For a man who typically doesn’t hold back his thoughts, this one is a bit puzzling. Not even a simply worded statement of some general thoughts on the topic unless or until he launches a Presidential campaign.

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After criticizing President Obama for his handling of the country’s immigration crisis but declining to provide his own opinion on how to fix the problem, Gov. Chris Christie had a simple message for reporters Thursday: Stop asking.

The governor announced midway through a trip to Mexico — billed as a three-day trade mission — that he did not plan to offer opinions on repairing U.S. immigration policies unless he chooses to seek the Republican nomination president in 2016.

“Until that time, that’s not my job and not my role,” Christie said Thursday.

As the Republican governor tartly put it: “I understand everybody wants to start a campaign that I even haven’t decided I want to be in right now. I’m just not going to do it. I won’t have anything to say on immigration unless, and until, I become a candidate for the president of the United States.”

Fair enough, he’s considering the topic of immigration and border security a federal issue which, as Governor of a Northeast state, doesn’t much concern him right now. Christie’s potential opponents in 2016 haven’t been as quiet on the subject, namely Rick Perry and Rand Paul.


  1. It’s pretty obvious why Gov. Christie isn’t stating his views on immigration. You stated it yourself in the text that he’s on “a three day trade mission to Mexico”. He don’t want to choke the goose.

    My qualms are with why NONE of these so called candidates thinking of running in 2016 are saying anything about foreign affairs such as ISIS. Not Gov. Christie ,not former Secretary of State Clinton ,not Jeb Bush, not Senator Warren. Senators Paul and Cruz are the only voices to be heard and Sen. Paul’s message can best been described as erratic.

    • Bob: Yeah, he just wants to “choke the chicken.”

      Same answer for the candidates who think they can be president better than the current president–it’s easier to complain than to offer an alternative.

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