For months there has been a group working to draft Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren into the 2916 presidential campaign. Now, with Hillary Clinton still stalling in a campaign launch, another group has popped up. This time, supporters are urging Vice President Biden to toss his hat in the 2016 ring.

Report from CBS News:

A group formed to draft Vice President Biden into the 2016 presidential race took a shot at Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

“Voters are tired of dynasties in American politics, and certainly want an election instead of a coronation. The House of Bush and the House of Clinton have had their run,” said Will Pierce, the organizing director of the group in a press release.

Earlier this month, Pierce and a host of former campaign staffers founded “Draft Biden 2016,” a group formed to urge the vice president to jump into the Democratic primary and raise money in anticipation of his bid.

“Why Biden?” Asks a petition on the group’s website, “Quite simply, WHY NOT BIDEN? As one of the calming forces and charming presences in the White House, Vice President Joe Biden has been front and center in playing a significant role in many of the important successful political events of the past few years.”

A petition on the group’s website had garnered just shy of 4,000 signatures by Tuesday morning.

Though no Democrat has officially declared a 2016 candidacy, early primary polls have shown Clinton with an enormous lead in the race for the Democratic nomination. Biden and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren are the only other Democrats who break out of single digits.

More and more, I think Biden is warming to the idea as he has visited some of the early primary states in recent months. He has already run for president several times and, as the sitting vice president, he’s historically the next in line if he wants it. However, Hillary Clinton currently occupies that line and Biden would need to fight her for the nomination or likely bow out entirely of the presidential game as age will retire him.


  1. Biden’s secret weapon is that he’s seen as a moron. The way Bush43 won.

    I can’t find a poll with demographics, but I’ve heard that he has blue collar support. However, if Webb could get any media attention, I think he would have better luck attracting Reagan Democrats back to his party.

  2. I’m 100% in on draft Biden – the debates (which I list in plural, although Hillary would love to do none or one) will be waaaay more watchable with Lunchbucket Joe on the stage – the guy is a walking on demand stand-up comedy act.

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