Usually they say, like father, like son. However, the path seems to be diverging for Rand and Ron Paul on a variety of issues as Rand gears up for a presidential bid. While the son has been courting donors, polishing his libertarian-themed views for conservative audiences, and putting together a 2016 team, his father has been on the speaking circuit spouting views often at odds with the younger Paul.

Report from the Washington Post:

Rand Paul wants to lead the United States. On Saturday in Texas, his father was speaking at a conference about how to leave it.

“A lot of times people think secession, they paint it as an absolute negative,” said former representative Ron Paul (R-Tex.). After all, Paul said, the American Revolution was a kind of secession. “You mean we should have been obedient to the king forever? So it’s all in the way you look at it.”

This weekend was a crucial one for Rand Paul, the Republican senator from Kentucky and un­declared candidate for the presidency. He was in California, trying to line up donors at an opulent retreat organized by the billionaire Koch brothers.

At the same time, his father — retired after 12 terms in Congress and three presidential runs — was in the ballroom of an airport hotel here, the final speaker at “a one-day seminar in breaking away from the central state.” He followed a series of speakers who said that the U.S. economy and political establishment were tottering and that the best response might be for states, counties or even individuals to break away.

“The America we thought we knew, ladies and gentlemen, is a mirage. It’s a memory. It’s a foreign country,” Jeff Deist, Ron Paul’s former press secretary and chief of staff, told the group. “And that’s precisely why we should take secession seriously.”

The contrasting scenes this weekend illuminate the odd situation of the Pauls as the 2016 campaign season begins. They are a father and son tied together — but running in opposite directions.

Ron Paul drew quite the following of loyal supporters over the 2008 and 2012 cycles. The “rEVOLution,” as it was deemed, never amounted to any electoral victories but it did serve notice that a great deal of voters were looking for an alternative to the typical platforms of the mainstream parties.

Conventional wisdom might say that Ron’s backers might find a home with Rand in the 2016 cycle. I’m not so sure since Rand has spent a lot more time cozying up with the Republican establishment to cement support as well as build his appeal.

Is Ron Paul an asset or liability to Rand in 2016? Perhaps he’s neither since family members aren’t on the ballot.


  1. Rand is trying to have it both ways. While saying he is his own man, he tries to downplay any differences. He’s hoping Libertarians will just focus on the Paul name and not listen to what he actually says. Or the things he says and then unsays.

    He’s still the top prospect for the nomination, but he is no Ron Paul.

    The headline oversold. The Post just gave two examples of Rand’s people being embarrassed by Ron. We should put together a thorough list of ways in which the two disagree. (Of course, Surfisher will say Rand’s just lying to get the nomination, but will be just like his father after he’s elected. . . .)

  2. Ron Paul is an uncompromising patriot that always tells the truth — regardless of the consequences (thus having our Zionist controlled mainstream media eliminate him as a candidate).

    On the other hand, Rand Paul is a realistic politician that knows that you gotta kiss Jew Ass to have any chance! He, Rand, fully knows that Libertarians and Tea Party supporters know he is his fathers son, and thus will vote for him regardless what he says — for he’ll do what Ron, his father, taught him is right once elected as US President.

    Is my post crude — yes. Because the truth is ugly in today’s politics (no truly honest man can win)!

    MSM — mainstream media — does its worst to make Ron Paul NONEXISTENT from the 2012 presidential GOP run (why? — because Ron Paul said he’ll stop ALL Foreign Aid (being the act of stealing money from the poor of a rich nation (USA) and giving it to the rich in poor nations, and Israel’s dole being the largest would be the first to go (“Israel are big boys and can take care of themselves”))!

    And thus, the elimination of Ron Paul began and never ended — SIMPLY put, TV “journalists” were told by their Bosses not to mention Ron Paul, period! And they all OBEYED creating a Total Blackout on Ron Paul!

    The most telling video (make it viral) ‘Fully Exposed – How The Mainstream Media Cheated Ron Paul Out Of Presidency”:

    Proof positive that an honest patriot like Ron Paul, with whom all Real Americans identify, had ZERO chance when facing our Zionist owned media WHO HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE ANYONE NONEXISTENT!

    No wonder Rand Paul won’t fall for such an obvious trap!

    The message of All True American Patriots must be CLEAR this time:

    Rand, or Revolution!

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