An interesting turn of events in an already fast-moving January of 2016 election news. Reports indicate that Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush will have a private meeting together this week in Utah. Interestingly enough, the meeting was planned before Romney made his announcement two weeks ago that he was interested in launching a 2016 run.

Report from the New York Times:

Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney are scheduled to meet privately this week in Utah, raising the possibility that the two former governors will find a way to avoid competing presidential campaigns that would split the Republican establishment next year, two prominent party members said Wednesday night.

The meeting was planned before Mr. Romney’s surprise announcement two weeks ago to donors in New York that he was considering a third run for the White House.

Mr. Bush proposed the meeting, according to one of the party members familiar with the planning, who did not want to be quoted by name in discussing a secret meeting.

The original idea was for Mr. Bush, who announced his presidential ambitions in December, to show his respect for Mr. Romney, the Republican Party’s 2012 nominee. The meeting stayed on both men’s calendars even as Mr. Romney took steps to test the presidential waters, moves that could make the meeting awkward.

Aides to Mr. Romney and Mr. Bush did not reply to requests for comment.

Both men have been making a flurry of phone calls to Republican donors and officials to sound them out and gather commitments ahead of what could be a bruising primary race.

The question is, what will be on their agenda to discuss? They’re basically competing for the same donors and the same voting bloc of Republicans as it stands. I actually wonder if they could be considering a truce between the two of them to avoid helping a Tea Party candidate. Jeb campaigned for Romney in 2012 and the two obviously have some kind of working friendship. Perhaps they’re considering how they can keep Chris Christie or another establishment favorite from joining the race? The possibilities are endless but the prospects of the two having a private conversation this early in the game is intriguing.


  1. This would be equivalent to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio having a secret meeting. Dems only have one “establishment” candidate, so Hillary would have to meet with herself.

    I’ve never seen the soap opera starting this early, or being so intense. Yee-hah!

      • That is an interesting thought. Biden has said he would run as an extension of the Obama legacy, the way LBJ ran as JFK’s enforcer. And it would be odd to have the same veep under two different presidents.

  2. According to the article they are both soliciting some of the same people for donations. These two Chamber of Commerce RINO’s probably wised up and realized this is the same mistake the party has continuously made of bleeding donations election cycle after election cycle. I don’t believe either one has any intentions of dropping out but if I was Gov. Christie or another RINO I’d watch my back.

    • oops, meant to post this under ‘Open thread: The 2015 State of the Union Address’ — hope it’s OK to post it there now.

  3. It sickens me that people campaign for the presidency practicing corrupt Secret political maneuvers. You business owners out there would you hire a key executive without a resume?
    Then why in hell would you elect a president without a resume of policies that he has a track record of implementing and that fit the fundamental needs of the American people!
    Don’t you realize that when these candidates get money from their fundraising sources that they are obligating their souls to the devil to implement the policies of the people that give them money and not represent the nation the middle class of the nation! I have specific policies and I am not obligated nor will I ever be obligated to greedy corporations labor unions fundraising fat cat’s political action committees and the rest of the cancers that are eating away at America’s freedom of the prosperity of the middle class
    My speech

  4. Today there was a report that JEB had previously called for the meeting, to get Willard’s blessing, and hopefully, endorsement. He was apparently surprised that the “door nail” is trying to resurrect. So the meeting was described as “cordial,” which is political talk for a waste of time. Therefore, I guess the postulations of purpose on the meeting were also a waste of time.

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