President Trump tweeted this morning that he supports changing rules in the U.S Senate to effectively end the filibuster and change the threshold to a simple majority of 51 votes. His argument for this, of course, is that he could get his agenda passed despite opposition from Democrats. The biggest opposition, however, may come from Republicans who would fear the repercussions of such a rule change being used against them if and when they lose power in the Upper Chamber.

Reuters reports on the latest push from the President to nullify Democratic opposition:

President Donald Trump, in a tweet on Tuesday, reiterated his call for the U.S. Senate to loosen its rules to make it easier to pass legislation by simple majority, and urged lawmakers to pass healthcare and tax overhauls.

“The U.S. Senate should switch to 51 votes, immediately, and get Healthcare and TAX CUTS approved, fast and easy. Dems (Democrats) would do it, no doubt!” Trump wrote in a post on Twitter. Earlier this month, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected the idea.

Here’s the tweet in question:

The thing is though, the Democrats held the presidency for eight years and didn’t do it. In fact, neither party has eliminated the filibuster or changed these files because they both know that they’d regret such a move when they inevitably become the minority party at some point. Without the super majority rule and the filibuster, the minority party would function the way it does in the House, which is to be basically useless in shaping the agenda or slowing down bad legislation. If these rules were to change, the party in power could pass their agenda at will, but the short term gains would simply be undone by the other party once the pendulum swings.

This latest tweet is not unlike the changes he proposed back in the beginning of May:

Back at that time, Republicans were furious:

“I’ve never seen anybody go to the Senate and then advocate removing the filibuster — they don’t do it,” House Appropriations Labor-HHS-Education Chairman Rep. Tom Cole said emerging from a Republican Conference meeting. He said he thought that was highly unlikely to happen.

“I prefer the first one but, you know, it’s really up to the Senate what the Senate rules are,” Cole said of Trump’s proposition to either elect more Republicans or change the Senate rules. Cole said he’s never seen Republicans get elected to the Senate and then call for such a change.

This rule change most likely is not going to happen. In fact, the likelihood is probably around zero percent since Trump himself has nothing to do with changing it. The change would be up to Senate Republicans and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already said he would not push such a change.


  1. For once, I would have to say as did the article that this proposal is a little short sighted by President Trump. Change is inevitable and sometime in the distant future the Democrats will …. shudder …. once again be in the majority.?

    There really isn’t any need for the immediate gratification that is proposed by President Trump. If the Democrats continue with their obstruction and futile resistance, next year’s midterms will be a landslide for the Republicans. After the shelacking of the Democratic candidates next year, there will be no problem getting any new laws through the senate.?

    • A landslide? It may be for the Democrats but not the Republicans. I’m a Republican who cannot believe what this sorry speciman we call president. He doesn’t even have a mandate and he’s destroying this country.

      • When the US begins to be as crazy as are many countries in Europe and for that matter Canada then you can say President Trump is destroying the country. For now he is trying to rein in the whacky Democrats and their lackey judges and MSM. Of course he has to undo the disastrous policies of the O’Bugger administration. ?

        I hope that you didn’t think that the Wicked Witch was a better option than President Trump.?

        • Yes, I supported Hillary Clinton and I supported Obama who will go down as one of the best presidents ever. This loony toon that’s in office now is flat nuts. If you think he’s going to give affordable healthcare to all, then you just got snookered by a man who has so many lawsuits against him it isn’t even funny. He’s a business crook! Lower taxes? For the wealthy only. But you go ahead and live in your fantasy world. And I disagree with you on Europe. I hope you understand that thousands of NATO troops have helped us fight a war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

          • Are you a Republican or RINO? You say that I live in a fantasy world, I think you had to be looking in the mirror when you wrote that line.?

            Hillary Clinton has to be one of the most vile people on the planet. It’s not like you just saw her the last couple of years. She has been in the public eye for the last quarter century. If you haven’t realized what a lying, phony, thief she is by now, you never will.?

            The Muslim Community Organizer is the biggest flim flam man in history. He destroyed the status of this country around the world, in eight short years. He will certainly go down in history books. He will go down as the biggest joke ever to be president.?

            Finally we get to President Trump. Is he perfect, of course not. Nobody can be on this earth for seven decades and not have some warts. He will obviously do some good and some bad, but he is doing the best he can. Considering the Democrats and the MSM are trying to sabotage everything, I think he is doing fine.?

          • He’s a Trump supporter.

            Don’t expect much and you’ll be less disappointed.

      • If you were a Republican you wouldn’t say “a sorry specimen we have for president.” You wouldn’t agree with him but you wouldn’t degrade him.

        The only difference between Trump and say Bush is that Trump isn’t a Polished corrupt politician.

        • I am also a Republican.

          Betsy was extremely kind in her assessment of der Schmuckenführer.

    • Immediate gratification is what Trump’s life is all about.

      If he sets up the Democrats to be dictators after he’s gone, that’s fine with him.

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