The “money race,” as it’s called, has been raging since the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve and ushered in 2015. So far, it appears Jeb Bush, with his declared intention to explore a candidacy, is raking in serious money, while Hillary Clinton, with her laid back non-committal approach, is not keeping pace.

Report from Politico:

In early November, with her party on the eve of an electoral walloping, Democrat Mary Tetreau had had enough. The Londonderry, New Hampshire activist was sick of the constant emails begging for money for a candidate who wasn’t even running for office yet.

When another plea landed in her inbox the day before the election, she unsubscribed.

“I’m not going to be ready for Hillary until she announces she’s running for president,” said Tetreau, a three-decade veteran of New Hampshire primary politics, who called Ready for Hillary’s early-and-often email approach “annoying.”

Three months later, Hillary Clinton remains officially undeclared, but her campaign-in-waiting’s emails continue to flood inboxes of Democratic activists in early voting states. Though it amounts to little more than a nuisance in the grand scheme of the 2016 election, it does point to a downside of Clinton’s strategy of staying out of the public eye while her supporters campaign on her behalf. Namely, that it could create Clinton fatigue among activists and fuel concerns that she’s taking the Democratic nomination for granted.

“I’ll be ready for Hillary when Hillary’s ready for Hillary,” said Bill Verge, a Democratic activist who played a key role in John Kerry’s 2004 New Hampshire campaign. Like Tetreau, Verge, who said he has been “inundated with emails daily,” counts himself a likely Clinton supporter — but one turned off by the aggressive fundraising on behalf of a candidate who appears intent on postponing an official entry into the race possibly until July.

I have no doubt that some Democrats may be annoyed by the current state of Hillary’s non-campaign, but I can’t see how it hurts fundraising in the long run. Assuming she does announce, I can see the money begin rolling in at that point. Until then, I think there is the assumption she’s running, but there is still a chance, even though small, that she passes on 2016. That slight doubt may be enough to turn off some Democratic activists to the campaign until their have a person to root for.


  1. I think it’s about need. She has no serious Dem challengers, so there’s no reason to help her with the primary. Meanwhile, nobody knows who the Pub candidate will be, so there’s no one to contribute “against.” Add that to the unending appeals, and you get no reason to pay plus burnout.

    But I do think it could also point to a lack of enthusiasm. If you believe in someone, you want to support them, even if the challenge is not immediate.

  2. Peopel are being asked to give to outside groups SUPPORTING her….
    Once she jumps in ?
    The regular people WILL give …..
    And YES….some of us WOULD like to see her annouce already….
    But her husband waited until Oct of the year before the election…..

  3. First announced here — Hillary is done, finished, kaput!

    Her ugliness is catching up with her procrastination — eventually by the time she announces she’ll run, even Dems will say: “Who cares….”

    The question is who’ll be the newcomer in late 2015 / early 2016 that will capture the Dems imagination?

    • There is NO ONE that will come to your rescue ….

      Hillary Clinton WILL be the Democratic Nominee…
      The adventure will be watching the GOPer’s climb ALL over each other until Jeb Bush wins….

      • I think there’s a 50-50 chance that we will have a Bush-Clinton match-up, because he is underrated and she is overrated.

        That is, people expect JEB to be like W, but he will startle us with his adroitness. And people think Hillary is invincible, but she has shown herself to be all too vincible.

        • You thinking is probably right that the end matchup will be Hillary and Jeb. I believe Jeb could get immigration on the right track, he understands what needs to be done but is he strong enough to accomplish it. The only thing he and W have in common is the last name. If Reince Priebus doesn’t put the “quietus”on the new set of Texas Republicans that are running wild, he can kiss 2014’s gains goodbye. I am waiting for Elizabeth Warren to speak from the heart on immigration.

          • I don’t see any upside for Warren to comment on immigration, unless it’s to discuss the economic angle, as you did. But like JEB speaking on Common Core, there’s risk with no payoff.

    • Very interesting. Now that fundraising “for candidates” has become a cottage industry, we can expect a raft of such organizations, like all the “charities” that solicit for a good cause, and then use up to 90% for salaries, “expenses,” and more advertising.

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