We now have a confirmed list of candidates and an air time for the upcoming Voters First Republican Presidential Forum on Monday, Aug. 3, at St. Anselm College. The event will carry live on C-SPAN at 7pm ET and also be available by live stream as well. C-SPAN has an event page where you can signup to be alerted when it airs.

Report from UnionLeader.com:

Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Rand Paul are in. Donald Trump is out.

A total of 14 candidates will participate in the Voters First Republican Presidential Forum on Monday, Aug. 3, at St. Anselm College. The two-hour forum, intended to highlight the importance of the first-in-the-nation primary, along with the Iowa caucuses and South Carolina’s early primary.

Candidate Trump bowed out because, an aide said, he was upset with a Union Leader editorial this week that mocked him for saying that U.S. Sen. John McCain was not a war hero. McCain, shot down by the North Vietnamese, suffered years of torture after refusing to be released early because his father was an admiral.

Joining Bush, Walker, Paul and Sen. Rubio will be Carly Fiorina, Govs. Bobby Jindal, John Kasich and Chris Christie, former Govs. Rick Perry and George Pataki; U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, and Dr. Ben Carson.

As noted, the event will air on Monday, Aug. 3, at 7pm ET on C-SPAN as well as live stream. We’ll have links available on Monday with streaming information.


  1. Wait. I don’t see “trump out” anywhere else. I think he refused to go to the 14-also-ran event, but other sites are saying Trump will be in the prime time event. Confirm?

    • Well, this is a separate thing being held by C-SPAN on Aug 3. Separate from the Fox News debate and forum being held on Aug 6.

      Schedule like this:

      Aug. 3
      7pm ET – C-SPAN forum (14 candidates, no Trump)

      Aug. 6
      5pm ET – Fox News Forum for second tier
      9pm ET – Fox News Debate for top 10 candidates(including Trump)

      • OK. I misunderstood. Sorry. I thought you were saying Trump was out of the Big Show, which his ego would never allow. He has already said that if the party does not treat him like a princess, he’s going to run third party.

        My guess is that Trump thinks he is too big a star to perform on C-Span. Or maybe, it’s as he said–a hissy-fit at the Union Leader. . .

        • Probably a little of everything. He’s leading right now, if he attends, he gives more publicity to other candidates they wouldn’t otherwise get since the ratings will be higher. Plus I’m sure it’s also about his issue with Union Leader since he likes to personally take out a vendetta.

        • Liberal kid, what you don’t comprehend is that pompous Trump is saying what all REAL AMERICANS WANT — STOP the illegal Mexican and Latino INVASION of our Nation!

          The Repubs are such parleys that they ALL miss this TRUTH… just like you and your liberal ilk and politically correct socialist media DO!

          That’s the only reason Trump is on top — he says TRUTH that others fear as political suicide.

          • I can’t believe you guys spent 6 years criticizing Obama only to end up with Donald Trump as your top choice to replace him… At least it’s a marginal improvement over Sarah “village Idiot” Palin.

  2. RNC Travesty — aimed to negate Rand Paul (the only American Patriot who can win the Presidency). The GOP wants a Neocon patsy instead — *No Patriots Allowed* is their message!

    Being exposed in the last debates, when Patriot Ron Paul got the least time to speak (almost no time compared to the rest), and now, embarrassed by this obvious to all record of snubbing the libertarian Ron Paul, the RINOS have figured out a sneaky way to give NO TIME to his son — Rand Paul — by placing 13 nobodies to REMOVE Rand Paul’s message, for he’ll have just a few seconds to reply to each topic!

    This is not a DEBATE —- but a calculated move by the RNC to eliminate Rand Paul…and nothing else.

    The Math:

    120 minutes minus 20 minutes total of introductions, question asking, pauses, audience reaction, ect. = 100 minutes left to respond.

    100 minutes divided by 14 candidates = about 7.13 minutes (427 seconds) total per person.

    If 10 questions are posed — that means 42.7 seconds to respond (IF ALL GET EQUAL TIME) = A JOKE OF A “DEBATE”!!!

    Conclusion: RNC/GOP Establishment = Criminals in Action!

    • You know that Rand will be in the debate on Aug. 6 with 9 other candidates, right?

      This forum was just recently added by C-SPAN and includes everyone. Each candidate will get like 5 or 10 minutes by themselves answering questions.

      • OK — is the math below incorrect on this?

        “You know that Rand will be in the debate on Aug. 6 with 9 other candidates, right?”

        So divide 100 minutes actual response time by 10 = 60 seconds to reply per person per 10 questions…?

        I stand by that RNC Establishment is doing their best to eliminate the Only American Patriot — Rand Paul !!!

    • I don’t think that there is any grand conspiracy surrounding this, but as I mentioned on the other story, there’s so little time that it will be impossible to have any in depth, meaningful discussion on any topic. It would be far more interesting to have three or four sets of debates with 4 people each, giving each person ample time to dig into an issue and have some back and forth.

      I want a debate. I want discussion. I don’t want soundbyte central. Then again I’m not the typical American – as I imagine is the case with everyone else on this site. I actually care about the content of the dialogue.

      Hopefully some of the people on the bottom will drop out after a few of these things. I mean, come on, do Graham, Christie, Carson, or Huckabee really think they have a chance? Well, Christie probably does, but his ego is close, if not equal, to The Donald’s.

      I am really glad to see Fiorina getting a chance with the rest, and I’m happy Kasich will get some time too.

      • So far as Surfisher is concerned, if Rand Paul doesn’t at least win the nomination, it’s because the fix is in.

      • Hoping you are right that the obvious black-out travesty the mainstream media and RNC neocons did to Ron Paul, which is well documented, will result in a less overt silencing of his son, Rand Paul.

        The below video shows an ABSOLUTE conspiracy by the major networks and the RNC to negate Ron Paul in 2012:


        Networks omit his name even when he won or placed second, even “misspell” Paul as non-existent candidate Pauwlenty….

        While RNC coached “moderators” would skip over Ron Paul to the audiences furious dismay — Ron Paul received a tiny fraction of time compared to all the rest of the GOP’s chosen!

        This video should have 100 times more views than is does — probably because the conspiratorial cynicism of the Media and RNC does not start being documented of the Ron Paul BLACK-OUT till the middle of this 28 minute long video!

        A must watch video for All American Patriots — to see how the Liberal Media and the sell-out RNC are doing their best to destroy our Free Nation, and hand it over to Big Government socialist scum (of which the Dems are the leaders and the GOP Elitists don’t want to lose their bone, so are not that far behind)!

      • Kestrel Blackfeather — my other post documented the mainstream media conspiracy to eliminate Ron Paul in 2012.

        The video below shows the incredible perfidy of the same …by the RNC — the teleprompter typed the vote result BEFORE it was taken! And the RNC announcer ONLY reported the votes for Romney — NONE for Ron Paul, even when Ron had 17 vs Mitt’s 5 votes!

        Such never before heard of asinine RNC criminal arrogance, that was recorded for all to see, is the reason Real Americans are no longer trusting the Republican Party and any candidates they espouse — only Tea Party, thus Rand Paul, or Revolution, to save our Freedoms!

        What further proof is needed for all these criminal travesties perpetrated against Ron Paul (if interested — there are many, many more documented ones I’ll post)!


        • I don’t deny what you’re bringing up – which is why I suggest the campaigns get together and produce their own debates. That way they can find moderators that are agreeable and fair to everyone. The networks can then carry those debates if they so chose – and if the campaigns refuse to be involved in network-sponsored programs, that will be the only option. Add, as part of the licensing agreement, that it must be aired in full, so that they cannot cut out candidates they dislike.

          The candidates have the power to do this – if they chose to do so.

          • Good idea. Trump ought to contact the other candidates and draw up THEIR guidelines, and tell the party and the networks that is how they will debate. It shouldn’t be up to the media, or even the party, to control everything.

            Since Trump is a TV star, he could probably even fashion a watchable show!

            • That IS a good point. I can hear it now…

              “Hey, those losers don’t know how to put on a real debate. I’m the only one who can do it. Let me show you. And I’ll charge people to watch it. I’ll make millions. The other networks will wish they had my debate series, but it’ll only air on TrumpTV because everyone else is just a bunch of money losing assholes.”

              Gotta admit – like the guy or not (I’m not a huge fan) – he’s amazingly entertaining in the right context.

  3. Any event that is supposed to be highlighting the GOP candidates views yet excludes the top polling GOP candidate is a fraud of an event. see more roderickedotcom

  4. Pity. The Moron-a-thon just won’t be the same without the unique buffooneries of Huckabee and Trump.


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