We keep hearing that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the most unpopular presidential candidates in history. But do we know why? Bloomberg wanted to know, so they did a poll, as reported in Business Insider. We thought we’d share the top nine annoyances of each candidate.

The chief controversy bothering voters about Donald Trump is his perceived mocking of a disabled reporter late last year, while the top controversy pestering voters about Hillary Clinton is her use of a private email server while she served as secretary of state, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The Bloomberg poll asked 1,007 Americans over the age of 18 about how much, or how little, a series of nine issues expressed by political opponents of Trump or Clinton bothered them.

The list has the most annoying thing at the top, and says whether respondents thought the item bothered them a lot or a little, with the total annoyance percentage.


1. Perceived mocking of a disabled reporter:
Bothers a lot: 62%, a little: 21%, Total: 83%

2. His criticism of the Khan family:
Bothers a lot: 56%. a little: 19%, Total: 75%

3. Saying that “I alone” can fix the country’s problems
Bothers a lot: 54%, a little: 21%, Total: 75%

4. Suggesting that the US might not automatically defend all NATO allies
Bothers a lot: 50%, a little: 24%, Total: 74%

5. Saying that he’s sacrificed a lot in business after Khizr Khan said he has never sacrificed anything:
Bothers a lot: 48%, a little: 25%, Total: 73%

6. Trump University lawsuits:
Bothers a lot: 44%, a little: 27%, Total: 71%

7. His praise of Vladimir Putin
Bothers a lot: 42%, a little: 27%, Total: 69%

8. His decision to not yet release his tax returns
Bothers a lot: 44%, a little: 24%, Total: 68%

9. Suggesting that Russian hackers should try and find Clinton’s deleted emails
Bothers a lot: 45%, a little: 21%, Total: 66%


1. Handling of sensitive information on a private email server:
Bothers a lot: 58%, a little: 22%, Total: 80%

2. Handling of the Benghazi attack in 2012:
Bothers a lot: 55%, a little: 20%, Total: 75%

3. Clinton foundation accepting money from foreign governments while she was secretary of state
Bothers a lot: 53%, a little: 21%, Total: 74%

4. Clinton’s private speeches to Wall Street firms
Bothers a lot: 44%, a little: 22%. Total: 66%

5. Her handling of violence in the Middle East while she was secretary of state:
Bothers a lot: 43%. a little: 21%, Total: 64%

6. Her decision to flip her support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership:
Bothers a lot: 30%, a little: 34%, Total: 64%

7. Her decision to rarely hold press conferences
Bothers a lot: 28%, a little: 32%, Total: 60%

8. Voting for the Iraq War
Bothers a lot: 26%, a little: 29%, Total: 55%

9. Embracing President Barack Obama and much of his agenda
Bothers a lot: 36%. a little: 17%, Total: 53%

It’s interesting that most of the things that bother people about Trump were self-inflicted one-time events, such as mocking the reporter. But most of Hillary’s issues are more policy oriented or long-term, such as her email headache. The implication is that Trump could be a lot more popular if he just watched what he said, whereas the public seems to disagree with Hillary on things she can’t change.

For those who like a graphic, RealClearPolitics shows the overall favorability/unfavorability ratings of both candidates. Donald Trump’s unfavorability rating has remained fairly consistent over the past year, between 55 and 65%.

trump clinton favorable ratings

Meanwhile, Hillary’s unfavorability was only 46% a year ago, peaked at 56% in late July, settling back to about 53% now.

hillary favorable ratings

And, finally, what does it all mean? The Washington Times says the fact that we hate the both major party candidates means that they’re both going to work extra hard to help us hate them both even more.

Political analysts say that the historically high unfavorable ratings for both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump have left both campaigns with little choice than to focus the bulk of their efforts on tearing the other down, hoping that when the war of attrition finally is over, swing voters ultimately will decide their candidate is the lesser of two evils. . .

Lara Brown, a political science professor at George Washington University [says] “There is a way in which ‘crooked’ will beat ‘unstable,’” she added, referring to the “crooked Hillary” nickname Mr. Trump has given his opponent. “The only way you hold your nose and vote for one of these people is if you think your worst nightmare is going to come true.”

This is going to be a long 77 days…


  1. I am not sure that I could dislike Hillary Clinton anymore than I already do. I do not hate her, but I certainly dislike her and what she represents. In my mind, she is the very anti-thesis of what this nation should be about. I will be VOTING against her in November. I am also concerned that in this 2016 Presidential Election, the intense polarization of the American people being so pronounced. More and more I understand why George Washington despised political factions.

  2. Did you know that copying and pasting entire articles into a post is plagiarism? Block quotes are block quotes. They aren’t intended so you can recopy an entire article into the body of yours. There is nothing original here, seriously why even bother. I won’t, deleting this app.

  3. Some of the things Trump has done and said are inexcusable. The myriad number of accusations of foul play, outright unlawful acts and carelessness associated with a CAVILER ATTITUDE attributable to Hillary Clinton are simply CRIMINAL.

    Trump has only been in the political arena for a little over a year. He is many things but one of them is NOT POLITICALLY POLISHED.

    Hillary Clinton has been around politics counting Arkansas, for close to 40 years. She and her philandering husband have been in the national spotlight for around a quarter of a century.

    What this general election should be decided upon in my opinion is this. Say for example you have two children of 5 and 10 years old. Should the 5 year old do something you consider naughty, most people will explain the RIGHT from the WRONG, hopes it sinks in and there will be no repeat of the offensive behavior. Should the 10 year old do the exact same think, most people won’t be as lenient. You have already had a discussion with this child about what is and isn’t acceptable, unfortunately either the lessons don’t sink in or the child ignores them.

    The American electorate are faced with the same situation. You have a political neophyte in Trump making foolish mistakes. In Clinton you have a savvy political animal. Her mistakes aren’t one time things, they are a flagrant disregard for authority.

    From where I stand I would rather be forgiving of the neophyte and that is why I am 100% behind Trump.

    • This election cycle has presented us with two problems.

      One, Clinton, is a problem democracy knows how to handle.

      The other doesn’t know how to handle democracy.

    • Trump is a 70 year old man, not a 5 year old boy.

      Mocking a disabled person shows a lack of basic human decency, not merely political “polish”.

      • You are right, he has done during this campaign many questionable things.

        But for all his FAUX PAS, I prefer him 1000% to that lying slime ball Billary.

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