Not to be overshadowed by the Republican timetable in choosing a convention site, the Democratic National Committee has also narrowed down a list to six finalists. However, an announcement is not expected until late this year or earlier next year for the DNC site.

Report from ABC News:

On Wednesday, the Democratic National Committee said officials would visit all six remaining potential hosts: New York City; Philadelphia; Cleveland; Columbus, Ohio; Phoenix, and Birmingham, Alabama. [Emphasis added]

Representatives of all six cities met with the DNC’s technical advisers this week and each cleared that hurdle. Now, DNC representatives will visit each city between now and early September to get an in-person sense of how the city might handle the crush of party dignitaries and activists.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is expected to announce a host city either late this year or early in 2015.

I doubt we’ll see both major parties end up in different parts of Ohio but I suppose it could happen. Of the Democratic list, I see Phoenix and Philadelphia as good contenders but Ohio is a must-win for Democrats also so we’ll need to see this list get shortened a bit before predictions can be made.


  1. More silliness. Except the DNC is better at it. They’re going to drag out the “suspense” a lot longer.

    Oh, yeah, Alabama would be a good choice for the Dems–right above somewhere in North Korea.

    But seriously, folks, why not have both major party conventions in Cleveland. Leave the balloons up and have one three-ring circus right after the other.

    • The Alabama city must be a gag. Liberals hated going to North Carolina right after the state voted to define marriage as between a man and woman. Alabama is for more red.. it must be a joke..

  2. Nate: One would think so. It would be like the GOP having its convention in Massachusetts.

    But I don’t think it’s a joke. I think cities APPLY for consideration. So Alabama is only being “considered” because it would be an insult not to consider them.

    On the other hand, I am a contrarian. The unexpected is what gets attention–“man bites dog.” If the DNC is smart, they’ll keep Alabama in the running to the end. If nothing else, it would give Dems a chance to be a burr under the GOP’s saddle.

    The South is not as “Solid” as it used to be. Imagine if Dems were to find issues that might appeal to southerners. What if Jim Webb were on the ticket?

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