The five remaining GOP candidates met in Houston for the last Republican debate before the Super Tuesday primary contests on March 1st. The event was held at the University of Houston and sponsored by CNN and Telemundo, with Wolf Blitzer as moderator. Immigration and border security was the lead off topic and the conversation quickly became heated.

Thursday, February 25, 2016
CNN/Telemundo Republican Debate
Location: Houston, TX
Candidates: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Carson
Moderator: Wolf Blitzer
Transcript: Washington Post

Here is the full debate video:

My apologies for video quality, Telemundo is removing every copy on YouTube and basically holding the debate video under lock and key.

Report from Yahoo News:

After weeks of holding his fire on Donald Trump, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio tore into the Republican presidential frontrunner at Thursday’s GOP debate, going after Trump’s position on immigration and targeting Trump’s key argument for his candidacy: his business record.

In a strikingly aggressive attack that was quickly followed up by opposition emails from his campaign, Rubio went after Trump for his companies’ bankruptcies; his management of Trump University, which is the subject of a federal lawsuit; and his use of undocumented and foreign workers in his properties in New York and Florida.

“You’re only person on this stage that has ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally,” Rubio said, referring to a decades-old lawsuit against Trump over his use of Polish immigrants in the construction of Trump Tower in New York.

“No, I’m the only one on the stage that’s hired people,” Trump shot back. “You haven’t hired anybody.”

For several seconds, Rubio and Trump talked over one another — with the Florida senator at one point urging viewers to “Google Trump Polish workers.” In response, Trump called Rubio “a liar.” “Just be quiet,” Trump finally said.

At times this debate was frustrating to watch due to the numerous instances of candidates yelling over each other. Very frequently it seemed like the attacks of Cruz and Rubio against Trump were lost in the over-talking. However, that being said, Rubio finally opened his guns toward Trump as did Cruz. There was little interaction between Cruz and Rubio, most of their ire was directed entirely at Trump. Ben Carson and John Kasich were basically footnotes on the evening, or maybe bookends is a better description as they received few questions and fractions of talk time compared to the top three contenders. Very heated debate, very fiery exchanges, but will it tilt the scales against Trump next Tuesday? I’m eagerly awaiting some new polling, perhaps out by Sunday to give us an idea of how this debate will be received by voters.


  1. I agree. Not a great night for The Donald. He let them drag him down to their level.

    According to the quote by Mark Twain, “never argue with a fool–onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

    • That quote is applicable to anyone, yet here it is inadequate as you are applying it. You would have to define the word “fool” for me.
      “the Donald” has no debt in his arguments, and you cannot see that? If anyone repeats himself its him. Same thing over and over and over, not much elaboration or in-depth analysis from him – so that I who could easily vote for him would understand that he is not only blowing hot air. He has to give me a substantive reason, indications that he understands HOW to deal with the issues, not simply public statements that any of us can make. If his money is a major reason why he is running, then to me that is not good enough, he has to have principled convictions, not simply feed the pubic with statements that they want to hear, because they are fed up (as I am!) of the same ole, same ole.

      • No argument with what you’re saying.

        But the point is that Trump should have just stood there and let them rant. When they were done, he could have delivered a calm response, which would have made them look childish.

        Instead, he looked almost as desperate as they did.

        • He’s a bully and, as such, feels it necessary to beat his opponent(s). His ego will allow nothing less.

          • Please research the meaning of bully. Trump was being attacked on both sides and fought back, standing his ground. You obviously don’t have a clue what the word bully means. By your standards, any rape victim who attempts to fend off their attackers is a ‘bully’ too. Any small child being shoved inside their locker who tries to defend themselves is a ‘bully’ as well. I guess you would make an excellent slave. By all means, don’t ever fight back. Just be a punching bag. Oh wait, you are here to start fights, but I guess according to your twisted mind, anyone who disgarees with your opinions is a ‘bully, too. Poor you. Everyone who is not your dorrmat is just a mean old ‘bully’.

            • Can’t say I agree with those analogies. First, he’s being attacked on his ideas on the campaign trail; that’s part of politics and anyone who wants to succeed in politics needs to be able to take it and stay calm and rational. Secondly, the reason he’s a bully is not because he is attacking those attacking him which can be expected but rather because he says horribly racist and bigoted things and launches personal attacks on those who do not have a reasonable expectation of being attacked nor have the podium that Trump does to defend themselves.

            • Please cite one of the ‘racist and bigoted things’ Trump has actually said, not just another sound byte taken out of context. I hope you are not one of those idiots who believes that the Muslims pouring into ‘refugee camps’ are actually Syrians who are running away from Isis. The media just interviewed a Syrian couple (must have been difficult to locate a female since over 70% of the ‘refugees’ are male) and the man said he was afraid of Assad, you know, the guy in charge in Syria currently fighting Isis. Yes, running from the man fighting Isis but not from Isis. Meanwhile Europe’s rapefugee crisis appears to be going well, just ask the German nationals.
              In regards to Trump’s remark about who Mexico is carting across our borders, yet again I did not realize that illegal was a race. Apparently I am too ‘bigoted’ to realize that Asians, Arabs and Hispanics are all Mexican, even if they come from Honduras, Korea and the Middle East. If people think Mexico is passing along their rocket scientists then please let me sell this teflon bungee cord to you too.

            • First, I said nothing about you personally so there’s no need to get so hostile and launch personal attacks on me. Here are some of his twitter fodder (I’ll include re-tweets since, although not coming from his mouth directly, they are something he endorses)

              “@arrianahuff is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man- he made a good decision”

              Re-tweet: “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?”

              Re-tweet of a graphic saying 81% of white people killed were at the hands of a black person (1. The figure is more like 15% 2. Clearly meant to suggest we should be scared of black people 3. Incidentally the graphic came from the twitter account of a white supremacist)

              “Maybe he should have been roughed up” – Suggesting that a protester at his rally got what he deserved when he was punched and kicked

              “Ben Carson is now leading in the polls in Iowa. Too much Monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain?” – Not so subtle suggestion that people in Iowa have mental issues

              “When Mexico sends its people… they’re bring drugs, crime , rapists. And some, I assume, some are good people” – Even if you don’t agree this does, at least the way he worded it, suggest that the majority of Mexicans in the US are violent criminals.

              He also mocked a handicapped reporter on stage. Then there are the times, far too numerous to count, when he simply calls someone an idiot for not agreeing with him. There’s also the general xenophobia, fear, and divisiveness (if your not with me your against me) that he foments which is extremely dangerous.

              Just a final thought… maybe we should show a little more compassion to Syrian civilians. They are stuck between a rock (a murderous dictator) and a hard place (murderous terrorists).

            • To be clear, I never attacked you personally, although you internalized it for whatever reason. I said, ‘I hope you are not one of those idiots who believes….’. Now reasing your post, sadly it looks like you have bought the US media lies and propaganda. I have quite a few contacts in the Middle East and I will tell you right now Assad was a good president and up until the US decided it wanted to create chaos in the Middle East he was neither murderous nor a dictator. Syria used to have over 1.2 millions Christians living there relatively peacefully cohabiting with the majoriy Muslims. Along comes the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ whom the US not only covertly armed but trained as well, launching rockets and using guerrilla warfare tactics and suddenly, Assad is a monster. Never mind the fact that he had several high level Christian officials working with him, again, not beheading and raping them. So Assad is a murderous dictator for trying to keep his country together and fighting against terrorists, huh? No please, do go on. How about asking what few Syrian Christians have actually survived from the terrorists destroying their country and decimating their military and resources? Oh wait, out of all the ‘redugees’ the US has taken in from Syria since this al began, all of ONE has been Christian. Good luck getting the true story then
              The point I am attempting to drive home and the one which should be the logical and natural conclusion of the real situation in Syria is this; all those Muslims fleeing the ‘evil dictator Assad’ are in actuality ‘Free Syrian Army’ sympathizers, or call them Isis, since that is who they have joined and are now fighting alongside. But don’t just take my word for it, you can look it up yourself before it gets completely buried and surpressed

            • To address the few Trump retweets, AriannaHuff, he said was not nice INSIDE and out. If anything, he should get some props for this because he did not only focus on her outer appearance alone, which would have been construed as bigoted and apparently was anyway.
              Hilary Clinton is married to a man who had how many rape charges and allegations brought against him and buried? Trump is not the only one asking how someone married to a serial rapist can run a country if she cannot keep her own house in order. If she has an open marriage then why not simply come out and say there is an arrangement? She stays with Bill for the power, not out of love. Just ask Bill’s former mistress what Bill has said about Hilary, or how about the Secret Service detail when he was President and she was First ‘Lady’.
              There are many statistics for the murder and crime rates of black on black,black on white and white on black. It is true that black on black and black on white crime is disproportionate for the population yet often goes underreported or not reprted at all because the media gets a bigger kick out of promoting the false narrative of poor blacks civil rights backwards hate crimes.
              I cannot remember the exact percentages off the top of my head but they are easy enough to find should you actually be interested in researching the truth. Who is afraid of blacks, even if they do keep saying death to whitey
              Comment about Ben Carson, while not nice or PC friendly, does bring up the issue of Monsanto and yes, they do use harmful chemicals in their pesticides that have been linked to myriads of health problems and diseases. Perhaps Trump should have taken it a step further and mentioned how the FDA has a revolving door policy when it comes to Monsanto executives.
              In regards to his comments about who is pouring over our open borders through Mexico, I believe I already addressed that. If people choose to take the statement out of context, that is their right to do so, just do not expect me to blindly follow the lemmings off that intellectually dishonest cliff.
              As far as saying he was mocking a handicapped reporter, again, the media spun that and they are master spin doctors, by the way. Not for a single second did I nor do I believe in something just because the media says so and neither should you or anyone with a free mind.
              Lastly, the majority of these so-called Trump protestors at his rallies are paid actors. You should Google politics and actors for rallies. The person was paid to disturb the rally. Once upon a time in America, the bullies in school were fought back against. Some got bloodied noses and the one’s who were picked on got the bullies respect thereafter. Now we have guns in schools, drugs, razor blades, metal detectors, teachers getting beat up by students, etc. I believe in the good old days where you could punch a d$ck if his actions warranted it because then you taught respect, men were men and not shamed for not being gentle feminists and women were not screaming for equality and then crying bigot when they were actually treated equal to men instead of like delicate little flowers who have all the power and control over pansy men

            • what your saying is that you miss the days where justice, decorum and social norms were determined by the color of your skin, the “respect” others had for you (pride in yourself in this case), how “strong” you were and who you were related to? Your views seem to stem from the cliche “Son of so-and-so” where you (and i mean you) could do whatever you want and get away with it? That’s not how it works, true some feminists cross the line with their rhetoric, true i wish teachers would be allowed a looser rein in defending themselves and controlling their classes, true i wish i could break my foot of in some idiots ass for spouting nonsense with the conviction of a preacher (i wonder who?). But we can’t, As an adult white male, which i know you are, you have a higher standard to uphold, not for any fault of your own. but rather the sins of our fathers and the unbalanced world that the fathers of men like you, and me, created for themselves. The field has to be leveled. It wont be in our lifetime, or our son’s son’s. Not if we cant step up and take responsibility for what our, we lack the word for it i suppose Archetype is a close approximate, has done.

              And now i’d like to address your other statements. Yes trump re-tweets his tweets with corrections so he doesn’t appear bigoted. His PR team is probably one of the highest paid ever. your arguments are based more on your “contacts in the middle east” than on any reported, accredited and most important of all PUBLIC sources. your comments on black on white crime rates and percentages are inaccurate, considering a fellow poster already retorted with what i hope are accurate percentages. Now i understand that in the event they are correct that some instances go unreported but at the same time i’m willing to bet that its not going to be that much higher for black on white crime in fact it may be that the opposite increases dramatically.

              A personal note from me about you. This section is a direct opinion about you based off of what I’ve read and the person i have estimated you are. You don’t seem to be willing to listen to any sort of media that hasn’t been vetted by you, now i don’t know what that is since you never really quote any sort of sources. You seem to be bigoted, a stretch i’m sure. I happen to think i’m a fairly decent judge for that sort of thing, you’d be hard pressed to find someone whose been raised in both the majority and the minority. Rural South Carolina Bigoted as hell, and Urban Singapore, still bigoted but instead i was the minority.

              Distancing myself from that i’d like to continue on with talking about trumps politics.
              He doesn’t choose a position and stick with it, not even at this point, hes adamant about a few topics sure but he constantly attempts to play both sides of the board, hes pro life, hes pro choice, he doesn’t disavow the former grand wizards support, he then later that same day disavows his support. He did a mirror image of North Korea’s dancing girls except stars and stripes. Probably the most damning of all in my eyes is his statement, which he hasn’t to my knowledge recanted, to give Muslims id cards. An act straight out of Hitler’s own play book.

              I would also like to point out that guns in schools are a republican idea. It is now legal in many republican states for a college student to bring his or her weapon with them into class. That is frightening, having been a college student i understand the anxiety a “hard” degree can bring about, the feeling of failing a test you absolutely can not fail is abysmal, it opens a hole at the pit of your stomach and makes you feel that your life is over. How much more does it take for a student to get the idea that “Hey, i can change this, i can stop this!” by pulling their weapon and then attempting to rectify this event. Sure at this point most of the massacres have originated from terrorist linked conditioning and actions but eventually people will start being killed over a few points on an exam.

              Warmest regards,
              Blind Justice

              P.s. i sincerly doubt your actually going to read any of what i have to say, look it up and think about it.

        • yes, I’m with you there. But that would not be Trump; he simply cannot allow anyone to bring out any of his negatives, thus he attempts to stop them before it comes out. That concerns me about Trump.

        • “He let them drag him down to their level”

          What? Donald Trump was already at the bottom. It is Marco and Ted that were dragged to his level. All Donald Trump did for the first several months of his campaign was attack people.

          Additionally, the man doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to articulate his thoughts. When asked about how he is going to “Make America great again” he usually gives a vague response and then repeats that response over and over. Marco Rubio just finally called him out on it. Donald Trump was the only one who looked like a fool in this debate. I’ll never understand how people can support this guy who can’t even elaborate his solutions to our issues. They support him on the basis of their own ignorance.

          I am really appalled by your comment, though. I don’t know if you’re just trolling, or if you’re actually that delusional.

          • Complete intellectual dishonesty. Trump was attacked from the beginning, if you care at all to be honest and recall the facts. He fought back. Wussified PC America, oooh if someone doesn’t stand there and take it like a good little establishment punching bag then they are ‘bullies’. Wah wah. You are delusional if you think that being a doormat ever helped anyone. Well, it did work out so well for Romney, correct? The only thing not standing up for oneself and fighting back ever accomplishes is ultimately slavery. Good on you for supporting something so medieval

  2. America RIP — a satirical take on this travesty.

    One hour spent on talking what’s best for Hispanics.

    One hour spent on why Israel must comes first.

    One minute spent on talking what’s good for real American Citizens — since, we are now deemed last in line….

  3. Today’s headline:
    “Feisty” Rubio lays into Trump.

    You know what’s “feisty”? A nervous, hyperactive Chihuahua.

    It’s a “dog bites man” story. It would have been real news if Rubio had looked like a bulldog. Maybe he will–in eight or twelve years.

    • The pitch of Rubio’s voice was a tad squeaky when under pressure and
      that is never a good thing. Trump seems to draw the ire of the other
      candidates but I suspect this is from their fear of his magnetism which
      in turn has made this election an exciting race compared to the drabness
      of elections past. I worry that the power brokers will somehow find a
      way to get someone, anyone, other than Trump to lead the GP against the
      Democratic candidate, and if that happens then we can all slip back into
      the arms of Morpheus. One question I would have asked is why is it the
      government of Mexico gets a pass on their abdication of duty to their
      people? Why is it they encourage their citizens to flee north of the
      border so a foreign country, America, can take care of them because
      seemingly it is beyond their intellectual capabilities to fulfil their
      own obligations to them? America should not have to contend with the
      failure of others nations in their capacity to provide for their people,
      so I’m a little perplexed as to why accepting illegal aliens has
      somehow become a right instead of a stint in a jail cell or immediate
      deportation. Than you.

  4. If Cruz or Rubio gets the nomination, they we must be concerned about the possibility of religious zealots encroaching about freedom from religion. Most people support freedom OF religion. But conservative extremists do not believe in freedom FROM religion, which is the Constitutional right of all. If you want to live in a religious state, move to Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc. Keep American free from religious supernatural beliefs dictation secular government policies nor citizen’s rights and freedoms.

  5. glancing at recaps on CNN, MSNBC and Fox, it looks like Rubio did pretty well, but I don’t think it’s enough to boost his standing moving forward.

    • Maybe it could help him out in Florida where he is getting his ass kicked. If he loses Florida and Cruz maintains his lead in Texas, I think it is a distinct possibility that he will drop-out; for if he can’t win his home state, and Cruz goes on to win his second state then Rubio’s campaign is doa. The Establishment may not like Cruz, but I am sure they will prefer him to Trump.

  6. Where the heck can I watch this friggin thing? I don’t waste money on cable so I’ve been watching the debates online the next day. Every time I think I’ve found a video of it it’s been taken down. What the hell is this shit?

    • Josh, refresh the page. I’ve replaced it with a working copy. Unfortunately it’s a game of cat and mouse with Telemundo, they keep removing them from YouTube. Sorry about that.

      • I can’t find the video. I keep trying but no dice…. Mind telling me why they’re removing the video?

        • Refresh the page, just updated again. Telemundo is taking down every copy and they’re only providing a Spanish-language video. It is pretty shameful that a major part of the democratic process can be withheld from the general public like this.

  7. Rubio owned Trump at the debate and i hope this was the start of a more fierce Rubio. Though unlike Trump, Rubio will only be insulting one person who happens to be a hypocritical bully.

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