The fourth Democratic debate airs tonight on NBC with all three Democratic candidates participating. The debate will be live from South Carolina, moderated by NBC’s Lester Holt. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are currently locked in very tight battles in Iowa and New Hampshire so this debate could be crucial to the results in both early states. This will be the last Democratic debate which happens before the Iowa caucus on February 1.

Sunday, January 17, 2016
NBC News Democratic Debate
9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT)

Aired On: NBC
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Live Stream:

Moderator: Lester Holt
Candidates: Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley

Report from the Miami Herald:

The Democratic presidential debate Sunday night may be the liveliest one yet.

In the final debate before voting begins in the Democratic contest, Hillary Clinton will be more aggressive in her attacks on Bernie Sanders after the former secretary of state watched her hefty lead in early nominating states evaporate.

Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, has slowed Clinton’s momentum and scored some key endorsements, including one this week from the liberal group, which boasts millions of members.

The two-hour debate at the Gaillard Center in Charleston, S.C., will air on NBC and stream on YouTube starting at 9 p.m. EST. It will feature Clinton and Sanders as well as former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.

No doubt the topic of gun control will take up a portion of time since this will be the first Democratic debate since President Obama announced his executive actions tightening regulations on gun sales. This has been a point of contention in prior debates since Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have slightly differing views when it comes to the right level of gun control legislation.

Sanders needs to appear viable in a general election. If he can pull that off, he may peel more votes away from Clinton. The race in New Hampshire is leaning his way while he still has some ground to close in Iowa.

We’ll have the full debate video after it airs.


  1. Hillary is SO CORRUPT. She just oozes it. Why isn’t she being arrested for taking money and running a campaign based overwhelmingly on huge corporate interests like the banks and the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. She says she’s for election finance reform and yet here she is criminally participating in it? Why aren’t the police marching up on stage and arresting her????? How can she live with herself?

  2. Obama was weak, turned out to be a liar, did not reform Wall St, did not close Guantanamo, did not get a single payor option, did not end the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, did not reform immigration (quite the opposite), did not fix our infrastructure, did not do anything that we voted for – in fact it was CHANGE WE COULD NOT BELIEVE IN! After being a Democrat since Kennedy, Obama finally made me change my party to the Green Party. Obama is basically a Republican, just like Hillary and Bill! Hillary wrote a letter to Netanyahu assuring him of continued arms to Israel to enable his genocide of the Palestinian people! That’s a right wing Republican ideology! How stupid do you think we are???

  3. Sanders is a truth – speaker. Clinton is an experienced “pragmatist”. Sanders is a voice for reform; Clinton is a coat tails hitch hiker (“I love Obama”.) Really… old pragmatist vs. fundamental reformer. Sanders has vision.

  4. Spirited debate. This is the way informed debate should proceed. So, so much better than the ugly AND contentious Republican beat-ips.

  5. Why let Hillary speak since it’s all just rhetoric and lies. Bill Clinton created jobs? HUH? He enacted NAFTA which closed American manufacturing and drove jobs overseas while our people were forced into the streets and onto food stamps. Not sure how “that” is “job creation”…

  6. Bernie Sanders won the election. His biggest win – NO CORPORATE CAMPAIGN DONATIONS. Hillary flip-flops depending on who her big donors are. She should be in JAIL – not on the stage!

  7. Yes, we have Obamacare but we voted for Obama originally because HE PROMISED to give us single payor healthcare. Obama lied and failed. Bernie Sanders won’t!

    • Half right. People do have amnesia about who promised what versus what we actually have now. Obama promised single payer, universal healthcare, and Clinton promised to do everything that was done with Obamacare – and she lost to Obama. Public opinion of Obamacare is deeply negative precisely because it’s not what he promised, despite republican opposition. But, Sanders will not be able to keep any promises he makes because he CANNOT win the general election. Look this up; most independent voters identify with conservative values, and the same majority are fed up with career politicians. Sanders can’t win these people (mostly because he self-identifies as a socialist), let alone the conservatives who don’t want Trump. If Trump gets the nomination, which looks very likely, the only democrat answer could be Clinton, provided she can avoid federal indictment. Aside from all that, you have 3 (or 2, really) old, white people telling non-white people how bad they have it in America, WHILE we have a sitting black president, and a decent contender for the presidency on the republican side!

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