Hillary Clinton is the top choice, followed closely by Jeb Bush, of millionaires surveyed by CNBC for a recent survey in March. Other top names on the list include Elizabeth Warren and Chris Christie, neither of whom are actually running yet.

Report from CNBC:

Hillary Clinton is the favorite U.S. presidential candidate among millionaire voters and would win a head-to-head contest with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, according to the third CNBC Millionaire Survey conducted in March that was released today.

The survey, which polls 750 Americans with a net worth of $1 million or more, found that 53 percent of millionaires would vote for the Democratic ex-Secretary of State, compared with 47 percent for the GOP presidential hopeful, in a hypothetical general-election match-up. Clinton had the support of 91 percent of Democratic millionaires, 13 percent of Republican millionaires and 57 percent of Independent millionaires.

When asked about the broader field of candidates, Clinton got the most support, with 36 percent of millionaires. Jeb Bush came in second with 20 percent, followed by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) with 8 percent, and Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.) with 7 percent.

Of course, support from millionaires may be more of a liability than strength in the current age of populist politics. Hillary has said she wants to “topple” the wealthiest Americans and has attacked CEO pay. Being seen as the favorite candidate of millionaires could clash with her efforts on the campaign trail to be seen as the advocate of the working class and poor.

It’s an interesting data point as it shows a lot of money from big donors will coalesce around the “establishment” candidates like Hillary and Jeb. There could also be a herd mentality of wanting to “follow the leader” given which candidates are making news on the fund raising circuits.