and the Senators,” said a Democratic official working on the trial.

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