NBC and MSNBC will be simulcasting a presidential forum tonight featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The event will give both candidates separate time on stage answering questions related to the military and national security. The event is being sponsored by the organization known as Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
IAVA Commander-in-Chief Forum

Video: Watch Full Video

Candidates: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump (in order they’ll appear, Clinton first by coin toss)
Moderator: Matt Lauer
Format: Candidates will appear separately on stage for 30 minutes each answering questions related to national security

As we noted previously, Gary Johnson was not invited as the participation threshold was set at a minimum of 15% support in national polls.

More details from NBC News:

“TODAY” co-anchor Matt Lauer will moderate the first-ever Commander-in-Chief Forum on Wednesday, September 7, presented by NBC News with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

During this one-hour forum live from the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be on stage back-to-back taking questions on national security, military affairs and veterans issues from NBC News and an audience comprised mainly of military veterans and active service members.

The event will air live on MSNBC at 8 p.m. ET and will be simulcast live on NBC in most markets. Check listings if you live in the Mountain and Pacific time zones. The event will also air on NBC in its entirety at 8 p.m. PT and 9 p.m. MT. Use the hashtag #NBCNewsForum to join the conversation.

The first real debate doesn’t happen until September 26, so this event will have to act as a little preview. We will provide the full video of this forum after it airs in case you miss it live.

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  1. Why is this forum using the same criteria as the debates?!? 15% in the polls is BS, especially when you consider that less than 10% of voters voted for either Clinton or Trump in their respective primaries! This event has NOTHING to do with the debates or the CPD! It’s suppose to be representative of VETERANS and a plurality veterans support Gary Johnson! As an Iraq veteran, the IAVA does not represent me! And I will NOT be watching!

    • Well, except that the audience will be able to ask questions. If they didn’t cherry-pick the audience, they will be fans of Johnson, and should ask some good questions.

      As for the CPD, we agree with you. Someone suggested that the threshold should only require being on the ballot in enough states to reach 270 electoral votes. Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

      • You say that you don’t support the pot head yet you cry big tears that he is not included in events like this and the debates. Third party candidates are nothing in this country, except some times serving as spoilers. They get no respect, because they deserve none. When Johnson won his primary he shared the stage with the guy with the boot on his head, the guy who celebrated with a striptease dance, and the guy who said all drugs should be legal because “every adult knows better than to give heroin to a minor. I think that all our druggies must be very responsible people.
        Like I said, they get the respect they have earned. They do not belong in the debates.

      • pff give the cry babies what they want so they STFU. Johnson is a pro TPP pro NAFTA puppet anyway, he will just make trouble and pretend that he had a chance but was cheated. He thinks if he makes a splash and pushes marijuana he’s suddenly qualified as a bad-ass outsider. Pots for losers, kids, being legal doesn’t change anything.

    • I’m afraid I would have to take issues with your statement that less than 10% of the voters voted for either candidate, if I’m not mistaken D. Trump set records of votes for primaries.
      But if your “hard-wired” for G. Johnson, forget it, nothing will make you see reality.

    • Big Boo Boo face for you. I think its a great idea, Maby Trump would have a chance to open some shut eyes and show Hillarys corruption and lies. I just hope her health can hole up for this. As far as Johnson, he kind of popped up out of the blue and yet dosent have the 15% needed. Rules are rules..

      P.S. Im a vet too, I would appreciate you not trying to represent me.

    • Don’t watch then, no one cares if you watch or not….it’s going to be either Trump or killary as President, so Johnson doesn’t need to be there. All as he is going to do is take votes away from Trump. We need Trump/Pence to save America.

      • My vote is mine and doesn’t “belong” to anyone. I will vote my conscious, thank you very much. Semper fi.

    • Gary Johnson supports open borders just like Hillary.

      If you want to destroy America vote Johnson or Hillary.

  2. “Candidates will appear separately on stage for 30 minutes”
    That way NBC can edit out Hillary’s seizures and coughing fits…

    • She comes out of her Coma if BIG BUCKS might be possible for the Schemer to get her hands on. It’s all about Money and Power to Control Others that motivates this Heartless; Soulless creature. America DESERVES MUCH BETTER than a person who doesn’t know if they are coming or going but can cover up their FLAWS by spewing out Rhetoric and Motions to appear as if under control.

      • Don’t be so quick to be a smartass when you are WRONG ! EDT has nothing to do whether it is daylight out!! Only if that state switches to DT during part of the year and it covers a 24 hour day/night period of time.

  3. Wow, wouldn’t it be great if the meda actually covered Trump without being petty? I would love them to cover news and not get a check from the Democratic side

  4. Matt Lauer will throw Clinton softball questions wrapped in rainbow unicorns, and he’ll accuse Trump of being a racist.

    But I have confidence that Trump will do an excellent job.

    TRUMP 2016 — to save our country from the evil Clinton mobster organization.

    • I really can’t believe how many Trump supporters there are. Are you people blind? This man is a joke – he flip-flops on almost any position and he is just plain nuts. I believe that Donald Trump is more dangerous to our future than ISIS. Hillary’s no peach, but at least she’s coherent.

      • Dave,

        I am not blind. In fact, I can see quite clearly and I can think clearly. And Trump will be a much greater President than Hillary could dream of being. Hillary is a dishonest, selfish, lying criminal whose sole aim is power and self-enrichment. She is to be avoided at all costs. I recommend that you do some real research into her history, her scandals, her lies, and her crimes. She seriously needs to be indicated and serve time in prison.

        • You mean all the made-up “scandals” the right has thrown at her for decades, yet NOT ONE has ever proven to be true or stuck? The silly Vince Foster, Clinton Foundation, Email, Benghazi garbage spewed by nut-bar conspiracy theorists and desperate, sad, hypocritical guys like Newt Gingrich?

          Yet you ignore all of Trump’s scandals.You know, the rape, the multiple bankruptcies to get out of paying contractors, the scams, the traitorous collaboration with Putin, the hate speech, the association with white supremacists, the many times he has expressed sexual desire for his own daughter, the times he tried to boot elderly widows out of their homes so he could build a parking lot, the very bad situations with black tenants in his buildings, the illegal alien models he employed and then forced to live in squalid conditions and work for free, the family’s ties to prostitution, the plagiarism, the fondness for dictators and collections of books about Hitler…

          Yes, attorneygirl, you’re blind as a mole, and your brain must be damaged for you to willfully ignore all those things while latching onto the ridiculous conspiracy theories about Clinton.

          In case you don’t realize it, you’re on the bad guys’ side of this one. You’re rooting for the villain and buying into propaganda designed to sway weak-minded, petty, selfish, cowardly, hate-filled fools.

          And you will lose. When you lose, you are welcome to run off to Russia and worship Putin some more, just like your hero Trump.

          • Can’t wait to see you cower when Trump wins the election. If you think for a moment Hillary has a chance….just watch how many turn out to her rallies. No one wants or needs to here the bullshit and lies that come out of that ladies mouth. You truly are a pathetic soul. You too have listened to the lefts propaganda and ate the shit sandwiches that the Dems have fed you the last 7 plus years….But no worries you washed it down with the same batch of tainted Koolaid and bullshit blatant lies as always. See you in November at the voting booths…..Enjoy the long lines of folks voting to make America Great Again. We’ll be glad to save you a spot in the loser section.

          • Wow. Most of her scandals have a familiar ring to them. She is often said to be untruthful. The fact that she hasn’t been charged is not because she was innocent it is just that she is rich and powerful. I hope you have seen the difference in having a court appointed lawyer then a highly priced one.

        • You call yourself ” attorneygirl” and you seriously say she needs to be INDICATED? You need I do some research, period.

          • Let’s wait to see what wiki leaks will provide. They are truly a better at FOIA then our government at the moment.

            • Right, we need to depend on someone who most likely got “hacked emails” from the Russians, if they didn’t just make them up from whole cloth. And someone. Who is led by a man who is hiding in the embassy of Ecudor, in the UK from rape charges. Now let’s talk about someone who considers themselves above the law.
              Oh I forgot, the Donald faces charges that he raped a 13 year old, and that doesn’t seem to bother you. I guess in your world it is only the woman who can be held responsible.

            • Are you serious? Yes, Wiki leaks has been hacking into the DNC, as well as many other organizations. Truth is that it is much harder than it looks. You see in most cases, they need a source. Someone that sees corruption and wants to stop it, a whistleblower. I am sure you must have hated Bernie Sanders…. Because you don’t seem to mind the DNC trying their hardest to create “issues” with him. So I do not trust so much the “reports” from the “media”. In fact, that is the main reason I come to this site. To provide a ying to their yang.
              Do you you think your vote is important? Then just stop. Stop, and listen to some videos of Trump supporters. LatinosforTrump is a great one. He has been on Twitter, MSNBC, and Fox. Do you know what I love is that this movement isn’t afraid to talk to others people, to discuss, to educate, and to inform that we are first and most importantly US Citizens, before we are of any ethnicity. We are wanting US to come first. Because after all this is where we will raise our children, the country for the Freedom and the Strong. See Sir, we are proud of our Constitution, we see the destruction of great countries like Britain, Sweeden, and France. We need to consider the safety of our nation. The last 8 years we have been inn a war that we cannot call a war. We finally admitted “genocide” was occurring against Sunni Muslim and All Christians. But our President refuses to call it a war. So our military continues to have their hands tied as well as the men and women sent to that he*l hole. Did you ever wonder how big is Syria? Please google it and then tell me which US state is it similar to.

            • I stand by my statement about both Wikileaks and Assange. He is criminal dealing in questionable information from unreliable sources.
              I stand by my descriptions of Trump and his supporters. Trump is like a conducter directing a symphony of hate. Trumps campaign reaches out to black people by speaking to all white audiences?
              Why does David Duke support Trump so vocally?
              As far as Trumps “America First” that has long been recognized as white nationalist ( read supremicist ) code words.
              And I don’t quite understand why Syria’s similarity in landmass to Washington state is supposed to mean anything. The similarities end there. If you are trying to make the point that Syrians are real people, most of us already knew that. I believe it was your candidate promising bomb the he’ll out of ISIS. Unfortunately those poor Syrians occupy the same space as the terrorists. That’s kind of the problem. OOPS. SORRY I KILED ALL YOUR KIDS, BUT I BOMBED THE HELL OUT OF ISIS. Signed D Trump

            • If I take the time to link footage and testimony will you watch it? I can lay an argument out with links of Congress and timelines of events. Will you watch them. Otherwise why should I waste my time?

            • I must tell you that I am disabled, and after many years ( I was married and working at 17) of averaging 50 to 60 hours working, I now have time to devote to keeping up with the news. So with all due respect, it would probably would be a waste f your time. Many, if not most of the events you are referring to, I have seen. Hillary Clinton was questioned almost non-stop by the house oversight committee for 11 hours. I watched every minute. That was after Kevin Mccarthey, Rep from California said publicly that the purpose of the Bengazi hearings was to destroy Hillary Clinton’s public image. He just put into words how the Republicans in Congress have treated her down through time. Once it becomes clear that that is their objective, any charges they bring up are suspect.
              You seem to be a sincere, honest person and I say this with no disrespect, you have been sold a bill of goods. You are not the only one.
              I would suggest that you look at events and try a variety of sources to get the whole story, and see if you are still as convinced.

            • By the way, as far s Sanders is concerned, he is not, was not,and will never be a Democrat. He hitched a ride on the Democratic ticket ecause he new inning as an independent is fruitless. He said so at a town hall in the primaries, check it out for yourself.
              He is registered for his Senate seat reelection as an independent. Check for yourself.
              Finally, I am not and never will be socialist.

            • I also watched them. I also watched the debates. Both sides. The old app used to show them without editorials. I really miss it. But complaining will not change anything.
              I have followed politics since I was young. We discussed events together all the time, it was our duty to be informed. I was raised a Catholic Democrat… Lol. I became a Republican when I turned 18. I had my own apartment and car worked as a CNA in a nursing home, and was single with no kids. Boy did my views change. I was taxed so much. But my friends who had kids got to stay home and collected a check and food stamps. Rain or shine thru snow and sub zero temperature my butt would go to work and try to do my best. I still try. Right now I am home because I hurt myself at work. I have 2disk in my neck that are injured. Sometimes I can read and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I hurt so much sleep is deprived. So I do have empathy for your situation. Like I said before in one of my comments. Our past reflects who we are today. I am tired of seeing people, especially men out of work. I would love it if they could support a family once again as my father and grandfather did.

  5. If Gary isn’t on the debate stage I just won’t watch. I can’t stand to watch anymore Clinton or Trump. I would really like to see more of Jonson, and in all fairness Stein as well. Gary polls very well among ventrans, and I hope the audience has plenty of Gary supporters. I just would like to see more of his answers.

    • The only thing Johnson will do is take votes away from Trump to “give” the election to killary…..is that what you want or do you want America to be saved????? Trump/Pence 2016 to save America!!

      • Well Hillary is my second choice. Trumps racist comments and objectification of women is something horrific to me. Hillary has done horrible things, but that is because she had the power to do so. I don’t think Trump will be any better. So I guess you really want me to vote for Gary.

        Gary and Weld do seem to be people who consider their actions and are genuinely want to improve our country. I would like to hear a lot more from them.

        If you are worried about “wasting” your vote, then find a Hillary person and make a pact to both vote for Johnson. Otherwise you would have negated the other, but this way you can both vote for two highly qualified non-corrupt governors who didn’t run in or participate in pay to plays.


      • Do you know that Hillary actually starts with an H?
        I’m glad Trump supporters can keep the discussion on an adult level.

  6. A lot depends on how fair the moderator is. The questions could be stacked in Hillary’s favor by playing to her experience sitting on a plane and ability to drop names of more government people.

    Expect the theme to be how Hillary is experienced. Trump is dangerous.

      • I know. It was obvious watching it. Hillary was not “grilled” on her e-mail. Instead, she droned on and on about headers. However, it appears that she was not telling the truth about them according to wikileaks.

        Trump stood his ground and showed himself to have a far better command of the topics and leadership.

      • I know. I think Trump handled him well. The issue is now how Hillary and the media are sticking with the unstable Trump fallacy. He was rock solid, well studied, and logical. But the headlines afterward were so fictitious.

        • Trump was rock solidly on every possible side of every issue he spoke about. The red was really showing through the Orange.

            • Yep, pretty clear, sexism, racism,islamophobia,xenophobia, white supremacy. Just bout any kind of hate, and more money for The Donald. One thing he is clearly it for, you nd me.

            • No proof needed, all you need to do is listen to one of his rally speeches. Not the oscillating fan teleprompter speeches. One where speaks his “mind”.
              Go back and listen to his speech when he announced his candidacy. There was more than enough hate speech in that single speech to prove my point.
              By the way did you know that many in that crowd were paid actors hired through a casting company.
              At least he is not dishonest.

            • If you have listened to many of his speeches and still support him then I must assume one or more of the following.

              1) You are deaf

              2) you do not speak English

              3)you tripped over the hem of your white gown, and your hood fell down and covered your ears and muffled the words.

  7. Does Donald Trump get to watch Hillary Clinton’s Q&A section of the forum before his turn? Or is he going to be held in a media proof or media blackout room so he hears these same questions for the first time they are asked.

  8. Separately? What a frigging setup. This is only to protect the witch. I can’t stand that weasel Lauer. He is extremely one sided and a class act liar as well.

    • Bs. Maybe on both counts.
      All the questions to hrc seemed scripted and the head of IAVA just admitted post forum that he seeded the room with his “activists”.

  9. I was ready to vote for any anyone that would promote their agenda without disparaging the other candidate. Neither one of them could help themselves.

  10. Before Secretary Clinton engaged with the audience, Lauer asked her in no uncertain terms to focus her comments on her positions and NOT on Trump’s actions or qualifications.

    After she graciously compiled, Lauer was not as vehement in his request of Trump. Not that he could control Trump, but LAUER did not even ATTEMPT to stop OR limit Trump from attacking Secretary Clinton in answering virtually every question! And, Trump used at least 50 percent of his time to make nasty attacks and belittling comments about Secretary Clinton as well as the sitting President. Of course, we all know he knows nothing about being commander-in-chief nor does he have the background, skill or temperament to be the commander-in-chief. Lauer virtually never called him out or questioned his responses, either. Lauer poorly represented NBC and his vocation tonight.

  11. Hillary took much too long answering a question than necessary, probably so there would be no time for questions on the Clinton Foundation. Matt ran out of time. Of course, I doubt that he would have asked her any embarrassing questions.

  12. IAVA has promised to include Governor Johnson in a later commander in cheif forum. Any news about when that will occur and how it can be viewed?

  13. This is a 3 way race, ClinTrump AND Gary Johnson, Not to acknowledge the 3rd candidate running is a travesty against All of the USA. #LetGaryDebate

    An open Letter about Gary Johnson from his book
    I learned early on that there’s no “they” lurking out there to keep us down. . .or come to our rescue. It’s you and I who are going to get the important things done.
    I base my decisions, both personally and professionally, on seven principles that I’ve derived from my experiences as the son of a school teacher, the owner of a large construction company, a two-term governor, a competitive athlete, and a husband and father.
    Gary Johnson’s seven guiding principles:
    1.. Don’t kid yourself or others
    2. Always be honest and tell the truth.
    3. Always do what’s right and fair.
    4. Determine your goal. Develop a plan don’t procrastinate.
    5. Make sure everyone who ought to know what you’re doing, knows what you’re doing.
    6. Don’t hesitate to deliver bad news. Acknowledge mistakes immediately.
    7. Be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
    Good government is easy.
    It is, if we maintain a clear view of government’s proper role and apply a few straightforward principles by which to fulfill that role.
    Gary Johnson

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