While Hillary Clinton runs away with the early Democratic primary polls, another candidate is running away with support from many Democratic party loyalists. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren continues to draw accolades and support from Democrats wishing for a more progressive candidate in 2016.

As an example, liberal columnist and Fox News contributor Juan Williams offers this glowing endorsement:

The 2014 winner of my annual award for “Member of Congress of the Year” goes to the politician who had such a good year she now defines her party’s future — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

The Massachusetts senator could become the Barack Obama of 2016, able to grab the Democrats’ presidential nomination from the favorite, Hillary Clinton, by coming at her from the left. The defining issue for Democrats in 2008 was Iraq. In 2016 it will be the economy. Warren is much more in step with the party on this issue than is Clinton.

Warren’s economic populism also defines the party’s present. After losses in the midterms, the Democrats have concluded that it is time for them to go on offense, utilizing Warren’s issues — raising the minimum wage, cutting better deals on student loans and supporting equal pay for women.

In the current Real Clear Politics average of polls asking Democrats to select their top choice as the party’s 2016 presidential nominee, Warren is running second. And she trails Clinton by a huge margin, 51 percentage points.

But a poll taken this month by the progressive group Democracy for America found Warren to be the most popular choice for party activists asked whom they wanted to see run. Warren drew 42 percent support, overshadowing Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) 24 percent and Clinton’s 23 percent.

Warren also gave the political speech of the year. At the liberal Netroots Convention, she defined the values and specific issues that electrify and unite Democrats and that draw swing voters.

Calling Warren the ‘Barack Obama of 2016’ is a pretty high endorsement since Obama toppled the Clinton machine in 2008. All that being said, Elizabeth Warren, though her rhetoric may be similar, is not Barack Obama. On the other hand, there is no one else on the Democratic side getting any notice from liberal columnists aside from Warren and Clinton.


  1. “Elizabeth Warren Would Be the Most Liberal Democratic Nominee Since 1972”

    interesting article:


    What is significant for 2016 is that the Dems field is wide open, while the Repubs is packed to the brim.

    Let’s take a look at the Repubs:
    Already prepped with Establishment losers from 2012 (such as Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, etc.) and newcomer Neocons chaffing at the starting gate (the likes of Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, and a plethora of other hopeful Neocons) and one Real Patriot — Rand Paul.

    Now a look at the Dems:
    Only two women are on the radar so far. The baggage ridden liberal Hillary Clinton and the ultra-liberal Elizabeth Warren. This makes for a wide open field for the Dems to have a “star” come out of nowhere during the next two years.


    Some observations:

    1) The Repubs will be running all white males (Herman Cain will have no chance (even though I like him best after Rand Paul) since Barrack Hussein Obama has burned the black card, thus, it will take many years before the people fall for another).

    2) The Dems are countering by running white females.

    3) The mainstream media’s darling Hillary will get all the attention — will this eliminate any potential “star” Dem male from the picture..?

    4) The Dems miscalculated on “The War on Women” — so supporting a woman, just because she is a woman, for US President should backfire again.

    5) If a Neocon, instead of a Patriot, wins the Repubs nomination — wouldn’t that translate into an automatic win for any Dem?

    • Surfisher:
      You say “Barack Obama has burned the black card” as far as another Afro-American ever being elected president. Dr. Carson was asked the same thing and he said he “gets a chuckle out of this statement. President Obama is also half white does that mean another white will never be elected.?” he asked.
      My main objection against Dr. Carson is we have been ranting and roaring about someone with no experience these past 6 years and it would be hard to ignore his lack of any elected experience. The same basically is true of Sarah Palin. If she would have run for the Senate seat in Alaska after being Governor and got some idea as to how Washington worked it would be different. Both are highly intelligent but only President Eisenhower was elected with no prior elected experience in modern history and that was 62 years ago…….things were different.

      • Bob — clever remark by Dr. Carson. Unfortunately no-one considers Obama half-white, but all refer to him as the 1st black president.

    • Surf: The Dem side is not so blank. Bernie Sanders has made it clear that he’d like to run as a Democrat. And Jim Webb made a semi-announcement last week. Others have hinted.

      I think the delay on the Dem side is only because Hillary is so out there. Other candidates figure, fine, let her draw media scrutiny. No sense drawing fire away from her.

      Also, waiting to see if (and when) she fumbles. They will look a lot better if they seem to be picking up the ball she drops, instead of seeming to be challenging her. Certainly don’t want to alienate Bill, the party’s only real star.

      • Goethe — spot on. Why I also don’t think we’ll see any new Dems declaring a run for a long time to come.

  2. On:

    4) “The Dems miscalculated on “The War on Women” — so supporting a
    woman, just because she is a woman, for US President should backfire

    Watch this video — it is hilarious, and so true!!! Don’t miss watching the full 27 minutes — priceless mockery filled with superb sarcasm, while stating the absolute truth that is transpiring in America…ONLY in America! No other nation would fall to such accepted idiocy, since none other have the MEDIA power to brainwash to such an extent!

    Hilarious, superb, sardonic, and apodictic:


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