At this point, it sounds like the chances are greater than fifty percent that the Vice President tosses his hat in the ring to challenge Hillary Clinton. As her email saga drags on, her poll numbers are dropping, and the folks at Biden headquarters must be watching intently.

Report from The Hill:

Vice President Biden has little time to decide whether Hillary Clinton’s problems have opened up a lane for his third presidential bid.

With less than six months to go before the Iowa caucuses, Biden has to make a decision fast on whether to take on Clinton in what would be a decidedly underdog campaign.

“You can always raise a little more money, you can always recruit a little more volunteers, but you can’t put days back on the calendar,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon.

“You can’t just throw together a national campaign on the fly, it takes a while.”

There’s no doubt that Biden is mulling a run.

With Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) topping Clinton in one poll of New Hampshire voters, and the controversy surrounding the former secretary of State’s private email server swirling, it’s also true that the Democratic front-runner looks vulnerable.

“The email scandal has to play into the calculus here,” said Geoffrey Skelley, a political analyst with the University of Virginia Center for Politics. “The fact that Biden is even considering this reflects that there are people in the Democratic Party establishment that are concerned that Clinton isn’t going to be able to hold up.”

Hillary Clinton currently looks more vulnerable than anyone expected her to be, at least at this phase in the game. With Bernie Sanders topping her in a recent New Hampshire poll, Biden clearly has an opening to explore. The strategists are griping that Biden is wasting time each day he doesn’t announce a campaign and begin to gear up. However, I would think that out of the gate, Biden could harness much of the Obama campaign machinery and operatives they’ve scooped up over the years. I could be wrong, but given his status as the sitting Vice President, getting a campaign fully running in days seems like a reasonable possibility.


  1. Biden’s secret weapon is that he is not taken seriously–just as Bush wasn’t taken seriously. But Biden may have the best chance of appealing to older white men.

    But I think Bernie is being dismissed too easily. He’s being seen as another McGovern, Carter, or Dukakis, but he’s not. The reason he is growing in support is that he is ANGRY, and doesn’t mind getting in your face. He’s not your typical peace-and-love liberal. He and Webb are the only ones on the Dem side who could go toe-to-toe with anyone.

    • “The reason he [Bernie Sanders] is growing in support is that he is ANGRY, and doesn’t mind getting in your face” — ala Trump?

        • My take on their differences:

          I respect Bernie, but disagree with him.

          I agree with Trump, but have no respect for him.

          Catch 22 …?

  2. Since I am not one to hero worship, I can criticize any candidate. And it lets me look at things from a strategic angle, not wishful thinking.

    I just thought of another role for Joe Biden. He could get into the “race,” but only as an apologist for the Obama Administration. Whenever there’s a criticism of Obama, the GOP candidates currently try to tie it to Hillary. For example, during the 2012 campaign, Obama got FULL blame for Benghazi. After the election, ALL the criticism has been aimed at Hillary. Obama hasn’t even been mentioned. That’s just plain dishonest.

    But, anyway, Hillary’s problem is that any complaint about Obama can be twisted to be a criticism of her. If Biden were in the race, he could stand up and deflect it, not only taking responsibility, but also giving the Administration talking points, so Hillary can step back and say she had nothing to do with it.

    • Nonsense.

      Have you ever listened to Biden speak without a teleprompter?

      The guy can’t put two sentences together without them sounding contradictory. I’ll bet the farm his IQ is smaller than the size of my shoe!

      I’ll try and find some videos of Biden — to add later, for all to see the village idiot he is.

      p.s. Hillary is done — nothing can resurrect her.

  3. NEWS FLASH–THERE’S NOW TALK OF AL GORE RUNNING AGAIN. Maybe if they can find enough losers to get into the race, Hillary could look interesting, by comparison.

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