Over the weekend, Donald Trump released a fairly detailed, yet concise immigration plan on his campaign website. There was much talk of it in the past 48 hours and now some of his fellow Republican contenders have offered their thoughts on the plan.

When asked to comment, Jeb Bush said Trump’s plan is not “grounded in reality“:

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Monday night dismissed as impractical Donald Trump’s proposals to erect a U.S.-Mexico border wall, use remittances to pay for its construction and to revoke birthright citizenship.

“How do you revoke remittances?” he asked shaking his head. “A plan needs to be grounded in reality.”

“I like my plan,” he added in a one-on-one interview with The Washington Post.

That’s not surprising since Bush and Trump have been at odds over the topic of immigration reform since earlier this year.

Scott Walker, on the other hand, praised Trump’s plan and says it shares similarities with his own plan:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker talked tough on immigration Monday, saying he had a “similar” approach to that of real estate mogul Donald Trump but declined to say precisely how he would crackdown if elected president.

Walker told Fox News that his immigration plan was “similar” to Trump’s — he said he would support building a wall along the Mexican border — but would not go so far as to endorse Trump’s proposal.

“I’ve laid out a number of important reforms when it comes to immigration early this year, not only about securing the border but enforcing the law,” Walker said later at the Iowa State Fair on Monday. “In light particularly of what we’ve seen with sanctuary cities that we need to make sure that we enforce the law in every part of this country and not just in some parts or the other.”

You can tell which candidates are trying to treat Trump with kid gloves for fear they could lose support if they come out as attacking him. Jeb Bush doesn’t share the same slice of the Republican electorate so he is free to criticize Trump at will. Walker, on the other hand, is losing ground in Iowa as Trump rises so it is not surprising to see him come out as a “me too” candidate on this issue.


      • Swastika Boy — still polluting this site with your Nazi symbolism…?

        Sliding-down Walker had to say he may be tough on immigration, too…since that’s what Real Americans want, and only Trump has had the guts to say this truth — the reason Trump is on top!

  1. Jeb has to be soft on illegal Mexican immigration — or his Mexican wife, Columba Garnica Gallo, would send his ass to the dog house….

    How pathetic would it be if Jebby wins — and we have a Mexicana as First Lady….

    The good news is such a travesty is unlikely to happen — since Neocon Jeb keeps going down, and down, and eventually will be out… No More Rino Bushites!

    Therefore, all Patriots must now concentrate to expose the vileness that is Hillary, or an even more asinine sickness may occur — Slick Willy as 1st Lady….

  2. Why isn’t Hugh Hewitt listed as a moderator for the September 16th debate? He will be there with Tapper.

  3. Why Trump is on top — and will stay on top — defying the political gurus!

    This MSM article aimed to denigrate Trump while trying to explain his success in negative terms, managed to do one thing — it finally confirmed that Political Correctness is HATED by ALL Real Americans, and the more Our Owned Media tries to enforce it, the more it backfires on them!


    • Surfisher: I noticed that you didn’t even mention Rand Paul, when you wrote about who did well in the debate. Haven’t heard about him since, either. Did you give up on him?

      Have you switched your allegiance to Donald Trump?

      • LOL Liberal Kid — either you didn’t read all my posts, or if you did, you need some remedial English lessons to comprehend the written word.

        Unlike you, who lacks principles of any sort — my allegiance to the libertarian principles, for which the only candidate who can win, Rand Paul, stands, are unwavering.

        Let me put this in caps (so you won’t miss it again, you silly forum clown):


        Trump can only be defeated by a true Libertarian — Rand Paul — in a one-to-one Real Debate (not those silly orchestrated to get high ratings, thus make much money for the networks, MSM “debates” between a near dozen wannabes and one True Patriot, Rand Paul, who got THE LEAST SPEAKING TIME of only 5:28 minutes — while showman Trump got nearly double the time at 11:14 minutes)!!!

        • Again, you didn’t comment on Rand regarding the debate, although you commented on several others, and praised Trump. And in other substantive posts lately, you have praised Trump, and the only comment you made about Rand lately, was the canned bumpersticker, “Rand or Revoltution,” which I thought might have just been another outbreak of your Tourette’s Syndrome, you liberal freak.

          The point is, you’ve made no comment on what Rand has had to say (such as his decision to attack Trump as the main focus of his campaign). Do you feel that he has nothing to say worth commenting on?

          • You are a either a dolt, or an idiot, to call me a Liberal Freak — Nate is that how your moderators treat posters (by name calling?…LOL)!

            *Surfisher —16 days ago

            Rand Paul was the only one to defend the Bill of Rights and the US
            Constitution (while the rest of the despicable Neocons and RINOS stood
            silent) when he told off Fat Christie —The Jersey Pig — that he,
            Christie, does not understand the 4th Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and
            therefore, the US Constitution. Rand Paul was polite enough not to
            PROPERLY accuse Fat Christie — The Jersey Pig — of actually wanting
            to negate the US Constitution (which as Governor of NJ he’s done to the
            2nd Amendment)!
            Amazing that a Republican candidate — Fat Christie — thinks the US Constitution is meaningless!*

            Copied from my original post — are you blind, you unprincipled, liberal, fence-sitter, who is only here to produce just chatter…kid?

            • You are so two-dimensional. I’m not going to go to the trouble of pointing out that most of your posts have been praising Trump, not Rand, but it’s obvious to the casual reader. The fact that you had to go back more than two weeks to find a Rand comment proves my point.

              Just look at your posts on this page.

              As for “liberal,” I was just tossing back an epithet at your thin skin. I have consistently said Rand Paul is the best option available (even though a weak carbon copy of Ron). I have consistently defended Trump against unreasonable Fox attacks. And I said, before you did, that Hillary is un-electable, Pataki is dreaming, and Jim Webb is the best Democratic option. Not sure how you get “liberal” from that.

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