Is there really that much hostility between the Clintons and the Obamas? That depends on who you ask. However, some unnamed sources are indicating that President Obama has quietly offered his support to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren if she chooses to run for the presidency in 2016. Obviously this would be a slight to Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden.

Report from the UK Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama is said to have begun quietly backing Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as a potential successor in what would be a snub to his one-time rival and later Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The president has remained publicly mum about who he would back in the 2016 race for the White House, but reportedly he has expressed concern that Ms Clinton – who has long been the unofficial frontrunner for the Democratic nomination – would undo many of his policies.

Senator Warren, a former Harvard law professor and administration aide, could energize the left wing of the Democrat Party more than the centrist Ms Clinton would, in the same way President Obama did in 2008, Edward Klein argues in the New York Post. Warren also helped set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2011.

Klein, who is the author of author of Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas, wrote that sources told him President Obama has quietly promised Senator Warren his support if she runs and has authorized his chief political adviser, Valerie Jarrett, to convince her to join the race.

Ms Jarrett has held a series of secret meetings with Senator Warren in recent weeks, arguing that she be more likely to carry on President Obama’s legacy after he departs the White House.

‘Barack, Michelle and Valerie have been talking about Elizabeth Warren for quite some time,’ an Obama administration source told Klein. ‘Valerie has told Warren that Obama is prepared to throw a great deal of money and organizational support behind her.

It is no secret that there is some bitterness between the Obama and Clinton circles which has sometimes spilled over into sniping back and forth in the media. Elizabeth Warren is much more in line with the President’s progressive views and would be running to the left of Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t seem that implausible to me.


  1. Obama thinks Hillary will fumble, so it won’t be seen as a “snub,” but rather, a “save.” Waiting in the wings; ready to hit the ground running.

    • Wouldn’t shock me if Obama made sure Hillary stumbled.. “leaked by anonymous sources in the whatever department, these emails purportedly show Hillary Clinton….”

      Obama will be shocked and outraged to learn of the leak in the morning paper.

      • I dunno. I think the rift is overstated. I haven’t noticed Bill or Hillary doing anything to undermine Obama, even though it’s pretty clear that he micromanaged her job at State. And her book must not have complained, because we really would have heard that. The media screamed that there was no red meat in it.

        While there may be complaints that Obama didn’t stop Hillary from punting the opportunity, I don’t think Mr. O is going to sabotage her.

    • There hasn’t been a Dem president who has delivered liberal programs for just short of 50 years–1968. Carter didn’t have a plan, Clinton just co-opted the GOP agenda.

      LBJ could jawbone, like Cheney. The rest (of both parties) have not been tough enough to push stuff through, and not skilled enough to forge a compromise, the way Reagan did.

      • You can’t be insinuating we aren’t going left as a nation are you ?Obviously you haven’t been reading the news the past 6 years. Compromise? who needs a compromise!

        • Naw. The nation ain’t going left. It’s going left AND right, with nobody in the middle.

          I see gay marriage and decriminalization of pot to be libertarian gains. And even if you want to see those as liberal, Obama didn’t do anything to forward them. In fact, he ran against both of them.

          And by “compromise,” I didn’t mean “surrender.” I meant to find areas of agreement.

          • Obviously we aren’t looking at the same country. I haven’t seen any indication of a rightward movement from anywhere but the Tea Party movement. The establishment portion of the republican party has abdicated any leadership or responsibility except to perpetuate their re-election…….and the Democrats have taken advantage of this ineptness by pushing their agenda through using what ever means possible.
            We as a nation have traveled about the same distance from when the Constitution was written to when Progressivism first came on the scene (1787-!912) to when Progressivism became popular to today(1912-2014). We have had a century long indoctrination of the American people and positive rights. Alter or abolish no longer refers to Obamacare but to the Constitution.
            I’ll assume you have your tongue firmly in your cheek when you state President Obama didn’t have anything to do with the leftward tilt…….or you are once again simply enjoying pulling some ones chain like you once admitted to Nate.

            • I just don’t see it. What leftward tilt??

              There is some populist sentiment, in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt, but not much. Elizabeth Warren and David Bratt, but hardly anyone else.

              You admit that the Tea Party is the only wing with any energy. The Democrats don’t seem to have any energy at all.

              The ONLY action on the left is Obama’s executive orders, but I expect some of them to be overturned, such as with the labor board installments.

              We ain’t goin’ left, we ain’t goin’ right; we’re just sorta stopped at the light.

            • The action on the left is dividing half the population to attack the other half by using envy and greed as motivations. There was a time where misery was caused by pragmatic problems of reality. Under Progressive rule it is caused by the idealistic necessities of the greater good.
              People believe in government when they lose faith in themselves and their society. The great work of the countercultural left was destroying America’s faith in society and tramping their beliefs. It made America an internal colonialism where the modern welfare state acts toward it’s citizens the same way colonial regimes once acted toward their colonies with elitist experts and bureaucrats determining what is in the best interest of it’s citizens.
              If you can’t see it then perhaps you aren’t looking hard enough.

            • I prefer facts and details to fluff and platitudes. Both sides pompously hurl generalities and bromides.

              You warn of the possible results of a leftward lean, but don’t offer any evidence that any such lean exists.

            • Goethe:
              I think it would be senseless to get into a never ending multifaceted discussion covering any number of topics which changed American society over the past century. Besides the futility mentioned above there are a number of other reasons I’m taking this course the main one being the purpose of continuing them isn’t clear because I’m sure neither one of us will change his opinion. You see you accused me of being “insulting” and “abusive” when I simply pointed out your skeptical and stubborn streak in a previous post (immigration becoming big issue……) I also hesitate to get into a lengthy discussion with you due to past comments you made. The first is when I suggested you not reply to Surfisher and you said “I have to get the last word or he will think he won”. The second is I’m reminded of what you mentioned to Nate about simply enjoying pulling some ones chain to see what annoys them. If that is all it takes to offend you or how you look at these discussions I have better things to do.

            • Bob, Bob, Bob. . .
              First, the insult was suggesting that I would defend Bernie Madoff.” I wasn’t upset, since the suggestion was so silly. But I think most people would, never-the-less be insulted.

              And the “abusive” bit is ridiculous. I never suggested that YOU were being abusive. I simply said that I was adamant that corporations are NOT people, but *I* have not been abusive about it.

              Likewise. I am SURE I never said I wanted to get in the last word regarding Surfisher. It is simply not something I would say.

              But this is all silliness to avoid the issue at hand. You made a silly claim that the country is leaning leftward. I asked you to give us some–any–facts to back that up, and you went off on a rant to avoid answering.

            • From the thread entitled: “Gov. Huckabee Setting Ground Work For 2016 Run”

              Bob: I agree completely. I don’t “coax” him. I just reply. (Note yesterday’s one word exchanges.). In my experience, if a bully’s attack goes unanswered, he (in this case, we’re assuming. Surfisher/Oblivious is a guy) thinks he has “won,” and just gets more abusive.

              One Achilles heel he has is an absolute lack of sense of humor. Although he is often funny (ludicrous) in spite of himself, so we keep him around for entertainment value.

              Well, that and the fact that he makes the rest of us seem so much more reasonable and thoughtful…

            • Right. But there’s a big difference between rebuking idiocy and just “having the last word.”

              I try to challenge ideas, and to question assertions that offer no support.

            • Goethe — have you lost your mind…again?!

              Are you this blind not to see that USA has become a near COMMUNIST NATION — All Individual Freedom is nearly gone, and Big Brother is NOW The Law of the Land!

              Goethe, Goethe, Goethe — you are one sick blind puppy!

            • Goethe — “the country is not leaning left”…?!

              Goethe — are you on Hard Drugs to believe this idiocy you spout?

              USA has become a Socialist “People’s Democracy” ALREADY — and we are on the brink of LOSING ALL LIBERTY unless the Tea Party wins BIG 2014 and even bigger in 2016!

              Read this, you sick little liberal numbskull — perhaps you’ll get it it eventually…..

              *It’s the end of America as we know it*


            • This is a language problem. If you ask most people, they will interpret “country” as the citizens, and “leaning” as tending to have that opinion.

              So if one says, “the country is leaning left,” most people will read that as, “the people are moving to the left.”

              That’s clearly wrong, and that was what I was saying.

            • As long as we are parsing words here the definition in the dictionary of “interpret is “to understand according to an individuals beliefs or judgment” or as commonly referred to as “OPINION”!
              Therefore there is nothing wrong here. If it offends you that the person doesn’t wish to carry on this futile exercise to the ends you desire…..TOUGH! As far as “silly” it would be silly to get into an extensive discussion covering the past 100 years as to why I feel the country is leaning left.

            • It’s just not true that Americans are becoming more liberal, but you presented it as a fact, not an opinion. If you claim a fact, you should expect to be asked to give evidence.

  2. Note for Surfisher: Put this in your file

    But then again just maybe Mrs. Clinton might be having second thoughts about running due to having a bad news where ever she turns recently.

    Case in point the article below entitled: “Hillary Clinton Fired From Watergate Investigation For Lying and Unethical Behavior.” recently was highlighted on the internet. I knew she was on the Committee but this is the first I heard of her being fired.

    Chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Zeifman fired Hillary Clinton For lying ,unethical behavior and conspired to deny President Richard Nixon council during the Watergate hearings. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, rules of the committee and rules of confidentially Mr. Zeifman stated.Hillary Clinton got the position on the committee from the behest of her former law professor Burke Marshall who was Ted Kennedy’s chief council during his Chappaquidack affair.

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