The fire hose of non-politicians considering a newfound life in politics, thanks to Donald Trump, continues to churn out new personalities thinking about making the plunge. This week, Mark Cuban has said he is actively considering a run in 2020, though has not fully committed to the idea. Cuban has stated he considers himself an independent, and would likely run outside of the mainstream parties.

Yahoo News reports:

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is “actively considering” running for president in 2020, he said on Tuesday, but there is a “90 percent” chance the billionaire investor and entrepreneur won’t run.

Speaking with CNBC’s “Fast Money”, Cuban said while he has expressed interest in running, a lot can happen in the next three years. If a better candidate emerges and someone else could do a better job, he said he would be happy.

“It’s not my all-time dream to be President of the United States,” Cuban said.

Cuban also commented Tuesday on his potential presidential run on Bakari Sellers’ podcast “Viewpoint,” telling Sellers he was “considering” running, but was not ready to commit to the idea.

“I would say the odds are extremely against it because my wife would divorce me,” Cuban said on CNBC. “It‘s more a family issue than any other issue.”

Cuban also said his children have varying opinions on whether he should run for president.

“My son definitely,” Cuban said. “My middle daughter probably. My oldest daughter she only pays attention to boys and nothing else matters.”

As is usually the case, even with lifetime politicians, it’s mostly up to the spouse:

Cuban said the 90 percent chance rate of him not running could drop if his wife gives him the go-ahead.

Cuban campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2016, though he did speak well of Donald Trump at the begining of the process. Sometime during the campaign, however, Cuban soured on Trump and went all-in for Hillary. Since that time, he’s been taking shots at Trump during interviews and on social media.

Cuban most recently took issue with Trump’s statement that NFL team owners should fire players who refuse to stand for the national anthem:

“The president is not going to apologize. Are you kidding me?” Cuban said on CNBC.

“Instead of getting on his phone and tweeting, just read a book. You know, just chill,” the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks added in a “Squawk on the Street” interview. “I know that’s crazy to say about our president.”

In the interview Monday, Cuban said Trump should have said nothing about NFL players protesting during the national anthem. He also said the league has always been involved in politics at some level.

I’m doubtful Cuban will run, since it takes a lot of dedicated time and he appears to be enjoying life as he’s living it. Politics is grueling, and it’s a lengthy commitment. Unless his wife comes around to the idea and everyone is on board for the difficulty it entails, Cuban will probably be playing 2020 on the bench.


    • Trump came by cash and the majority of his assets through his Father. Donald Trump lost hundreds of millions in his valuation due to inept business decisions that trickled down to his other ventures. Trump took bankruptcy over four times to free himself of big construction debts. After the dust settled, Trump still owned the property and hundreds of small businesses suffered financially or had to go out of business. Trump handles governing the way he does business—with laissez-faire economics and an endless string of deals.

      Come to Texas and ask any person on the street—ask his employees—ask every player or coach on the Maverick’s team and you will get the same answer—fair and honest to the point of being blunt but always offers a helping hand. This is Mark Cuban’s recent remark on Trump: “If he’s going to dish it out, he’s got to be able to take it. I don’t expect him to apologize, but if this is the new presidency, where our president wants to mix it up, and obviously he does, whether it’s North Korea — God help us — or sports or me or public figures or anybody, then this is the new reality we live in, and that makes him fair game.”

      Viva la Cuban!

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