With recent polls showing Bernie Sanders gaining ground in New Hampshire and beating Hillary Clinton among primary voters, the Clinton campaign is preparing to take the Granite State by storm. From the start of her campaign this year, Clinton focused on Iowa to avoid an upset similar to 2008. However, the real upset may be brewing in New Hampshire which is why the chatter from her donor class is getting louder and louder.

Report from Politico:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is preparing to ramp up operations in New Hampshire to halt Bernie Sanders’ advance and rescue a lead in a state so many Democrats had thought would be an easy win for the front-runner.

According to people inside and near Clinton’s brain trust in Brooklyn as well as her New Hampshire operation, this next phase starts Saturday, with a Women for Hillary program in Portsmouth that puts Clinton on stage with the state’s popular senator, Jeanne Shaheen. It also includes new policy proposals relevant to New Hampshire voters.

But some of her backers argue it won’t be enough to claw back the gains Sanders made this summer as Clinton’s email controversy has dragged on. Sanders has now tied Clinton in New Hampshire and leads according to some polls, with a primary vote only five months away.

“How do you pick up the pace when everyone’s stuck on one issue? Give me an answer on the server and the emails. They don’t get it, they’re so disconnected from the people,” said Arnie Arnsen, a former state legislator and now a liberal radio host in New Hampshire.

Indeed, to some of Clinton’s donors and supporters, the campaign’s reluctance to make a more aggressive move against Sanders in New Hampshire reflects the same tone-deafness they had been worried about for months in her approach to the email saga that has had a measurable effect on voters’ views of her trustworthiness.

Unless the upcoming Democratic debates change anything, Hillary faces an uphill battle in a state which likes picking mavericks and outsiders over establishment candidates. I’m not convinced this all won’t change somewhat after Labor Day when more of the public begins paying attention, but Sanders is certainly getting his heels dug in and will probably focus all his efforts to pull a victory in New Hampshire.

The Clinton team knows this and it’s why they will begin putting more time and resources into the state. Even if Hillary wins in Iowa, but loses or nearly loses in New Hampshire, it will leave her quite vulnerable heading into the wider primaries in March of 2016.


  1. The Dems establishment are betting on a dead horse to win the race — Hillary Clinton. They are as arrogant and myopic as the RNC betting on another dead horse — Jeb Bush.

    Both parties’ establishments are ensconced in the insulated FROM REALITY cocoon that is DC politics. The old days of the Party Machine getting their chosen to win are at an end. The internet (with instant and complete coverage — that Main Stream Media won’t show — is now available for all to see that have a computer) is the final nail in the coffin of these Dinosaurs, for the Establishment can no longer hide their dirt.

    Why both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush won’t become US President — strike one is that all Real Americans abhor the idea of a Dynasty.

    In detail why Hillary and Jeb have Zero chance:

    A Hillary win will make defacto Bill Clinton our First Lady….

    A Jeb win will make our First Lady a Mexicana… no wonder Jeb tries to keep her original nationality hidden….

    Hillary’s problems starting from Whitewater, Benghazi, E-mail Gate and the Clinton Foundation (big money for big favors) are not going to go away — but will keep expanding as more info is disclosed of her wrong doings (criminal acts in many opinions).

    Jeb is so boring and pro-Mexican illegals (whipped by his Mexican wife?) that all the millions upon millions of Dollars he’s collected to run ads won’t buy him the votes he wants.

    Hillary is in even worse shape. She projects zero empathy at best when things are going smooth. Now that she is under attack, her stance is that of an ugly narcissist that is upset her omnipotence is dared to be questioned.


    My predictions:

    Untrustworthy Hillary will lose the nomination to a true gentleman and an honest man — Bernie Sanders.

    Repubs will suffer through next-to-zero time to make their case in the “debates” — being more than a dirty dozen — until big-money -Trump is left vs either Patriot Rand Paul, or GOP establishment Kasich.



    The Dems have ZERO CHANCE of wining the Presidency — Bernie Sanders is a straight shooter, but his socialist views have been rejected even before he made a run.

    Hillary will most likely land in Jail — she’ll never enter the White House again.

    A Kasich win will spell the end of our Free Republic — since he is neocon apparatchik, and nothing else.

    A Trump win will guarantee World War III under his reign — since he is a loose cannon, and wants to take on China, Russia, etc. at the same time.

    A Rand Paul win will restore our Constitutional Liberties, our Dignity as Free People and our Independence of an EVER INCREASING Federal Government BY MAKING IT AS SMALL AS POSSIBLE — as the Original US Constitution DEMANDS!

    So which one will it be — depends if the people have woken enough from the brain-washing slumber that the Main Stream Media is bombarding them non-stop….

    • I’m with you up until the conclusions: The more people learn about Bernie’s “socialist views,” the less red-scared they become. Those for whom the very idea of a leftist economy is anathema to their perception of democracy have already pledged to vote for whoever has the ‘R’ next to his/her name.

      It’s obvious you’re a Rand Paul guy, which is fine, but I wouldn’t count out Sanders winning the general at all. He attracts a lot of independent voters, while Paul has been steering his ship rightward, posing for pictures on military craft and the like. Best case scenario is Paul v. Sanders, two intelligent, genuine guys with honest differences of opinion.

      • I have high hopes Bernie Sanders but I think it will be difficult with a high voter turnout from the baby boomers who were indoctrinated by the red scare and McCarthyism to hold the belief that socialism is the same as communism and communism is evil and un-American.

        However, if (when) he wins the primary I think through his strong character and honesty may be able to win over the baby boomers’ respect and willingness to listen to his beliefs rather than disregard anything he says on the grounds that he openly identifies as Democratic Socialist. His strong support and direct action in the Senate for ensuring social security funds don’t dry up on the boomers and they are taken care of as they get older is something very important to them and may change their views on having a socialist president. The fact that he is strongly in favor of regulating campaign finance, vehemently opposed to PACs, and holding true to that in the financing his own campaign will show everyone that he is committed to his promises.
        Him expressing that he likes Hillary his unwillingness to attack her or any of the other Republican runners to me is one of the most important things. It demonstrates that he is not running for his own gains and instead is running because he cares about this country and wants what is best regardless of who wins the presidency.

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