On Tuesday night, all the Republican candidates gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the fifth debate of the GOP primary season. This debate was hosted by CNN and moderated by Wolf Blitzer. Nine candidates appeared during primetime and the remaining four candidates appeared during an earlier broadcast.

Originally Aired: Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Primetime Debate
Candidates: Trump, Carson, Rubio, Cruz, Bush, Kasich, Christie, Fiorina, Paul

Here is full video of the primetime debate:

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If Rand Paul is going to have a moment, this debate was his time. For the first time, I think he actually stepped out with many solid exchanges and answers. Whether he will make a dent in his lackluster polls is another story, but I think this debate was good for him. He was able to stand out taking a different tact than nearly the entire rest of the field so he had some memorable moments.

Chris Christie also came out strong, as expected, and it may actually help him build on some of his prior momentum, especially in New Hampshire. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both did well and both avoided attacking each other. I expected this and called it in my prediction earlier today. They have nothing to gain from opening lines of attack.

Marco Rubio also did well and came prepared for the topic. Rubio takes the hawkish role, perhaps the most hawkish on stage and it showed in several of his answers. Jeb Bush had a little more success in attacking Trump, though I don’t think it will be enough to move his poll numbers or actually hurt Trump in his standing. Carly Fiorina put in a good performance also, but I don’t think she’s going to gain any more traction that she’s already holding. Ben Carson may have had the worst time of the night, though even he didn’t turn in a bad performance on a topic which has not traditionally been his strong point.

Each candidate seemed more polished than prior broadcasts, perhaps it was the seriousness of the topic or the experience of four debates that is finally rubbing off on them.

Undercard Debate
Candidates: Huckabee, Santorum, Graham, Pataki

Here is the full undercard debate video:

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Report from WPSD:

The Republican presidential candidates participating in the undercard debate Tuesday evening ended their faceoff on the same national security note with which they began.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham says, “Make me president, I will keep you and your family safe.”

George Pataki cites his experience as New York’s governor on 9/11 and says, “as a free people, we can soar to new heights.”

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum says President Obama hasn’t kept the country safe — and says Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton would also fail at the task.

He says he has known the face of evil, and “will defeat it.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says of terrorists who threaten the United States, “we have to take them out.” He adds that if elected president, “I will fight for your grandkids as much as I would fight for mine.”

The emotion was high in the early debate, as it was in the primetime broadcast as well. Graham had some strong moments since the entire time was spent discussing his specialty of national security and foreign policy. Nothing that will move the needle, but they all put in decent performances.


  1. They all did a pretty good job but I didn’t see anyone as a breakout winner in this debate. I doubt their support numbers will change very much from what they currently are.

      • I do think Rand shook things up, and for the first time, stood out.

        Trump held his own, especially when dismissing Bush.

        Rubio continues to look defensive, while Cruz is just a sleaze.

        Someone coached Carson not to talk like a zombie, but it didn’t really help, since he had nothing of value to say.

        Christie didn’t do all that bad.

        But please, can’t we put Fiorino and Kasich out of their misery?

  2. CNN and all media dictates air time and questions to sway the American people. When the actual election occurs you will see what I say is the truth. The media is trying to give momentum to Cruze and Rubio the 2 most easily corrupted by money. Ben Carson has led in all serious polls for months but the media has stated Donald Trump leads. This type of corruption is why we have the worst President in US history in office now!

  3. All of these clowns talk about Hillary as though she’s currently part of the federal government and it’s foreign policy. They also seem to think adding billions in spending to what’s already the most costly segment of the nations budget, the military, is more important than rebuilding a severely diminished middle class and crumbling infrastructure. As we continue to devolve within, these fools talk about how we must get further involved in the Middle East to makes things better there.

    • That’s all they know. Heaven forbid they tell you what THEY are going to do. It’s easier to blame Hillary. I am surprised Benghazi wasn’t brought up.

    • I agree that we should be cutting military spending not increasing it but you are a fool if you think that military spending is even a speck on the radar when compared to welfare programs.

      • This is not the time to cut military spending, but let’s be clear. Of all “discretionary” spending (which Congress controls), the military gets $598.49 billion, or 53.71%. Veteran benefits are another $65.32 billion (5.86%), so a total of just under 60% goes to the military and veterans.

        It’s true that Social Security, Unemployment benefits, and such, do account for almost twice as much of total payout, but workers pay into those funds, directly, through payroll deduction, like insurance.

  4. Another “bash” the democrats, bash the President and bash anything they have done to advance this country. Republicans offer more of the same thing they have offered in the past, division and lip service. The record of the current congress is proof why the Republicans have nothing to offer it’s citizens. Sickened by pounding they give our current President – when the WORLD has a totally different opinion… so none of you speak the truth. All you can talk about is WAR. Thank you – we KNOW that’s what you promote. Pay with the lives of YOUR OWN children… not all of ours, but we know that won’t happen. The Democrats will win again and all your hate will again be put on the back burner.. thank you for not having a decent candidate in the race. You made it easy. What you don’t realize is, it’s not a “PARTY” thing to us – it’s an integrity thing – missing altogether from the GOP.

    • Perhaps when the sick wild animal known as the Tea Party is finally put out of it’s figurative misery, the GOP will start to become saner again, and we’ll see the moderates claw back some influence…..which will help the government as a whole start working better again.

      • alternatesteve — RE: your “the sick wild animal known as the Tea Party”

        Are you accusing the only ones that want to restore the US Constitution (that’s being shredded by Obama now, and also by Bush Jr. with his “Patriot” Act) as “wild animals”?

        Sounds like you need to get some lessons in Logic, kid.

        Plato’s *Republic*, J.S. Mill’s treatise *On Liberty*, and Aristotle’s *Organon* will be good starting works for you.

        • As harsh as it may sound, the Tea Party truly is dangerous…..and also not liable to last in the long term(maybe 15 years?) before imploding. So the analogy really does fit, as much as you may want to believe the myth of Teabaggers and their allies being “defenders” of the Constitution…..when they have applauded things such as discriminatory “voter ID” laws for the alleged purpose of fighting voter fraud, when in fact, they have only hurt largely Democratic constituencies…..or the gutting of the Voting Rights Act last year.

  5. Rand Paul clearly won — he had the crowd cheering for him all the time (while others got booed)!

    Yet, the Mainstream Media still does a total blackout on Rand Paul (like they did in 2012 to his father, the other American Patriot, Ron Paul)!

    Read this Washington Post perfidy titled: “Winners and Losers from the 5th Republican presidential debate” — all candidates are mentioned in this puff piece by Name (as “losers” or “winners”) — except Rand Paul !!!

    It tries to make it as if Rand Paul does not even exist, was not at the debate, did not say anything, did not get the most applause — even
    Men’s fashion got the last word — while Rand Paul’s name was not mention even once in this transparently shameless truth-negating MSM spiel by the Washington Post!


    While this hack piece does not acknowledge the very existence of Rand Paul, it mentions the rest by name this many times:

    Donald Trump — 11 times
    Ted Cruz — 9 times
    Marco Rubio — 8 times
    Jeb Bush — 8 times
    Ben Carson — 5 times
    Chris Christie — 2 times
    John Kasich — 2 times

    Even, Lindsey Graham — who wasn’t on this stage — 1 time

    Rand Paul — 0 times !!!

    This utter travesty further exposes the Mainstream Media for what they are — Tools that want to squash via a complete blackout any Libertarian US Patriot who tries to save our Free Republic and the US Constitution from being shredded any further!

  6. How about we halt ALL immigration for at least 10 years? We don’t have the jobs for any new arrivals, we don’t have enough money for welfare for new arrivals and we have an enemy that has said that they will get into our country by devious means such as posing as refugees.

  7. Is this the best quality video of this? THe quality is shit. It’s not like it’s important or anything. It’s only the presidency.

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