The three remaining Democratic candidates for president took the stage Sunday night in South Carolina for the NBC News Democratic Debate. This event was moderated by Lester Holt and sponsored by YouTube and the Congressional Black Caucus. By most accounts, the debate focused almost exclusively on Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, leaving Martin O’Malley begging for time to answer questions and discuss the various topics.

Sunday, January 17, 2016
NBC News Democratic Debate
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Transcript: Washington Post

Here is the complete video of the fourth Democratic debate:

Report from Fox News:

Hillary Clinton sharpened her attacks on insurgent rival Bernie Sanders at their final debate before the Iowa caucuses, accusing him of trying to “tear” up ObamaCare and siding with the gun lobby – as Sanders denied the claims and said he’s the candidate with the “momentum” in the race.

Reflecting the tougher tone on the campaign trail in recent days, the debate Sunday in Charleston, S.C., saw Clinton aggressively challenging the Vermont senator’s record in a bid to arrest his rise in the polls. In a throwback to the 2008 race, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state also stressed her experience and readiness for the job, as Sanders bluntly called – repeatedly – for “political revolution.”

Highlighting that divide, Clinton slammed Sanders for his universal health plan to offer “Medicare for all,” the details of which were released just hours before the debate. Clinton said she wants to improve on ObamaCare, but accused Sanders of moving to unravel the Obama administration’s signature domestic policy.

“I do not want to see the Republicans repeal it, and I don’t want to see us start over again with a contentious debate,” Clinton said. “To tear it up and start over again … I think is the wrong direction.”

Sanders fired back, calling some of Clinton’s criticism “nonsense.”

He said he wants to move to “Medicare for all” in order to provide health care “as a right” and extend insurance to the millions who still don’t have it. His plan calls for an array of tax hikes to pay for it.

As for the existing law, he said, “We’re not going to tear up the Affordable Care Act — I helped write it.”

The tone an intensity was the highest it’s been since the campaign started. Sanders and Clinton both came prepared to attack and defend knowing that this would be likely the only debate that many last-minute Democratic voters will see before the Iowa caucus happens on February 1. Clinton came out much stronger against Sanders than prior debates, most likely a response to his threatening poll numbers in New Hampshire and his increasing support in Iowa. The polls next week will give us a good idea of how this debate is resonating with voters.


  1. No doubt left that Hillary should already be in Federal Prison…!

    Hillary behind bars! End of story.

    • She should be in prison for criminal negligence in Benghazi, would you have left 7 Americans alone in libya? Not only did she leave them alone but US Consulate was stamped on the front making it a target and she declined their request for security multiple times to avoid a press story against her narrative of a “deescalating situation”. In reality the situation was escalating, and he refusal to admit this or er on the side of caution and grant increased security cost American lives and an embarrassment at a US Embassy not seen since the helicopters left saigon.(liberals might want to look up helicopters leaving Saigon not sure they know about such things)

      And bernie a damn socialist is beating her as our country is that stupid to think his platform of “free stuff” is a good idea. Yeah raise the min wage to 15/hr instead of let labor supply and demand handle it, you have to now as you let all the immigrants in anyway increasing supply of labor so high that the pay is crap like the rest of the world. (Open immigration just levels out standard of living across the globe as people move from shitholes to better countries bringing those countries down as supply for labored skilled and unskilled alike increase and bring wages down, Why do it in a country ahead of most?) Between this and universal healthcare see how fast cutting edge companies scramble away and across our borders elsewhere and put our economy in the sink. The cheapest labor and lowest taxes usually win when companies choose location.

      A government monopoly isn’t the answer, we don’t allow monopolies in business, why do we allow in in government? in our schools? no matter how shit a public school is it will NEVER go out of business. No matter how shit the RMV is it will never go out of business. Stop allowing government monopolies and replace them with regulated free market competition and see how much more efficient our rmv and schools get…

  2. Hillary has not really mentioned Obama much. But suddenly, she invoked him many times in Sunday’s debate. I think there are a number of reasons for that. First, and most obviously, she wants to shore up her support in the African-American segment. They don’t really know Bernie. But I think there may be a second reason–if she stumbles, Biden will change his mind about running. Maybe she’s trying to shore up her support from Obama–to keep Biden at home?

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