With accusations continuing to be hurled by President Trump at Hunter Biden, son of former vice president Joe Biden, it became apparent that at some point, the Biden campaign would have to respond. Hunter Biden has been silent for weeks now concerning his board position at Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, but that all changed this morning. Just days ago, Hunter resigned from another position he held on the board of a Chinese-backed private equity company as well, raising further questions about his foreign business ties.

As chance (or design) would have it, for better or worse, the Hunter Biden interview with ABC News is airing on the same day as the October Democratic debate tonight on CNN.

Here is a small clip from the interview, which began airing Tuesday morning on Good Morning America, and will conclude with more parts on World News Tonight:

So far, here’s what various media outlets are saying about the interview and what it might mean for the debate later tonight.

Politico described the interview as a “combative defense” and says Hunter Biden forcefully pushed back accusations of any impropriety by himself or his father in relation to his business dealings in Ukraine:

In some of his first comments since House Democrats began their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, Hunter Biden defended his positions on the boards of two foreign companies in a combative interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”


  1. At some point, the Biden camp must have decided that they need to nip this story upfront, or at least try to, and prevent it from hurting Biden’s primary chances against his strengthening rival Elizabeth Warren. It remains to be seen whether Hunter Biden’s interview will help his father along those lines.

    Sorry to tell you Hunter but your foriegn forays have pretty much destroyed your daddy’s chances at getting the Democratic nomination for president. Of course after collecting an untold amount from Barisma in the Ukraine and the Chinese you should have been asked this one question, Do you really care??

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