As we already reported, Rand Paul has scheduled to announce his intention to seek the Republican nomination during a speech he’ll deliver in Kentucky on April 7, 2015. Following his speech, Paul will take a multi-state tour of early primary states to carry his campaign launch around the country.

Rand Paul 2016 “Stand with Rand” campaign announcement tour schedule: (times, locations subject to change)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015:
1pm ET – Kick-off speech in Louisville Kentucky

Wednesday, April 8, 2015:
12pm ET – Milford Town Hall in Milford, N.H.

Thursday, April 9, 2015:
Rally in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Friday, April 10, 2015:
11am ET – University of Iowa’s Student Union in Iowa City

Saturday, April 11, 2015:
Nevada, time and venue not yet finalized

Report from The Courier-Journal:

The campaign kick-off will be in Louisville on April 7, as previously reported. He will speak at noon in the Grand Ballroom of the Galt House Hotel.

The following day, at the same time, Paul will speak at Milford Town Hall in Milford, N.H., a former textile town in the southern part of the Granite State. As nearly everyone knows, New Hampshire is the first primary state in the election cycle.

On April 9, again at noon, Paul will use the World War II aircraft carrier U.S.S. Yorktown (now a floating museum) as his backdrop for a rally in Mount Pleasant, S.C., just across the harbor from Charleston, S.C. South Carolina is an early primary state.

On April 10, the Kentucky lawmaker will be in the attractive college town of Iowa City, Iowa. He is scheduled to speak at 10 a.m. Central Time in the University of Iowa’s Student Union. Iowa will conduct the first presidential caucuses – the opening showdown among what is likely to be many GOP presidential hopefuls.

Finally, on April 11, Paul will be in Nevada. A location has not yet been determined. But anywhere is a gamble in that state (ha-ha).

The tour will certainly help raise his profile in these early states after he’s formally declared a candidacy.


  1. “Stand with Rand” is catchy.

    But our unequivocal message to the Neocon controlled GOP must be:

    Rand, or Revolution!

    Rand Paul is the ONLY true American Patriot left — there is no other choice!

    • “ONLY true American Patriot left”

      -so. . .um. . .you’re saying you’re not one??

      And if there is only one “true American Patriot” in the entire country, can that person really be “true,” “American,” or a “Patriot”??

      I also think Rand is the best prospect in the GOP, but at some point, you need to recognize that he doesn’t walk on water. Your hero worship is the opposite of convincing.

        • You’re right, Troy. I’ll give you the point. If Surfisher could argue so logically, he might be able to convince, instead of ranting impotently.

      • Goethe – As in the beginning when I arrived here —- you are a MSM disguised on this blog. You pick segments of a comment without including the whole context / content and either pick a fight or defend the Democrats view or person.
        Surfisher – I also believe that Rand is the best solution, but i don’t see him winning over the RINO’s or all of the Independents we will need to win POTUS. It will take someone like Walker type “middle of the roader” to get enough majority to best Die Hündin.

        • Nonsense.

          I mainly argue against nonsense. I usually argue against righwing nonsense, because the only person here who makes leftwing arguments is Tess. I have argued with her several times, but she is usually so ruthlessly and rudely attacked that I have not wanted to pile on.

          In fact, I have sometimes ended up countering the nonsense attacks on her, since they are often so vile.

          I see that you are not claiming to know Mr. Big Ears’ innermost feelings, now. That was the nonsense I was arguing.

          But it’s nice to have you back, anyway. When you’re not frothing at the mouth about Obama, you make pretty good points.

          • Goethe — you should have stopped at: Nonsense.

            Since that word describes the majority of your posts, kid.

        • Sam Reusser — spot on on Goethe, he is nothing but a liberal fence sitter, that posts here for the sake of posting ONLY (usually without any merit, logic or even attempting to make sense).

          Rand, or Revolution!

          I’m tired of having us reduced to choosing the “lesser evil” — voting for a Neocon like Walker, just because he is Repub that may beat a Dem!

          • Surfisher – not being a religious Teaparty or a RINO doesn’t mean a GOP person is automatically a Neocon. I think that term is seriously misused. Once it belonged to disgruntled lefties and has now morphed to mean any GOP – not Teaparty.
            I don’t know I’ve heard what is Walker’s Foreign / world startegy. And as far as i know Walker is not anyone’s “lesser evil”.
            Actually I want a Libertarian who also willing to aggressively go kick ass NOW if it save us from being forced to do it later, maybe under worse conditions.

            • Sam — Tea Party and Libertarians are Patriots…the rest are scum under any other name.

              Walker is not Tea Party nor Libertarian, therefore, he has to be scum.

              p.s. All Dem Politicians are utter scum.

  2. “Imagine
    Obama had governed from 2000 to 2008 exactly as Bush did. Would Republicans
    have given Obama and his party a free pass in carrying out the exact same
    agenda as Bush? It’s hard to imagine this being the case, given the grief Bill
    Clinton got from Republicans, even though his big government agenda was less
    ambitious than Bush’s. Yet, the last Republican president got very little
    criticism from his own party for most of his tenure”. Source: :
    Tea Party Goes to Washington, by Rand Paul p.47

    • Tess: That’s what’s known in the newspaper biz as “burying the lead.” As we’ve noted, most people don’t read a whole post. Might better have given it a headline:


      • Burying the lead or burying your head. As posted, the quote came from the pen of Rand Paul, himself, from his book “Tea Party Goes to Washington”. The book, co-written by radio host Jack Hunter, describes the Tea Party movement’s impact on elections in the United States, and ultimately their impact on the entire political system. It was published by Center Street and can be found on Kindle if you don’t feel like going to the library. His other books are on Kindle for a quick read. Rand Paul often seems slightly out of step with the hawkish faction of his party. This is one of many Rand Paul views that I like…and there are many that I don’t like….which can be said of almost any elected official.
        If most people don’t read a whole post then that explains many of the illogical responses.

  3. Sam — on your: “Actually I want a Libertarian who [is] also willing to aggressively go kick ass NOW if it save us from being forced to do it later, maybe under
    worse conditions.”

    Whose ass should we be kicking now?

    1) Russia — that has more nukes than we do — and all they want is to consolidate territories that have always been Russian.

    2) Red China — that is on a path to destroy our economy eventually, by
    outproducing us in cheep, garbage goods that are flooding our nation,
    while quality made by American Manufacturers are, therefore, being eliminated.

    3) A ragtag band of Muslim extremists weaklings, that have no mechanized army, no air-force and no navy — so could never launch a military attack against our nation, except a few of these wackos can do terrorist acts only.

    4) Or Israel — whose non stop expansionism and maltreatment of the Palestinians (who are virtually living in a Concentration Camp) are not only angering the Muslims, but the entire world (except US of course, since our media is Zionist owned).

    Sam, I realize that you are Navy, and want a strong military — as all American Patriots do.

    But, to what purpose?

    To feed the Pentagon with insane amounts of money, just to bloat them in
    revenue, while they are losing all wars they made sure HAD to be
    started, for no reason, except to enrich the Military Industrial Complex?

    Or the right way, by a Tea Party/Libertarian President — Rand Paul !!!

    Cut the Pentagon spending by 70% — force them to become a lean, mean fighting machine (not a bloated tic that loses unwanted wars by being over-funded, therefore, over confident).

    Stop all Foreign Aid — (Foreign Aid is stealing money from the Poor of a rich nation…USA, and gifting it to the Rich of poor nations) — until all Americans are taken care of, NOT a single penny goes to Foreign Nations.

    • Surfisher – we are crossing multiple events and strategies. 1st: As a good Libertarian I believe you can’t have too big a military and hope you never have to use it. And I would rather the $$ go there than to a bunch of cushy, un-needed Government agencies. Run Government like you would a company with a needed bottom line, not a contributor to the bottom line?? lay-off time! Past the military keeping us safe and being a 5Kg gorilla no one wants to fk with —- They actually provide jobs other than being a “ground pounder” + they provide excellent training from blue collar to strategic business management. In addition the scientific / technological DARPA research and funds related suppliers which supplements growing our GNP.

      I don’t recommend sending “boots” anywhere in volume. In the case of ISIS the could blanket their territories with bombs and put an end to it – they are martyr zealots who want to die as in an endgame – lets help them

      Did you ever think that Israel has it’s own rights. Once you get past they as much if not more right to be where they are and the right to defend themselves when attacked – it’s a different lens. In ’67 some idiots thought they could rid the middle east of Jews and got their asses kicked and whining caused they lost land as well as their butts. Learn to live peaceably.

      Your response and mine Surfisher starts a whole new line on commenting.

      BTW: 0$ foreign aid!!!!

      • Sam: What do you think about Obama freeing up the aid for Egypt? It seems to me that he’s trying to encourage the new Saudi-Egypt/coalition military alliance to fight both ISIS and the Houthi in Yemen.

        Better them than us, this time.

        • Goethe – I am all for the Saudi-Egypt-US coalition! B.O. & Kerry (big ears & big liar) sacrificed everyone else including the US to cozy up to Iran and cut ANY deal they would give us — So he could be the Legacy for Middle-East Arab peace (except for ISIS of course, who is everybody’s enemy). While it it is the Sunni extremists who make up most of ISIS, al Qaeda, Houthi, Hamas, Taliban, etc. (I think Hezbollah is only major Shia extremist group); Iran and Hezbollah have their fighting for a caliphate that would be the supreme caliphate.

          It is still the responsibility of the political and religious leaders to take down the goal of a Muslim world wide caliphate, especially via jihad and settle for their various sect domains, turn their heads around and figure how to survive peacefully. This is no longer 700AD and they need to update their thoughts and rules to at least the 20th century.

          We should stay the hell out of it, side with Saudi-Egypt-UAE, bankrupt Iran so they don’t want a nuke, bomb, i mean REALLY bomb ISIS and let the rest of the chips fall as they themselves determine.

          • It’s my understanding that it’s Obama’s goal to extricate us from that area. Isn’t the Saudi-Egypt axis intended to act WITHOUT us, except for obligatory tactical support?

            One good thing about ISIS is that they are trying to BE a government. It was always insane to pretend to have a “war” on terror, since there was no assets to hit.

            It seems that ISIS is appreciated for protecting Sunnis from Shi’ite attack, and also to provide some stability in an area of chaos–but once they are established and can’t seem to get the electric going, or pick up the garbage, their “citizens” will lose respect they may have for the group.

            More importantly, if the actually control TERRITORY, that territory can be bombed. Sitting ducks. We won’t be chasing individuals into caves and mountains–and into countries we don’t dare attack.

            • I’m good with us getting out of the Mid-East, except for continuing to support Israel. They have better spys and when Iran violates the “unwritten agreement”, Israel will have no problem dropping a bomb on Iran’s taqiyya Plutonium asses when caught continuing to spin up. My guess is the fairly new Saudi-Egypt-UAE-maybe others alliance may give Israel the gps.

              ISIS wants to be a caliphate not a government, nor do they have any human rights morals and will as readily kill Sunni’s, Shias, Christians. It is glorious to die in the name of Allah.

            • A caliphate MEANS “government.” The fact that ISIS is trying to turn the clock back centuries is why I think the people they rule will be glad to get rid of them.

              The other countries CLAIM to be “caliphates,” so they see ISIS as an illegitimate government to crush.

              I think it’s great that Saudi and Egypt are finally taking responsibility for themselves. But, of course, that means we will no longer be “Big Brother,” or “Policeman” of the area.

              And I agree that the new Saudi-Egypt alliance will freak out Netanyahu, because he wants to have chaos and turmoil in the Arab-Persian world. If the other governments start to stand up for themselves, they might also, eventually, stand up for the Palestinians. So look for Israel to find ways to stir up trouble between Sunni and Shi’ites and between Arabs and Persians. At some point, though, there will be a reckoning. . .

            • You are correct of course, but I always looked at The Caliphate more about promoting His part of the belief as a Muhammad descendant (or appointee), kind of like the Pope. Because of Sharia I never thought about The Caliphate being part of a governing body. But of course that would be the goal – to have absolute religious power and also through Sharia have Totalitarian power as well.

              They couldn’t complete the task in the 600’s, or during any other Caliphate up through 1923. and the world was smaller then. With all the various BIG powers now, someone is bound to go non-linear. If an established government (like Israel) feels threatened enough they might be the ones to go non-linear and throw Iran back to the 1200’s. Thinking if Iran is putting a nuke on a warhead, they (Israel) will most likely be the test target for accuracy and potency. Israel will take out IRAN as a precaution to their survival.

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