Well, “bomb stuff” is one way to put it, but it seems like the “bomb stuff” just came to an end with the apprehension of a suspect in Florida based on DNA evidence. The perpetrator of the bomb scare, which targeted high-ranking Democratic officials and some liberal media personalities, has, apparently, been identified as Cesar Sayoc Jr., according to NBC News. I’m reporting all this with slight reluctance since the news broke a short time ago and early reports are sometimes inaccurate, so take everything as subject to change.

More from the report:

A man in Florida was taken into custody Friday and will be charged in connection with the series of bombs found this week addressed to critics of President Donald Trump, law enforcement officials said shortly after the latest two devices were found.

Cesar Sayoc Jr., 56, who has been arrested before, is currently in custody, law enforcement officials said. DNA evidence played a role in the arrest, law enforcement told NBC News. Sayoc was previously arrested in 2002 for threatening to throw a bomb, and pleaded guilty, but was given a special sentence in which probation is ordered but a formal conviction is not made. He was also arrested for theft in 1992 and 2014.

Sayoc filed for bankruptcy in 2012, and is registered as Republican, according to public records.

Investigators in the Plantation, Florida, parking lot where Sayoc was arrested could be seen placing a tarp over a van with windows covered with dozens of pictures of Trump and decals, one of which appeared to be a version of a presidential seal. Sayoc is a Florida resident, originally from New York, law enforcement officials said.

Here’s a shot from Yahoo news via Twitter showing the suspect’s picture and van, covered in pro-Trump and anti-Democrat stickers, which allegedly belongs to him:

What doesn’t make any sense here, and probably speaks to the mental status of the alleged bomber, is that this type of behavior would naturally lend itself to harm the President and possibly garner sympathy for Democrats. Why would the originator of these bombs, who apparently supports the President, be so brazen in doing this before an election and provide an opening for Democrats and media personalities to attack the President for using heated rhetoric? That’s how a sane person would think, of course, but we’re clearly not dealing with a full deck here.

A few hours ago, the President made this comment on Twitter:

He’s getting hammered for the “bomb stuff” phrase, even by some conservatives:

Thankfully no one was hurt and none of these bombs ever exploded, and it doesn’t appear they were designed to do anything other than spread fear.

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Now that the “bomb stuff” is over, Roll Call gets us back to the midterm coverage by pointing out that millions of voters have already voted, so the “bomb stuff” might not actually change momentum all that much:

And how about that economy? As the markets have taken a hit, the president has pivoted from his stewardship of the economy to a vague promise to cut taxes. This comes after the national GOP long ago concluded it had lost the messaging war on the tax cut the president signed into law less than one year ago.

Immigration? Well, there’s that caravan of folks from Central America heading toward the Southern border. Trump likes talking about this.

Voter turnout? Early voting in places like Nevada and Texas suggest we could be on pace to match turnout for a presidential voting year. This follows the record turnouts in special congressional elections since last year.

Brett M. Kavanaugh? The confirmation of the newest Supreme Court justice fired up partisans all around, and seemed to wake at least a few Republicans from their midterm doldrums. It also seemed to communicate to Democrats what the GOP has known for a long time: the high court is a high-stakes jam.

Jamal Khashoggi? The murder of the dissident Saudi journalist in Istanbul by Saudi operatives has strained relations with an ally and put the always tense Middle East in another precarious spot. And the president’s hesitancy to condemn the murder of an articulate Washington Post employee at the hands of an autocratic regime adds to the sense of dread.

Make no mistake, the pipe bomb news is traumatic. But there’s more going on that will factor into the midterm results.

In our current environment, this news cycle will be gone by tomorrow and it’ll be back to politics as usual by Monday. By Sunday evening we should see some polling out which claims to answer the question of “how does the bombing affect voter enthusiasm?” My guess is it won’t change much.


  1. Now we know that the bomber is actually one of Trump’s Legion of supporters. Even the outside of his van’s windows was totally covered in Trump signs. All of his bombs were directed toward people who have criticized or clashed with President Trump. Temporarily as it may be, Trump is saying he wants us all to come together. Will Trump’s “get together” include all the black women he accuses of low IQs, all the immigrants he calls rapists, all the marchers he says are paid by George Soros, all the vets with PTSD that he calls weak – and does Trump really wish only goodwill and peace to the media whom he daily labels as the ‘enemies of the people’.

    All this, while Twitter is still reeling from Trump’s tweets labeling Democrats as “a party of crime” and his description of his former paramour as “horseface”. And who can forget that it was Trump who gave Cruze the title of “Lyin’ Ted” which still clings. Trump once accused Ted’s father of being involved in the assassin of John Kennedy. Trump also threatened to “spill the beans” on the Ted Cruze’s wife, whatever that meant. Does Ted Cruze remember any of this when he sucks up to Donald Trump? I think Cruze is just biding his time for sweet revenge.

      • The real problem is that Trump encourages violence. At the very time when we were horrified by the stated dismemberment of a reporter, Trump was vocal in repeatedly and energetically praising a politician who physically attacked a reporter. Trump constantly whips up hatred of reporters. Encourages supporters to beat up protestors–promising to pay the legal expenses of anyone who attacks.

        It should be no surprise when someone like Sayoc tries to please Trump with action. And then, Trump’s response is that he’s mad that someone else besides him got headlines that day–and that the attempted murders may be counterproductive to Trump’s goals. Sad.

        If polls showed that people were not upset about the attempted murders, Trump would be praising Sayoc.

        • Why?? The real problem is Trump encourahes violence??? He Does Not. Maxine does. Holder does. Biden does. Booker does.CNN does. Actors do. The list goes on.

          For every quote you provide about Trump, and violence, I can give you the same and more from Dems.

          The problem isn’t Trump the problem is the liberals can’t adjust to him beimg president. They can’t adjust to his success.

          • Yes. Please provide the quotes.

            The higher a person is in leadership, the more responsibility he or she has to neutralize hatred, not whip it up.

            And, by the way, I won’t defend anyone on any side who promotes violence, and neither should you.

            • It’s not that I’m defending anyone. I just get tired of the president bashing and false stories.

              There is plenty of blame on both sides. To say, as CNN constantly does, that Trump is the instigator is wrong. Examples:Waters/Booker: “Get in their face at restaurants, etc.” Holder: “Kick them.” Actors get cheers for saying: Assassination of Trump/ blowing up white house. There is much more.

              As I said there is plenty of blame to go around.

            • That’s called “what-about-ism.” See a wrong. Justify it by saying there’s another wrong.

              Wrong is wrong.

      • “America is better than these acts of threats, intimidation and violence against people based on their political beliefs. We are better than this, and we will move beyond this. But now is a time to confront these divisions and remember that what makes America great is that we celebrate our differences, and ultimately we settle them at the ballot box”…Steve Scalise on FoxNews (Thursday)

    • I don’t believe he’s one of Trump’s legions. It looks that way. But please tell me why the stickers aren’t faded? Everything fades. Especially in Florida. Why would he have a return address in Florida? Why not Bolivia? Alaska? There are so many more questions.

      If you cared about the success of the US you’d want to know all about the guy. Instead you are just happy that the pictures appear to be damaging to Trump. All because you can’t face the fact that Trump beat Hillary.

      Another one of your fellow libs said Betos votes are being flipped to Cruz. All of you get a grip.

      • Horace, nice to see you back on the board. First, you need to refresh yourself on the bumper stickers on today’s market. Today’s decals and bumper stickers are fade resistant for 3 – 5 years, including Florida’s weather.

        The Trump/Hillary election disappointment can’t be laid at my door. As I have said before, I voted for neither. Of course, the person I wrote in did not win but my conscience is happy that I am not responsible in any way for the Trump or Hillary fiascos. The shooter’s legacy is murder and a van with the windows covered with Trump stickers, which will probably wind up in a museum.

        I still believe in miracles and it will take one for Beto O’Rourke to win over Ted Cruze but stranger things have happened in Texas politics.

        • Thanks for the update on the decals being fade resistant. The decals in NV where I live aren’t fade resistant
          I guess that technically hasn’t reached Nevada. NV probably wants people to continue to pay to replace faded decals.

          No telling what will happen in Texas. A friend who lives there would only say the early voting lines were very long.

          Presviously, I’ve believed in a split excutive/Congress. The reason I’m not for a split Congress/executive this time is because the Dems don’t want to compromise. They have one main agenda and that is to impeach. Impeachment means no, or little, government for two years. I lived through that with Nixon. Nixon should have resigned for the sake of the country much easier.

          • Just in case you’re in a hurry and need a sticker with eco-solvent inks that will sustain a 5-7 outdoor lifespan with colors that doesn’t fade and you happen to be in your home town of Reno—go to the University of Reno-Las Vegas bookstore and they will accommodate you with as many as you need.

            Nancy Pelosi has consistently urged her caucus not to push for impeachment. It is Trump that keeps bringing up the impeachment scare to stir up his followers. Trump told Fox News last friday “I will tell you what, if I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash. I think everybody would be very poor because, without this thinking, you would see — you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe, in reverse.”

            In the next six days, the president of America will leave Washington with his official duties left to “God knows who” and hold eleven political rallies in Florida, Missouri, West Virginia, Montana, Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio. Taxpayers don’t seem to realize that all this travel and politicking is paid out of their taxes paid to the government. It costs all taxpayers(you and me included) $210,000 per hour to operate the Air Force One government owned plane Trump uses to get to these Republican rallies. Then taxpayers pay for the U S helicopters and their crews to pick up and deliver Trump to which ever rally he is attending. Oh, yes, taxpayers also pay for the many, many, many FBI agents that make sure Trump is safe at his political rallies.

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