There’s a firesale happening at Bush headquarters in Miami, almost everything must go to make way for campaign budget-cuts brought on by donor pressure to reduce costs. Bush’s team is calling the cuts “strategic” so they can put more effort into states, such as New Hampshire, where Bush is holding onto a third place lead according to the RealClearPolitcs average.

Report from Bloomberg:

Jeb Bush, once a front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, is slashing pay across the board for his struggling campaign as he attempts to regain traction just 100 days before the party’s first nominating contest.

The campaign is removing some senior staff from the payroll, parting ways with some consultants, and downsizing its Miami headquarters to save more than $1 million per month and cut payroll by 40 percent this week, according to Bush campaign officials who requested anonymity to speak about internal changes. Senior leadership positions remain unchanged.

The campaign is also cutting back 45 percent of its budget, except for dollars earmarked for TV advertising and spending for voter contacts, such as phone calls and mailers. Some senior-level staff and consultants will continue to work with the campaign on a volunteer basis, while other junior-level consultants, primarily in finance but including other areas, will be let go, the officials said. The officials declined to say who would be removed from the payroll or provide an exact dollar figure for the savings. (A summary of the changes, provided to Bloomberg Politics by the campaign, is posted here.)

Bush’s advisers, under pressure from their donors and from falling and stagnant poll numbers, have been discussing ways to retool the campaign in recent days, and came to the conclusion that a course correction was essential. While recent tangles with Donald Trump have energized the campaign, Bush’s senior team recognized a more fundamental set of changes was required that didn’t involve dealing directly with the party’s surprising—and surprisingly durable—front-runner. [Emphasis added]

I think the last sentence I highlighted is the takeaway from this story, that Donald Trump is starving the Bush campaign of money, attention, and voter support. Prior to Trump entering the race, Bush was sitting atop the average of many polls and in a fairly strong position. However, in recent months, especially following the first two Republican debates, Bush’s numbers have gone soft and Trump has maintained a lead longer than any Republican consultant or strategist believed he would.

Efforts to attack Trump have largely failed to yield anything but embarrassment for the Bush campaign on several fronts. They’ve been unable to win the boxing match, so they’re going to retool and take a different course.

These moves are an acknowledgment that Bush is not the frontrunner, and hasn’t been for months. They’re now running a leaner, come-from-behind campaign to focus on the primary contests and ignore the national conversation. Bush says he’s in it for the “long haul“, which I absolutely believe. He’s got enough money to keep the campaign going all the way to the primaries.


  1. Another good piece:

    *As Carson Surges and Bush Struggles, the G.O.P. Fret*

    My 2 cents:

    1) Boring Jeb is finished (his Big Money can’t by him love…).

    2) Carson will not win — no 2nd Black President is in the cards (Obama burned the black card).

    3) Trump will stay long enough to drain Bush’s kitty, then call it quits as his polls drop. And, once Trump exists, Rand Paul will have the chance to be heard!

    4) In the meantime, The Frantic GOP seeing their Chosen shill Jeb Bush going down, and afraid of unconventional upstarts like Carson and Trump (whom they have no control over… add Ted Cruz also), may have an epiphany, and realize that Rand Paul ( though Tea Party, still plays ball with the GOP) is their only choice to Win the Presidency!

    Since it is obvious that Hillary is the Dems Chosen One (now that Biden has chosen to slink away with parting gifts from Hillary… he hopes) — only Rand Paul has made Hillary look the fool — and will once again in a one-to-one debate!

    Make this 1 minute video viral — Rand Paul destroys Hillary Clinton:

    • Mostly good, Hillary, but at this point, I’d say the most likely GOP candidate is Marco Rubio.
      (1) He’s Hispanic (if you consider Cubans “Hispanic”),
      (2) He’s a new face,
      (3) He’s young, and thus, suggests new ideas,
      (4) He’s not boring.
      (5) He appeals to both establishment and rebels,
      (6) He appeals to younger voters,
      (7) His attractiveness might “woo” women,
      (8) As a “minority,” he might attract some Black voters,
      (9) He’s from an important state.

      but most of all,

      (10) He’s likable.

      Americans like to feel comfortable with their president–FDR, Ike, JFK, Reagan, Clinton. They want to have someone they would like to have a beer with–and not the awkward, forced “beer summit” kind.

      Of all the candidates of both parties, Rubio is the most “likable.”
      Trump is a bully
      Rand is a nerd
      Bush is fake
      Carson is a fluke
      Christie is abusive
      Cruz is a demagogue
      Fiorina is shrill and pretentious
      Graham is milktoast
      Huckabee is a televangelist
      Jindal is a goofball
      Kasich is Wonder Bread
      Santorum is, well, Santorum
      Hillary is fake and unable to relate
      Bernie is mean and not realistic
      O’Malley is an opportunist without an opportunity

      Rubio has “little boy” charm. Women might want to “mother” him. And of course, he is not macho enough to be “threatening” to men. Most people would like to see the boy make good. Like Sara Lee, nobody doesn’t like Rubio.

      I do agree that if Trump were not there, it’s likely that Rand could have been the Bernie of the GOP, getting the crowds and attention, but by the time Trump crashes, Rand will be seen as yesterday’s news.

      • It’s not Hillary… it is *Hillary for Prison 2016* — use my proper handle, if you want to elicit another response from me.

        One time only response (until you get my handle right):

        Your #1 is why Rubio has no chance — (1) He’s Hispanic (if you consider Cubans “Hispanic”).

        Real Americans have finally realized that they got burned by “African” Obama — so the experiment that diversity makes us “better” has gone horribly awry. No way real Americans will go for another “ethnic Prez”, the Latino Rubio — no matter how charming his is.

        The sad part is that a Real American — black Ben Carson — will suffer the same fate.

        • Hillary:

          But it is SO much fun calling you “Hillary,” or maybe “Hillary Boy,” as you call PR “Swastika Boy.”

          Besides, your “punishment” is that you WON’T respond??? Do you have any idea how happy you’d make most of us to know a way to have you NOT respond? You’re handing us the Holy Grail!

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