Earlier this evening, fourteen Republican candidates attended a forum from St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. The “Voters First” forum, sponsored by C-SPAN, allowed each candidate about seven minutes of question and answer time individually.

Candidates: Bush, Rubio, Cruz, Graham, Paul, Perry, Christie, Fiorina, Kasich, Walker, Santorum, Pataki, Jindal, Carson (Trump and Huckabee were invited by declined to attend)

Here is the entire video of the forum which originally aired on Monday, August 3, 2015:

Report from WMUR:

Fourteen Republican presidential candidates flocked to Saint Anselm College Monday evening for the first-ever Voters First Forum, sponsored by the New Hampshire Union Leader in conjunction with news outlets in fellow early voting states Iowa and South Carolina.

The forum came in response to Fox News’ decision to limit participation in the first debate of the campaign, scheduled for Thursday in Cleveland, to the top 10 candidates based solely on national polling.

Monday night’s event was open to all presidential candidates with active campaigns in New Hampshire. The candidates who have chosen not to participate are Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore announced his candidacy after the deadline for entry into the event.

The forum was moderated by veteran newsman Jack Heath, host of the “New Hampshire Today” on WGIR radio. Each candidate will take the stage one-by-one in two separate rounds and will be questioned by Heath. Questions are based on input from Granite State voters.

This forum is being called a “dry run” for the first official debate which takes place on Thursday, August 6, on the Fox News Channel.


  1. What a total snooze-fest. I watched part of it, but I decided to go watch paint dry, instead. Yeah, it was a “dry run,” all right–emphasis on “dry.”

    Each candidate walked in and politely sat down, like a middle-schooler being interviewed for Hall Monitor. Then the “host” said, “please give us your canned talking points, time’s up, next.” Gag.

    I still like my idea–put two like-minded candidates (ie, Trump/Christie or Huckabee/Santorum) before a camera for a half-hour each, and let them go after each other WITHOUT moderator interference. Now THAT would be good television. Better yet by notifying candidates that there will be no metal detector at the entrance.

  2. The FOX debate was more about the moderators than the candidates…..they never ask what I want to know.
    I like this forum much better than that 1 minute to answer baloney FOX did

  3. Seems Christie is really ready, not hunderd percent but … , Santorum and Bush are also good as expected. Others are to smoke and relax:)

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