From the outside, it appears that the investigation into the possibility of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia is coming to a close. However, in a twist of events, special counsel Robert Mueller now appears to be investigating whether the President could be charged with Obstruction of Justice related to several matters, not the least of which includes the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

CNN reports on the change in direction and the groundwork being laid for a possible interview between the President and Mueller in coming months:

As President Donald Trump’s reaction to special counsel Robert Mueller grows more irate by the day, attorneys on both sides sat down last week in a rare face-to-face discussion about the topics investigators could inquire of the President. It was the first in-person meeting after several weeks of informal discussions between the two sides, according to two sources familiar with the talks.

Mueller’s team added granularity to the topics it originally discussed with the defense team months ago, like the firing of FBI Director James Comey, according to one of the sources. This time around, for instance, the prosecutors said they would ask about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ involvement in the Comey dismissal and what Trump knew about national security adviser Michael Flynn’s phone calls with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in late December 2016.

The meeting makes clear that Mueller’s investigation into contact between Russians and the Trump campaign and other criminal matters isn’t likely to end anytime soon and still may focus on Trump and what he knew. The meeting and its revelations also have unleashed a new level of Trump’s public hostility toward Mueller, even while some of the President’s advisers show a willingness to negotiate Trump’s testimony.

Publicly the President has stated he’d have no problem meeting with Mueller. Privately, however, he’s clearly being advised that such a meeting, without setting parameters ahead of time, is like walking into a lion’s den of legal traps, especially for someone who enjoys talking from the hip.

Just days ago, Trump’s attorney was calling for the special counsel to be dismantled and for the investigation to be closed:

Reached for comment by email about the firing of former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Dowd sent The Daily Beast the text of Trump’s most recent tweet on the subject, which applauded the dismissal.

“I pray that Acting Attorney General Rosenstein will follow the brilliant and courageous example of the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and bring an end to alleged Russia Collusion investigation manufactured by McCabe’s boss James Comey based upon a fraudulent and corrupt Dossier,” Dowd then wrote.

Without some outside pressure, it appears that Mueller has no intention of slowing down until all avenues have been explored when it comes to finding areas which may be cause for prosecution.

House Republicans, meanwhile, are running block for the President and have declared that their time of investigating Russian collusion has yield no actionable evidence on the matter:

Representative K. Michael Conaway, the Texas Republican who is leading the investigation, said committee Republicans agreed with the conclusions of American intelligence agencies that Russia had interfered with the election, but they broke with the agencies on one crucial point: that the Russians had favored Mr. Trump’s candidacy.

“The bottom line: The Russians did commit active measures against our election in ’16, and we think they will do that in the future,” Mr. Conaway said. But, he added, “We disagree with the narrative that they were trying to help Trump.”

How and when Mueller intends to end this investigation is anyone’s guess, but despite claims from Trump’s attorneys to the contrary, it doesn’t appear to be “winding down” anytime soon. Mueller has worked his way up the chain but seems to have come up short on the collusion front. However, there are plenty of process crimes that are still ripe for investigating which means the President’s attorneys are keenly aware of where this could end up if the President isn’t careful.


    • They’ll have to go a long way to investigate #45 as thoroughly as Hillary was investigated. Investigate Obama for what????

      • Let’s start with his comments to Putin regarding him having more flexibility after being reelected.

        • I don’t know to what you refer. He sure didn’t congratulate Putin on winning a sham election while publicly denigrating the top law enforcement agencies in the US.

          • Better look again at Putin earlier election. If you are going to comment please keep up with what has happened.

          • This very morning (3-21-18) Trump said during his meeting with Crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia “I had a call with President Putin and congratulated him on the victory, his electoral victory.” Trump added, “The call had to do also with the fact that we will probably get together in the not too distant future so that we can discuss arms, we can discuss the arms race.” Trump also said the call was “very good. So, I think we will be seeing Putin in the not too distant future”.

            • Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama, did call Putin after his last election win in 2012. However, this call came before a series of political clashes between Moscow and Washington that soured their relationship to levels not seen since the end of the Cold War.

              Trump was warned by his inner circle of advisers not to make a congratulatory call to Putin on his recent election. Trump made a personal decision to call Putin anyway and explained “George W. Bush didn’t have the “smarts” to get along with the Russians, and Barack Obama and Bill Clinton “didn’t have the energy or the chemistry.” Trump tweeted Wednesday that “Getting along with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing” and said that Moscow could help the United States solve a range of international problems.

              The big question is ”do you want Russia solving US government’s problems”. Donald Trump said he does.

            • What is wrong with Russian lives being Lost rather than American lives being lost
              That is what Trump is taking about. Also, what is wrong with Russia helping us deal with NK, for example, if that is what it takes.

              Remember the UN sanctions. Russia and China went along.

              Why does the US have to do everything. It seems it is a no win situation with you liberals.

              If the US does everything you blame Trump for imperial building. If other country helps out you blame Trump for not solving problems.

              Russia/China are going to “help” not “solve” US problems. There is Nothing wrong with that at all. We do want to get along, right?

              Congratulating someone, no matter how you want to spin it, is congratulating them. It isn’t like Trump gave Putin a green light to do whatever he wants.

            • There is a new force coming to Washington that can answer all your questions. Just this week, the former reality TV star turned president, replaced his national security advisor, launched a new trade fight with China, and needled investigators probing Russia’s election meddling.

              Trump’s new security adviser is John Bolton, a man long seen as one of the most controversial and dangerous figures in U.S. diplomacy and is a fierce war hawk who has long advocated for a preemptive military strike against North Korea and the dismantling of the Iran nuclear deal. Long known as a notable hawk, who has said “Trump should be insulted that Putin lied to his face”. And added “For Trump, it should be a highly salutary lesson about the character of Russia’s leadership to watch Putin lie to him.”

              Bolton called Russia’s 2016 election interference an “act of war” and said Putin is lying to Trump when he denies it.” Bolton also said “ Attempting to undermine America’s Constitution is far more than just a quotidian covert operation. It is in fact a casus belli, a true act of war, and one Washington will never tolerate.”

              How long will it take Trump to say “Here’s your coat and shoes and don’t forget your blues, it’s time to go.”

    • It would be nice but some are above the law. Example: B Clintons meeting with Lynch and they want us to believe they talked about diapers.

  1. When oh when will the American taxpayer begin to realize that the inquiry by Mueller is a sham and they are getting ripped off. Because he couldn’t find anything linking President Trump to collusion with Russia, Mueller now switches gears to Obstruction of justice.?

    Once that investigation fizzles out Mueller will go after President Trump for spitting on the sidewalk. Mueller has to be laughing himself silly over the blind stupidity and partisanship of the DUMBOCRATS.?

  2. Are you suggesting Trump spits on the sidewalks? It is against the law to spit on the sidewalk in many places including New York City where Trump and family reside in the top three floors of the well known Trump Tower.

    It is a known fact that Trump’s son was in touch with WikiLeaks and openly enthusiastic about the idea of collaborating with Russia on obtaining and disseminating anti-Hillary Clinton dirt. Trump, Jr met with the Russians on this very topic. And, of course, Trump was specific — and quite public — in his campaign calls for Putin to hack more Clinton emails. This was not a completely random request as Trump repeated it again…and again.

    No one disputes that Trump lies for no reason and blabs about everything and everybody. A lot of people just laugh and admire his big carnival act. However, it’s true that Trump keeps the American public in the dark on what he has actually done and is presently doing. We, the public, still do not know what is in Trump’s income tax returns or how the decision was made that whatever is on them is more damning than Trump’s shady behavior. We still don’t know why Trump decided to fire Flynn (the stated reason that he “lied to Mike Pence” doesn’t pass the laugh test). Whether or not Trump was briefed about the domestic abuse allegations against then-White House staff secretary Rob Porter? What was on the Apprentice outtake footage that forced producer Mark Burnett into keeping them locked up? Why exactly did Trump hand over some choice Israeli intelligence to the Russian foreign minister? Who actually financed the hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels? Dozens of other major questions about Trump’s shady and hidden background need to be ask and answered truthfully.

    No one knows for certain what Mueller has actually discovered about Trump and even less about how he will use it. Mueller seems to be more interested in dissecting the Trump organization one by one until only Trump is left standing.

    • I wonder if the Democrats would have been happy if there were a Special Counsel appointed to find out why O’Bugger was the most incompetent president ever? Am I saying that Donald J Trump doesn’t have his flaws, of course not. Who gets to his 7th decade of life and is without sin??

      The thing that fascinates me is just how petty and vengeful the Democratic politicians and their minions are. Let the man do his job. In 2020 you will have your chance at the ballot box to replace President Trump. But all these spiteful and often baseless allegations are a direct result of the 2016 presidential election. That is of course when Donald J Trump broke the hearts of American liberals by vanquishing their heroine Queen Billary!!!?

    • Obama’s State Department gave Trump permission to talk to Russia and other foreign governments.

      Only you, and the other cry babies, care about the porn star.

      • Given permission to talk is not giving permission to commit treason. When Obama announced sanctions to retaliate against Russian interference after the election, Trump communicated through his various back channels that he would weaken them once he took office.

        A Republican controlled congress is the reason President Obama couldn’t do more to stop Russian aggression. And now the criminal (Trump) is taunting the cop (Obama) for not doing more to stop them.

        About Stormy Daniels, as far as I am concerned, that is up to Melania Trump. However, the world does not subscribe to my outlook, and Daniels will be Trump’s biggest disgrace and downfall from the presidency.

        • O’Bugger a cop? You poor soul you are further gone than I thought. O’Bugger couldn’t even be a Keystone cop much less a regular one. I just don’t think he will be allowed in the police station locker room in his skirt. Am I saying that O’Bugger is a WEENIE, why yes I am!!!?

        • So Stomy Daniels is “high crimes and misdemeanors?” No, and I’m sure you/etc know it. That’s even if something happened.

          He was given permission to talk. Where the treasonous acts happened is just somebodies fantasy. There were no secrets that were divulged. Nothing but wishful thinking.

          The bottom line is the liberals just can’t adjust to being defeated. Fired. Given the middle finger.

  3. Nate, keep hoping Mueller will come up with something. Jeez. What a waste of time and money.

    Trump isn’t running a corner grocery store but the United States. When will people figure that out.

    • I’m not hoping Mueller comes up with anything, I’m just reporting what’s happening and in what ways the special counsel is likely to ensnare someone. I think the Russian collusion angle has been disproved, as both parties have spent a year now investigating it, so it’s time to disband this whole thing and move on with the country’s business. It’s a waste of time and money at this point. Democrats who have the fantasy that the Russian collusion issue will lead to Trump’s impeachment are off base.

      • That’s exactly the way I feel.

        When Nixon pulled his dirty tricks, and dug his heels in, we didn’t have a fully functioning government for X years. Finally, as you know, he stepped aside.

        The Obama birthier issue I thought, was also a waste of time/ridiculous. I feel the presidency is A Big Deal and not something Trump, etc should be distracted from doing.

        Now if Trump were to do something really wrong, high crimes, that’s different.

  4. Trump’s defense is simply to pretend it is an investigation of his campaign and he’s somehow been cleared. Mueller has charged Russians who engaged in the social-media activism that helped elect Trump. That is not the only thing Russia did to help Trump. (They also stole Democratic emails.) Nor is this the only source of potentially illegal connections between Russia and Trump. This particular indictment may or may not have anything to do with collusion. Mueller is continuing his probe and he and his prosecutors “have not concluded their investigation into whether President Donald Trump or any of his associates helped Russia interfere in the 2016 election.”

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